IT Staff Augmentation

An outsourcing strategy where we outsource our skilled resources to cover necessary positions required by the client on a temporary or permanent basis. IT staff augmentation has started becoming a buzzword as more and more global companies are hiring remotely.

Through 7+ years of commercial experience, Code Ninja has helped around 100+ companies from SMBs to enterprise level to augment their teams. We offer talent in all IT project roles that involve software and product engineering, UI/UX design, testing, and devOps.

There is a difference between project outsourcing and staff augmentation. While opting for resource or project outsourcing, we work on the project as a whole or some aspects of it whereas IT staffing services caters to inducting virtual resources to the in-house team for dividing the project workload.

Different outsourcing models may often cause confusion as ‘how do they work’. In staff augmentation, we augment our clients’ teams with the skilled and talented resources we have for the time period they define. Cost and timeline estimations are done mutually.

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Ready-to-Go & Right-Sized Teams
Certified & Professional Experts:

Custom software development Services

Custom Software Development

We design, create, deploy and maintain software for a specific set of users/organizations. In comparison to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), custom software is developed by looking into the close set of requirements usually provided by the client. Building features and functionality that’s needed opposed to using general set of features for wide range of audience/users.

Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile Application Development

Being a service provider, we deliver full-fledge mobile app development for multiple platforms, primarily for Android and iOS. There are different types of apps that we build that is: native, hybrid, and web apps. Native apps target particular platforms (Android and iOS). Hybrid apps can work in hybrid environments. Web apps are usually responsive websites and adaptive web apps which fit into different screen sizes on mobile devices.

Web application development Services

Web Application Development

Some of the services which we offer under web app development are: full stack web development, ecommerce apps, custom web apps, content management systems (CMS), web support, Testing and even more. Our experienced developers can also help in technology consultation, modernizing outdated/legacy systems, and migrating to new web architectures.

Desktop application development Services

Desktop Application Development

Looking to streamline business processes and create an elite solution for a desktop app? Whatever business challenge you’re trying to solve, we are your go-to option for desktop application development. The biggest edge desktop app has over web app is the performance. Desktop apps are faster, responsive, and don’t require connection to web browser in order to work.  

Ecommerce development Services

Ecommerce Development

Premium ecommerce development services cater to modern consumers and win their demands. Manage a secure multichannel global trade, build partnerships, stay competitive, revenue streams etc. Above all, allows retailers reach their regular audience easily, the accessibility factor. A full-suite ecommerce development services, include strategy, integrations, migrations, custom development, deployment and support.

Website design Services

Website Design

A leading website design agency with a portfolio of award-winning apps and projects. In-house team of UI/UX designers not just design according to requirements, they access what’s the best-fit user experience rather following requirements blindly by the client. Web design research, if conducted deeply, after development leads to better conversions.

Cloud application development Services

Cloud Application Development

The process of developing cloud applications involves different stages of software development. A cloud developer crafts scalable and highly flexible cloud apps using Google Cloud and tools for leveraging fully managed services. Such apps are built in the cloud and seek advantage of cloud features and services offered by cloud vendors.

Software Testing Services

Software Testing

Helps build high-quality, competitive software or applications in the market. Testing services are both manual and automated, depending on the scope and requirements of the project. Functional testing we do cover: unit testing, smoke testing, and sanity testing. Nonfunctional testing covers performance, load, stress, volume, security, recovery and upgrade tests.

Software consulting Services

Software Consulting

Planning and implementation of software improvements along with staffing skilled resources comes under our software consultation services. Our end-to-end full spectrum consulting services include strategy making, implementation and ongoing operations. We assist companies in selecting the right technology stacks for the ideal solutions.

Software Product Development Services

Software Product Development

Product engineering could be anything from developing an entire new product to upgrading an existing product or amending the existing process/technique or developing a structure for the system. Some basic stages of product development include conception, initiation, market analysis, design and development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

IT Staff Augmentation Company: Custom-Recruit the Exceptional.

