Strategy and Architecture Services

CodeNinja is a pioneer in providing strategy and architecture services. Our experts with decades of experience working in complex IT environments make sure the strategy and architecture provided are technically feasible and realistic given the current and planned technology infrastructure.

We help you build a solid technology foundation for all your business process by assessing gaps in current infrastructure and creating new capabilities.

Create value and new possibilities with our top-of-the-line strategy and architecture services.

A Balanced Fusion of Technology and Business

  Create value and new possibilities and drive innovation by strategically streamlining your business processes and optimizing technology architecture.

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Strategy and Architecture Services

  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture Services

  • Unlock the full of potential of cloud computing with our end-to-end cloud strategy and architecture services. Code Ninja helps organizations plan and design their cloud infrastructure to fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing while addressing and mitigating the risks associated with it. Our cloud strategy and architecture services include:

    • Assessment and Planning
    • Assistance In Cloud Platform Selection
    • Architecture Design
    • Migration Strategy and Execution
    • Optimization of organization’s Cloud Resources
    • Security and Compliance
    • Implementing Monitoring and Management
    • Ongoing Support and Guidance.
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  • IT Strategy and Architecture Services

  • Code Ninja IT Strategy and Architecture Services help you align your company’s technology objectives with business strategy. Here’s how we can help:

    IT Strategy Services:


    • IT and Business Strategy Alignment
    • Planning Implementation of Technology Solution
    • Constituting Governance Structure
    • Organization Structure Planning
    • Portfolio Management
    • Performance Management
    • Talent Management

    IT Strategy Services:  
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Solution Architecture
    • Data Architecture
    • Security Architecture
    • Infrastructure Architecture
    • Technical Standards and Guidelines
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  • Technology Strategy and Architecture Services

  • Make informed decisions about technology investments with Code Ninja technology strategy and architecture services. Create a flexible, scalable and sustainable strategy to stay ahead of technological advancements. Here is an overlook of the services we provide:

    • Defining Technology Vision
    • Evaluation of the current technology landscape
    • Developing a technology roadmap
    • Overlaying a blueprint for technology systems
    • Establishing technology governance
    • Ensuring security and risk management
    • Standardization of technology
    • Performance tracking
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  • Digital Enablement Strategy and Architecture Services

  • Harness the power of technology to drive growth and efficiency with top tier Digital Enablement Strategy and Architecture Services. Code Ninja helps businesses develop a road map to digital transformation and leverage technology in their operations. Following is an overview of our Digital Enablement Strategy and Architecture Services:


    • Digital maturity assessment and gap identification
    • Development of a comprehensive digital enablement strategy
    • Designing and implementing technology architecture
    • Collecting and Analyzing Data
    • Successful implementation of digital solutions
    • Change Management
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  • Information Architecture and Strategy Services

  • Need a framework to manage your information assets? Code Ninja Information Architecture and Strategy Services help you access and utilize your information assets in a way to improve overall performance and gain a competitive advantage. Here are the key components of our Information Architecture and Strategy Services:


    • Audit and Analysis of current information Assets
    • Architecture Development
    • Information Management
    • Creation of structured classification and Metadata schema classification
    • Designing search and navigation interfaces
    • Implementation of Content Management systems
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  • API Strategy and Architecture Services

  • Code Ninja API Strategy and Architecture Services enable you to design, develop, implement and manage APIs within your organization. Get a framework today to build, manage and optimize APIs to boost productivity and support your business goals. Our services comprise the following components:


    • Understanding of business goals and objectives
    • Setting technical requirements and constraints for the APIs
    • Setting best practices and principles for API design
    • Optimizing developer experience
    • API management and governance
    • API monitoring
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  • Data Strategy and Architecture Services

  • Design and manage your organization’s data assets with Data Strategy and architecture services. Code Ninja helps you to outline a clear vision for managing your data and formulate a framework for developing scalable and efficient data architecture that aligns with your business objectives. Here’s how we can help:


    • Data management and governance
    • Data architecture development
    • Design and Development of Data Models
    • Data Integration from Various Systems and Sources
    • Management of key data entities
    • Meta Data management
    • Management of Data quality
    • Security and Privacy
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  • Supply Chain Design and Architecture Services

  • Assess your capabilities and optimize your supply chains with exceptional Supply Chain Design and Architecture Services. Develop and manage the supply chain and identify the right balance between inventory, transportation, and manufacturing cost. Explore what we have to offer:


    • Supply Chain Strategy Development
    • Design and Development of Supply Chain Network
    • Inventory level management
    • Optimization of transportation modes
    • Supplier relationship management
    • Warehouse operations management
    • Monitoring and Evaluation of KPIs
    • Risk mitigation and management
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  • Policy Management and Governance Architecture Services

  • Want to establish and maintain effective policies and governance frameworks? Make it possible with Code Ninja Policy Management and Governance Architecture Services. We help you promote compliance, reduce risk and improve performance through apt policy management and governance architecture. Here’s how we work:


    • Policy and Procedure Development
    • Policy Updating
    • Compliance monitoring and reporting
    • Performance evaluation and enhancement
    • Engaging with Stakeholders
    • Governance Framework design and Implementation
    • Training Staff and Stakeholders
    • Capacity Building
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  • Hybrid and Multi Cloud Design

  • Security Strategy and Architecture Services:
    Protect your valuable information assets with our Security Strategy and Architecture Services. Build a strong and effective security posture today to reduce risks and protect information assets. Explore our services mentioned below to learn more:


