Logistics and Transportation Software Development

From small businesses to enterprises, the flexibility of the developed logistics and transportation software is for all platforms and devices. Software we build can handle complex transport networks. CodeNinja allocates and manages dedicated software development teams equipped with industry, functional and technical expertise. Transportation Management system we develop enables companies to optimize their supply chain operations and logistics management

Logistics and Transportaton Software we develop enable companies handle and optimize their supply chain operations and logistics management.

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Interconnected Solutions

We set up, develop and manage your fleet, infrastructure, transport and logistics management systems by applying 5G connectivity, IoT sensors, etc. Building integrated solutions to automate full life cycle of supply chain transaction from lead capture to order creation, schedule and dispatch, order fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, fleet management and business intelligence, we can connect all systems using IoT solutions.

We set up, develop and manage your fleet, infrastructure, transport and logistics management systems by applying 5G connectivity, IoT sensors.
Our systems can integrate with numerous enterprise systems, like warehouse management, order, and purchase management, CRM, accounting.


Our systems can integrate with numerous enterprise systems, like warehouse management, order, and purchase management, CRM, accounting, etc. Helping clients plan the most efficient transportation scenarios. TMS enables businesses define optimal routes, plan loading schemes and calculate expenses.

Logistics And Transportation Solutions

CodeNinja has strong industry expertise in building custom logistics and transportation software solutions. Our solutions work seamlessly on desktop, mobile, and web apps for tracking, documentation, reports system, booking, etc. The challenge is when off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet business needs and internal teams lack specific skillset required for the development of scalable TMS solutions.

Solutions For Major Transportation Modes

We build transport and logistics software solutions where a system help coordinate the physical movement of goods across company’s network, for any business that needs support in managing freight and shipping costs, meeting service agreements, scheduling/automating tasks, tracking and optimizing transit time and routes.


  • Roadways
  • Seaways
  • Railways
  • Airways

Logistics And Transportation Software Solutions

If your business operation is in need of supply chain management tools or a transport and logistics software, finding the right software or development partner can be daunting task given the fact there are veritable ocean of possible solutions. Here’s are some features you will get in a software.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Last-Mile Delivery
  • Fleet Management
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Transportation Management System
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Inventory Control Software
  • Freight Forward Optimization
  • Freight Management System
  • Logistics Management Solutions

Custom Logistics and Transportation Software Development Solutions

CodeNinja helps fleet managers, urban mobility solution providers and transportation and logistics companies with top-of-the-line tech solutions involving ML, AI and cloud-based solutions. Using our transportation management software development, you can optimize pretty much each and every operation of your system like optimizing delivery routes, cut fleet operation costs etc. Our objective is to develop logistics and transportation software solutions that meet exact business challenges with urban infrastructure, fleet efficiency and more.

supply chain management 01

Supply Chain Management System

Manage strategy based on performance and revenue. Development of software (ERP) that enables data-driven insights and optimizes processes.

  • Deep expertise in procurement management systems

  • Optimize procurement management

  • Improve process transparency

  • Manage sales and logistics

fleet managment 01

Fleet Management System

Fleet management software we build for fleets of all sizes. Control fleet maintenance and management by having a system in place.


  • Fleet telematics

  • GPS fleet tracking

  • Fuel management

  • Vehicle maintenance & management

Warehouse 01

Warehouse Management system

With warehouse management software solutions you can do stock management, distribution, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, profit and what not.


  • Digital solutions for warehouse management

  • Order tracking management systems

  • Barcode enabled monitoring

  • Management of shipping methods, carrier APIs etc.

Transportation management system 01

Transportation Management System

A transport management system (TMS) is developed using technology to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the vehicles physical movements.


  • Keep track of vehicles in real-time

  • Plan, execute and optimize transportation processes

  • BI systems coordinate with public transport software

  • Track real time location, speed, mileage etc.

Freight management 01

Freight Management System

Freight management software solutions oversee and manage the delivery of goods. Any company, large or small, that deals with freight can seek great benefit by building this system.


  • GPS fleet tracking system

  • Automation of complex routing strategies

  • Optimize fleet management

  • Track point-to-point fuel consumption

Logistics management system 01

Logistics Management System

A logistics management system will boost any business efficiency in processing orders, inventory management, delivering orders to customers etc.


  • Improve processing orders, managing inventory

  • Logistics modules design and integration

  • Solutions for planning, integrating and regulating supply chain

Inventory management system 01

Inventory Management System

Track your goods throughout your defined and entire supply chain, from purchasing to delivery by having inventory system developed.


  • No more the risk of overstocking or stock outs

  • Cross-platform inventory management solution

  • Increase productivity and sales cycles

Customer relationship management system 01

Customer Relationship Management System

A CRM system helps businesses stay on top of their customers’ minds, streamline processes, and improve profitability.


  • Automated aggregation of orders

  • Prioritization of customer orders

  • Order fulfillment progress

  • Assignment of preferred carrier to customer orders

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Key Advantages to Choose CodeNinja for Logistics and Transportation Development

Establishing long term partnerships 01

Establishing Long-term Partnerships

We strive for partnerships and not just consider your project ‘another’ one. Building technological capabilities of the client for future-proofing the business.

Industry knowledge 01

Industry Knowledge

Niche industry knowledge is what makes up stand apart from competitors. We cultivate best industry practices in our software development services.

Scale up high 01

Scale up High

When you get a software solution from us, you can always scale high as your business grow. From in-house development to outsourcing, scale up your engineering team.

Dedicated teams 01

Dedicated Teams

We vet dedicated development teams so that whenever there comes an opportunity our client can get the whole team or assemble the best talent in less time.

Personalized approach 01

Personalized Approach

For your business challenges, we take personalized approach and develop specific service models and strive to exceed expectations.

Strong company culture 01

Strong Company Culture

Trainings and constant improvement are what drive talent. We offer trainings for development personnel on a frequent basis.

Logistics and Transportation Development Process

Our process to develop logistics and transportation software.
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Engagement Models for Logistics and Transportation Development

Dedicated development 01

Dedicated Development Team

Acts like in-house development team, exclusive allocation for the project, for complex projects.

Group 95373

Team Augmentation

Augmenting the capacity of the organization by fulfilling the required talent gap.

Group 111881

Project-based Model

Resourcing for short term, requirement projects, direct control over the resources/developers.

Advance Technologies We Use in Development of Logistics and Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

A transportation and logistics software gives businesses support in managing their day to day tasks, freight and shipping costs, meeting services agreements, job scheduling, track and optimize transit time and routes.

To get more and more customers. And if the service is good enough, more of returning customers. There are many factors and it could take months to guess what’s wrong or lacking, be it a delivery service, logistics software solutions, order workflow, inventory management, integrations etc.

As a logistics and transportation software development company, we can help you build an efficient software which could reduce half of your time from daily operations, streamline orders, track inventory in real-time and what not.

We do build custom systems and also help in migration from legacy or old systems. The adoption of latest technologies is not easy and there comes cost and effort with the development.

From idea to execution, you can get full-cycle logistics software development or update your existing system with the open-source development practices. Our product design and implementation help customers build transportation management systems/apps (design, architecture, end to end development and testing).

We offer dedicated development teams who you design, develop and test apps and launch products quick. Then, ‘team augmentation’ is another popular collaboration model on which we work, where we augment the resource capacity of an organization by offering a resource with specific skillset.

Project-based model is where often developers are required for short term projects and timelines are fixed along with project requirements.

Depends on the current capabilities of the client’s development team. We can help you scale your development team in approximately 2 weeks’ time. But all the timelines depend on the complexity and requirements of the projects.

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