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CodeNinja experts help telecommunication industries streamline workflows and automate processes for maximum operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our custom telecom software solutions incorporate OSS, BSS, VAS, and VoIP and leverage modern technologies for maximum performance and scalability.

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Provide Greater Connectivity

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Code Ninja’s telecommunication software development solutions are aimed at providing enhanced connectivity using highly robust tools that track, monitor, and route packets efficiently through the network. Whether it’s a live video streaming application or a simple texting application, our services use VoIP with high-performing algorithms to provide ultimate connectivity and quality.

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Enhance Operational Security 01

Enhance Operational Security

Enhance Operational Security 01

At CodeNinja, our teams are experienced in using advanced technologies for developing high-performance telecom applications with a robust security architecture. We use cloud systems with firewalls and malware for data storage, SIP protocols for secure connections, VoIP for effective routing and conversions, secure authentications and data encryption tools for a reliable software solution.

Monitor Performance Issues

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We understand how critical it is to maintain up-time for telecom industries. With our performance monitoring applications for telecommunication you can stay one step ahead of the competition with Machine Learning Aided diagnostic tools and fault identification software. We also provide solutions to monitor end-user services for breakdowns or issues.

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Telecom Software Solutions We Offer

Operations Support Systems 01

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

  • VoIP based services with modern dashboards for reporting

  • Network Inventory Management for information gathering and access

  • Network provisioning solutions for NFV Configuration

Business Support Systems 01 1

Business Support Systems (BSS)

  • CRM Solutions for sales and customer management

  • Integrated billing systems with personalized customer experience

  • Corporate portals for resource management and reporting

Telecom BI Solutions 01

Telecom BI Solutions

  • BI tools for Data-driven decisions for exploring business opportunities

  • Applications to create and manage campaigns while monitoring revenue

  • Centralized sharing and accessing data across departments

VoIP Based Telecom Solutions 01

VoIP-Based Telecom Solutions

  • Applications with effective data security and transmission

  • Video conferencing and live streaming applications

  • Provision of accurate data analytics and intuitive dashboards

Custom VAS Software 01

Custom VAS Software

  • Mobile Credit Solutions

  • Digital Wallets with payment across platforms

  • Calling tunes for enhanced caller experience

Telephony Servicing Solutions 01

Telephony Servicing Solutions

  • Use of SIP protocol for IP connectivity with PSTN

  • Message software development

  • Telephony Data integration

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Our Custom Telecom Software Development Solutions

Telecommunications Software Development 01

Telecommunications Software Development

Managing and organizing all dimensions of electronic data exchange that help carry out core telecom operations.


  • Operational and Business Support Systems

  • Video Conferencing and Streaming Applications

  • Value Added Services and VoIP applications

Telecom Network Management Software 01

Telecom Network Management Software

Monitor and manage your network operations from a single point with our telecommunication software development solutions


  • Customer Billing and Order Management

  • Network resources inventory

  • Configuration and connectivity management
Telecom Network Applications 01

Telecom Network Applications

Streamline communication processes with highly customized network applications and communication portals.


  • Corporate portals for resource utilization and analytics

  • Customer portals for usage reports, support, and offers

  • Applications for telephony system services
Telecom Performance Monitoring Software 01

Telecom Performance Monitoring Software

Detect vulnerabilities and performance issues with robust monitoring software for CE, CPEs, and network devices.


  • Network monitoring and fault identification

  • End-user monitoring and support

  • Security management and diagnostic tools
Call Accounting Software 01

Call Accounting Software

Track calls without interruption in the call flow. Our call accounting software will help promote customer services and optimize budgets.


  • Efficient call-tracking and automated routing

  • Security compliance with effective monitoring and analysis

  • Call Scripting, CRM, Invoicing, and more
Telecom Security Management Software 01

Telecom Security Management Software

Protect your telecom network from hacking, scams, attacks, and breaches with our modern security management software.


  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) hacking prevention

  • Penetration testing services for identifying network vulnerabilities

  • PII for end-to-end data encryption and data privacy
Telecom IoT Solutions 01

Telecom IoT Solutions

Using NB-IoT and LTE-M protocols to connect IoT devices with cellular networks for effective communication and execution


  • Remote monitoring applications

  • Fault detection and predictive maintenance

  • 5G Enabled remote access and operation of equipment
Telecom AI Solutions 01

Telecom AI Solutions

Increase efficiency, predict vulnerabilities, and solve complex problems effectively with our AI-enabled software solutions.


  • Automate complex processes and minimize redundancy with RPA

  • Take high-value business decisions with predictive analysis reporting

  • Identify and minimize potential network threats, frauds, and other risks
Telecom Business Intelligence Solutions 01

Telecom Business Intelligence Solutions

Analyze the vast data generated from telecom networks and utilize it to gain a competitive advantage regarding network performance, customer experience, and more.


  • Risk management

  • Campaign and revenue management

  • Data management and regulatory compliance
CRM System 01

CRM System

Our CRM systems for telecom industries help maximize customer engagement and retention with customized plans and offers.
  • Order tracking and promotional activities
  • Personalized product and service offerings
  • Customer trends and preferences insights
Billing System 01

Billing System

Let customers experience control and transparency with access to subscription plans, usage and offers.


  • Create pricing plans for users with category-wise customizations

  • Provide access to offers and pricing plans to customers

  • Track usage, bill automatically, and let users view reports
ERP Software Solutions 01

ERP Software Solutions

Analyze the vast data generated from telecom networks and utilize it to gain a competitive advantage regarding network performance, customer experience, and more.


  • Supply Chain and Network resource Management

  • Integration with third-party applications

  • Invoicing, customer and vendor management

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Our Telecom Software Development Process

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Why Choose CodeNinja as Your Telecommunication Software Development Partner?

Enhanced Security 01

Enhanced Security

Our telecom software is highly secure with features like prevention from SIP hacking and SS7 attacks, secure authentications for IoT, and data encryption methods like DES, NASH, RSA, etc.

Regulatory Compliance 01

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that our software uses best practices and industry standards to achieve business objectives.

Reliable Support 01

Reliable Support

We provide reliable post-deployment services with dedicated support teams that are well-equipped to troubleshoot and resolve issues effectively. Scheduled updates and software health monitoring are also included.

Experience with Modern Technologies 01

Experience with Modern Technologies

Our teams leverage modern development frameworks and incorporate technologies like AI, ML, VR, AR, Big Data and IoT for process automation, rapid speeds and maximum efficiency.

Expert Resources 01

Expert Resources

Our teams have completed numerous projects in the telecommunication industry, which makes them aware of the nature of the telecom business and create highly customized solutions that fulfill business requirements.

Effective Communication 01

Effective Communication

Our teams are equipped to remotely access your systems, schedule online meetings and create project plans and schedules that ensure an organized project experience.

Telecom Software Outsourcing Models We Offer

Software Outsourcing 01

Software Outsourcing

  • Complete project-outsourcing
  • Agreed Project deliverables, costs and timelines
  • KPI-based approach for project mapping
Dedicated Development Team 01

Dedicated Development Teams

  • Cost-effective and suitable for long-term projects
  • Achieve maximum project control with expert team
  • Flexibility in project scope management
Team augmentation 01 1

IT Staff Augmentation

  • Hire our specialized resources to work on a project
  • Rapid hiring facility for tight deadlines and bridging gaps
  • A temporary skill and capacity fulfillment model

Key Technologies We Use in Telecom Software Development

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Business Intelligence

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Data science

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Big Data

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