    • Security tests for the assessment of risk and weak points
    • Establishing security policies
    • Building security architecture as per business goals
    • Security Technologies implementation
    • Incident response measurements
    • Security training and awareness programs
    • Support and maintenance of security infrastructures
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  • Digital Strategy and Architecture Services

  • With Code Ninja Digital strategy and architecture services, design and implement your digital transformation initiatives successfully. Get a chance to experience a holistic approach towards digital transformation and effectively implement your organization’s digital strategies. Our services include:


    • Need Analysis
    • Comprehensive Digital Strategy Development
    • Technology architecture design
    • Identification of technical requirements
    • Data strategy development
    • Risk Management
    • Effective Project Management
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  • Enterprise Architecture and Strategy Services

  • Enterprise Architecture and Strategy services help businesses align their business strategy with technology and operational capabilities. Code Ninja helps you ensure that your organization is better positioned to fulfil its business goals. This is done by streamlining business processes which improves efficiency, reduces costs and increases productivity. Here’s what we offer:


    • Identifying and Defining Key business processes
    • Understanding and defining information architecture
    • Understanding Application Architecture
    • Defining technology infrastructure
    • Strategic planning
    • Implementation planning
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Take Advantage of Best-In-Class Services and Sustained Outcomes.

Strategy and Architecture Company

CodeNinja is at the forefront of blue-chip strategy and architecture services. Known in the region for its ability to deliver exceptional value to its clients, Code Ninja has a track record of implementing successful strategies and business architecture. 

We believe in providing our partners with a clear and concise roadmap that can be tracked and evaluated over time to ensure it is meeting business objectives and delivering value to the organization.

CodeNinja is a renowned Strategy and Architecture Company.

Types of Outsourcing Services

Offshore Outsourcing

The offshore outsourcing model helps businesses avail services from consultants in other countries. Usually from a country with lower living costs. As a result, they get reduced costs and lower labor price

Nearshore Outsourcing

If a business wants to work with consultants within the same time zones having the same cultural background, then this model perfectly works for them. The service providers can be from neighboring countries or other countries in the same region.

Onshore Outsourcing

The onshore model is used to maintain control over business operations and a relationship with partners. Hence as per this model, the services are provided within the same country.

Hybrid Model

Sometimes businesses have unique needs that cannot be fulfilled with a single outsourcing model. Therefore, a custom solution is provided and a hybrid outsourcing model comes into play.

Managed Services

This model helps businesses hire a consulting firm to manage all the strategy and architecture services of an organization. So, businesses can focus on their core business needs as someone else does the job for them.

Strategy and Architecture Services Process

Our rigorous process for strategy and architecture services.
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Create New Possibilities with Our Top-of-the-line Strategy and Architecture Services.

What Makes us Different?

Code Ninja strategy and architecture services have helped businesses to adopt agile methodologies to quickly adapt to changing requirements and technologies and enable faster delivery of new capabilities.

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Industry Leaders

With proven experience, Code Ninja helps businesses re-engineer their business processes with a unique set of frameworks, practices, and tools.

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Co Creation Approach

Get a holistic view of our services and make informed decisions with collaborative innovation.

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Future-Proof Blueprints

In the world of rapid digital transformation, we help you build an architectural blueprint that is future-proof and caters to your unique business needs.

Business Architecture's Key Role Across IT Strategy Execution Lifecycle

One of the crucial elements in the execution of a successful strategy is business architecture. It is the blueprint for the design and implementation of the IT systems and capabilities necessary to achieve the strategic goals. Here’s how business architecture plays a key role across IT strategy execution lifecycle:

Alignment with Business Objectives

Business architecture helps to ensure that the IT strategy is aligned with the overall business objectives and goals of the organization. This helps to ensure that the IT investments and initiatives are focused on delivering value to the organization.

IT Portfolio Management

A framework is needed for managing the IT portfolio, including identifying the applications, systems, and infrastructure required to support the business capabilities. Business Architecture helps to prioritize and sequence the work required to achieve strategic goals and ensures that IT investments are aligned with business priorities.

Solution Design

Business architecture helps to design IT solutions that are aligned with the organization's business capabilities, processes, and systems. It provides a framework for developing requirements, designing system architectures, and selecting the appropriate technology solutions.

Implementation Planning and Risk Management

Business architecture provides a framework for developing implementation plans, including defining the scope of each project, identifying the required resources and capabilities, and establishing timelines and milestones. It also helps to identify potential risks and dependencies and provides a mechanism for tracking progress and performance.

Change Management

Managing the people and process changes required to implement the IT strategy successfully is always a problem. Business Architecture provides a structured approach to change management, including stakeholder engagement, communication, training, and support.

Performance Management

Business architecture helps to establish the metrics and KPIs required to measure and track progress against the IT strategy. It provides a framework for identifying and monitoring performance indicators and provides insight into the IT systems and capabilities that are driving performance.

What to Look for in a Strategy and Architecture Services Company while Hiring?

There are several factors to be kept in mind while hiring a strategy and architecture services company:

  • Experience
  • Industry knowledge
  • Cultural Fit
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Communication Skills
  • Innovative
  • High Quality Services
There are several factors to be kept in mind while hiring a strategy and architecture services company:

Achieve Your Business Goals with Our Strategic Expertise.

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