Offshore Software Development Services

Offshore software development takes place when businesses need to outsource work to another company in a different part of the world. Basically, this would entail hiring an off-site and remote team to work on your software development project. Offshore hiring can be utilized for a variety of tasks that range from basic coding to the development of custom software, web, and mobile applications, as well as software support and maintenance. A perfect example of this would be an American company hiring offshore development services from a company in South Asia.

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Code Ninja provides the best offshore developers that are highly qualified and certified. Our software developers are skilled in multiple tech stacks and can work on your project efficiently. Let’s have a discussion about the different offshore software outsourcing services we offer and how to avail them.

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Offshore Software Outsourcing Services

E-Commerce Development Services

Ecommerce Development

  • Innovative ECommerce store designs
  • Effective online store development
  • Increased revenue
  • Custom ECommerce solutions
Web Development Services

Web Development Services

  • Dedicated web developers
  • Flexible web development solutions
  • Enterprise web applications
  • Up-to-date platforms
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  • Easy-to-use designs
  • Simple interface
  • User-friendly layouts
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Mobile App Development

  • Cutting-edge mobile solutions
  • Better business opportunities
  • Cross-platform
  • Device-agnostic solutions
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QA & Testing

  • Effective testing frameworks
  • Continuous testing
  • Identifying errors in real-time
  • Effective testing across multiple devices

Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Company

As a leading offshore software development outsourcing company, Code Ninja understands the importance of using the right tools and the right resources for software development. We ensure that the team deployed for your project is highly skilled and employs the right tools required. Our rigorous hiring process assesses the expertise and interpersonal skills of all the professionals we hire. So, you can be assured that we only hire and assign the right people to your projects.

Offshore Software Development - CodeNinja Consulting

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Offshore Software Outsourcing Process


The first and the most important step of outsourcing offshore software developers is to make an assessment of the company’s hiring needs. This step also includes strategizing the hiring process so that the company acquires the right fit.

Screening Candidates

The next step is to provide companies with the screened candidates to choose from. These candidates are filtered out based on the technical skills required.

Contract Procurement

After choosing the candidates, negotiation can take place between the two parties. We help formalize the process with a written agreement stating all the terms and regulations. 


During this step, the transition officially starts. The responsibilities and tasks are assigned to the hired resource. This step is the official beginning of the project.


Management refers to the management of the whole project throughout. This step can be the longest depending on the length and nature of the project.


This is the last step in which transfer is taken. This refers to the end of the contract where the resource has completed the responsibilities and ended the project officially.

Advantages of Offshore Software Development Services

Cost Efficiency - Advantages Offshore Software Development

Cost Efficiency

Offshore software services companies offer temporary hiring contracts which are easier to manage within a company’s budget. You save money as you don’t have to set up proper workspaces, you don’t have to provide them with extra benefits or perks. And if your budget is low, then you can simply choose from professionals with low experience.

Risk Minimization - Advantages Offshore Software Development

Risk Minimization

Having qualified offshore developers in your team will increase the quality of your end product. The offshore software development companies ensure that they provide QA testers as well. Through regular testing and debugging, these QA testers minimize the risk of faulty products.

Expertise - Advantages Offshore Software Development


Hiring professionals through offshore software development companies has a lot of benefits, but the foremost is the easy acquisition of expert software developers. There are over 100k expert developers across the globe and you can’t access them because of geographical limitations. Therefore, offshore recruitment allows you to select as many professionals as you require from all over the world.

High Quality - Advantages Offshore Software Development

High Quality

Having a vast pool of candidates from across the globe helps in picking out the best talent. Offshore software development companies keep themselves up-to-date on all new trends and they train their professionals on a regular basis. The result of hiring offshore software developers is high quality end product.



The offshore developer hiring model allows you to easily scale up or down as per your requirement. If a project requires more workforce, you can simply hire more professionals, and if later in any phase you want to let go of some, you can easily do so. This helps in saving time from the tedious hiring and onboarding processes as well as saving money.

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How to Choose the right Offshore Software Development Company?


Transparent & Regular Communication

  • The usage of collaborative tools
  • Fluency in preferred language
Ecommerce development - Expertise

High Security Standards

  • Signing NDA
  • Privacy Protocols in place
Experienced Software Developers - CodeNinja Consulting

Experienced Software Developers

  • Experience in your industry
  • Appropriate technology skills

Positive Experience of Clients

  • A portfolio of projects
  • Reviews from past clients

Time-proved management and Workflow

  • Clear distribution of roles for the offshore team
  • Efficient development process

Reasons to Associate with Code Ninja Inc.


1000+ Quality Tech Professionals

We are proud to claim that we have more than 1000 qualified software developers that are trained to cater to your company’s needs.  They are trained in multiple skills and have more than a decade of experience.


100+ Technical Recruiters

Our expert recruiters are experienced in finding and training the right resources. With more than 50,000 CVs in their talent pool, these recruiters are ready to find you the best fit for your company.


Metrics- Driven Approach

We track and measure the business analytics regularly so we can show you the value of the services and how they impact your business.


Innovative Technology

We constantly work on our IT team to upgrade their skills. We constantly strive to provide you with the relevant and new technology stacks.

innovative skills - Offshore Software Development Trends

Increase in demand for innovative skills

We know that tech is constantly changing and evolving, with new trends and methodologies appearing every day. The new skills such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality are the new in-demand skills.

Focus on high level of data security

Organizations working with sensitive data need high-level security. Offshore software development companies implement strict privacy protocols to avoid compromising critical data.

data security - Offshore Software Development Trends
Value over Price - Offshore Software Development Trends

Value over Price

Outsourcing offshore software developers is synonymous with high quality but less price. The considerably lower operational cost makes it one of the most sought-after solutions.

Significant use of collaborative tools

As working remotely requires more collaboration than within the office, therefore the use of collaborative tools has increased. Better collaboration means better communication and this results in the success of the project.

collaborative tools - Offshore Software Development Trends
offshore Locations - Offshore Software Development Trends

New offshore Locations

Due to the increasing demand for skilled software developers, businesses from the USA and Western Europe are moving to different offshore locations in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. These regions have a large talent pool and manageable time differences.

5 Reasons to Outsource Software Developers to North America

Outsource Software Developers - CodeNinja Consulting
5 Reasons to Outsource Software Developers to North America

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