Empowering Cloud Adoption: CodeNinja Unveils Its Center of Excellence

Lahore, Pakistan; March. 25, 2024-  CodeNinja Inc. A leading technology solutions provider with offerings in enterprise cloud services and IT staff augmentation has announced the introduction of its Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). A Cloud Center of Excellence is a dedicated unit within an organization focused on maximizing the benefits of cloud technology through innovation, best practices, and strategic implementation.  

 This leap will enhance the company’s position to help businesses adopt cloud technology to improve operations, create new lines of business, and build unique customer experiences while maintaining proactive governance.  According to Gartner, more than 70% of enterprises will use industry cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives by 2027. The increasing demand for cloud solutions globally echoes CodeNinja’s commitment to leading innovations, reinforcing our role as a key driver of accelerating digital transformation for our partners and clients.  

Commenting on how the CCoE enables cloud digital empowerment, Adil Khalil, CodeNinja’s Chief Technology Officer, shared his perspective:

The initiation of our CCoE marks a pivotal moment for CodeNinja. It’s not just about advancing cloud technology; but a profound shift in our approach to innovation, efficiency, and scalability. By embedding proactive governance into our core operations, we not only uphold the highest standards of security and compliance but also build a culture of accountability, innovation, and excellence, enabling our partners to deliver memorable customer experiences. The CCoE will serve as a hub of expertise, best practices, and governance enabling us to deliver innovative, scalable, and secure cloud solutions that align with the organizational goals of businesses.” 

To Accelerate Cloud Adoption, CodeNinja will Expand its Service Lines on the Back of CCoE to Include:

  • Tailored pre-sales cloud activities: A preemptive strategy includes cloud readiness assessments, cost-benefit analysis, and customized solution architecting, providing a clear roadmap for strategic cloud migration.  
  • Comprehensive Cloud Managed services: To enable businesses to concentrate on their core competencies, our team is committed to providing proactive and comprehensive cloud management through our Managed Services  
  • Top-of-the-line DevOps services: Accelerate go-to-market strategies and ensure swift delivery of high-quality software through our enhanced DevOps, which fosters collaboration, innovation, and speed.  
  • Commitment to security and compliance: Designed to meet rigorous industry standards, our solutions ensure advanced data protection, effective risk mitigation, and strict regulatory compliance.   

CodeNinja is dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition and offering extensive support to everyone involved in establishing a CCoE. We’re laying the groundwork for collaborative success and fostering innovation by starting an exclusive onboarding process.   

Scale business value with cloud-smart innovations, visit our website for more information.   

About CodeNinja:  

CodeNinja is a leading technology solutions provider driven by its mission to democratize technological innovation by harnessing the power of AI to shape a more equitable future. For over a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of clients across various industries to innovate faster, remain relevant, and build better products and services. Our team of 250+ professionals spread across 5 locations serving 30+ countries, is dedicated to digital empowerment. CodeNinja, provides transformational consulting, enterprise cloud services, outsourcing services, and software development for a broad range of industries.

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