Hiring full-time employees for the purpose of inducting them on a specific project cost more time, money, and effort than needful. Instead, companies now have a better option, augment their existing teams with specialized professionals who work solely on a short-term basis.
  • Access to global talent tool – permanent hiring restricts a company’s ability to leverage from larger talent pool or can say, global talent pool.
  • IT staff augmentation services allow companies to engage with experienced professionals reasonably rather hiring them on permanent positions.
  • Temporary staffing helps manage ongoing and upcoming demands from one project to another.
  • It allows hiring of millennials with intensive and specific skillset. Staff augmentation is often domain centric and you get highly skilled resources via this custom-recruit methodology.
IT Staff Augmentation Services Company - CodeNinja Consulting

Why Opt for IT Staff Augmentation?


Reduces recruitment time, avoid long hiring cycles


Access to global talent pool


Flexibility and scalability


On-time, on-budget


Acquire special skillsets

Experts you can Augment for Completion of a Dream Project:

Database Architect Experts

Database Architect

Business skills, knows programming, data modeling, design skills, machine learning and natural language processing, good communicator, aware of databases and cloud architecture.

Project Manager Experts

Project Manager

Effective communicator, negotiator, good at scheduling and time management, do have technical expertise, critical thinker, and are a problem solver.

Designer Experts


Visual design focuses on digital products, using the right tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, teamwork and research skills, problem-solving, and knowledge of web servers, CMS, SEO, and content structures.

Experts Developers


Well-versed with latest coding languages, database knowledge, data structures and algorithms, source control, testing procedures, operating systems, debugging knowledge, cloud platforms, and software frameworks.

Testers Experts


Documentation of issues, preparing software tests, understanding of testing process (budget, app type, time allocated, priorities etc.), composing defect reports, analytical and logical reasoning.

App Development - Expertise


Continuous delivery, cloud tools and best practices, infrastructure, configuration management, containers, operations, automation, collaboration and communication.

Software Product Development Services


Technical expertise, interpersonal skills, problem solving and analytical skills, adaptability, time management, teamwork and collaboration, and ability to cope with stress.

Staff augmentation is a model for extending the existing team. Want resources?

Hiring Process for IT Staff Augmentation

Code Ninja is a software development and consulting company active and running for the last 7+ years. So, we have gathered solid experience in teams’ augmentation, let us share our process of staff augmentation.

Initial Contact

Companies reach out to expand their in-house staff, our managers obtain and analyze all such requests and response promptly.

Schedule Discovery Call

Discuss details such as required developers' qualification and how staff augmentation contract will work based on the provided requirement.

Choosing Resources/Developers

Precise requirements help us choose suitable resources with appropriate skillsets. Filtered CVs are sent to clients/companies


After a company approves CVs, selected candidates have to pass the tech interview. Sometimes interviews are divided into 2 stages.

Signing a Contract

If all goes well, we sign a contract and selected resources are allocated for a defined time period.If all goes well, we sign a contract and selected resources are allocated for a defined time period.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation:

IT Staff Augmentation - Benefits
Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Challenges of Staff Augmentation Model:

‘People are not your most important asset. The right people are.’

Staff Augmentation Model - Challenges

Finding the Right Fit:

Just like other competing companies, all are searching for the same talent pools and at the same time. This makes it difficult to get to the right fit and have them onboard.

Solution – Make a list of staff augmentation service providing companies, and check their portfolio, tech expertise, and client reviews. Go for an introductory call.

Cross-functional Teams Management:

Effective communication between teams and their management is another major challenge of staff augmentation, which is pretty much there in other outsourcing models too.

Solution – Choose popular project management methods I.e., agile, scrum etc., Communicate with teams regularly, appoint a project delivery person, do performance reviews often.

Cross-functional teams management
Legalities and signing contracts

Legalities and Signing Contracts:

Signing a contract keeps things transparent and puts customer-vendor in a safe relationship. Unplanned outsourcing bills, loss of quality control, and compromised data security are some issues to look into.

Solution – Define responsibilities from both parties in a liability clause, notice periods, data protection rules, terms of invoice, governing laws etc.

Knowledge Transfer:

At every stage of the project, proper knowledge transfer is critical. Initial stages, during project implementation and the project closes, are some points where knowledge sharing is required.

Solution – define which data should be passed, appoint resources who will handle the knowledge, check tech documentation (if that’s available), and conduct necessary sessions.

Knowledge transfer

Code Ninja success secret – we go to exceptional lengths to offer top talent.

A Sneak Peek into Different Outsourcing Models:

Dedicated Team Outsourcing Model

Dedicated Team

  • A business model where collaboration between a client and the development team is for a long term.
  • Provided resources/development team work solely on client’s project and won’t assign on any other project.
  • Short and middle term projects are not ideal for dedicated model, also the ones with limited time and budget.
Team Augmentation Outsourcing Model

Team Augmentation

  • An outsourcing model where skilled resources are hired for temporary or permanent positions with no administrative hassles.
  • Lack of sufficient or skilled in-house resources drives this model.
  • Direct hires by the vendor, cut costs on long hiring cycles.
Full Outsourcing Model

Full Outsourcing

  • A full-fledge software development delegated to an outsourcing company from planning to release.
  • Time & material, fixed price and incentive based and shared risk-reward pricing models come under full outsourcing.
  • Outsourcing is more like a partnership, neither party can seek advantage from the other.
Managed IT Services Outsourcing Model

Managed IT Services

  • An IT service provider who manages a defined set of services is usually third party is hired.
  • Responsible for the functionality of the service, managed under the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Ideal for filling skill gap for teams who don’t have time and skills internally.

Technology Stacks

Can’t find the integration solution you were looking for?

Why Code Ninja for Staff Augmentation Services?

KPI-based progress

We deploy mature measuring KPI metrics such as development cycle time, deployment frequency, customer satisfaction determine project success.

Frequency reporting

Modern tools of communication are used for usual or frequent reporting as required. This also helps in tracking if the project health is strong and if it’s heading towards its goals.

High productivity level

Staff augmentation model we offer has a tendency to deliver a higher level of productivity because developers are focused on a single project in comparison to outsourcing models where they engage in multiple projects.

Transparent cost structure

This model of staff augmentation we provide has transparent cost structures. Partnering company doesn’t have to worry about administrative and organizational expenses like office space and workstations etc.

Best talent, best results

No need to pay heed to development timelines and cost based on who did what, once you get the best talent, you will starting reaping ideal results.

Oversight and control

Code Ninja’s engineers /development teams quickly merge themselves into internal processes, report directly to in-house management. Ensure active participation in daily scrums and send progress reports frequently.

Checklist: Find the best IT Staff Augmentation company:

Companies prefer staff augmentation over in-house employment for multiple reasons. Hiring in-house is expensive, staff turnover is high, lack of local talent, time and budget constraints are few core reasons.
  • Mindfully review staffing company’s credentials and portfolio.
  • Look into past client reviews and ratings.
  • Partner with staffing company that has experience and infrastructure for hiring, managing and training remote staff.
  • If the staffing agency asks for the signing of non-disclosure agreements and is committed to data protection.
  • Examine if the contracting procedures are in place.
  • Culture adaptation or managing global teams’ expertise.
IT Staff Augmentation company - CodeNinja Consulting

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Frequently Asked Questions

A type of outsourcing where resources are hired to fill the in-house positions on a temporary or permanent basis. This helps in team augmentation or capacity of an organization and they achieve results faster.

With staff augmentation, companies can add staff to their teams based on additional required skills for the project whereas outsourcing means executing the entire project with the resources from another company. We can label required skill (staff augmentation) vs required task (outsourcing).

Word ‘consultant’ often referred with the staff augmentation model but this isn’t consulting like giving expert advice. Staff augmentation outsource required resources to another company so that they could fill their lack of talent gap.

Project-based consulting is the opposite of staff augmentation. In this sort of consulting, a project based specific solution is offered where in staff augmentation developers have to achieve their goals themselves.

‘Consultation or outsourcing’ although such are the common words and often confused with other types of outsourcing. However, for clear understanding go with the ‘staff augmentation’.

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