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Case Study

Data Analytics Solution for a 360-Degree Customer View and Optimized Data Management


Technologies Used


Brainstorming to get cracking and restore order

A leading digital wholesaler for resellers and retailers approached Code Ninja when it faced a huge data influx and was unable to convert this data into information. This rising wholesaler company enables resellers to focus on the business while it takes care of all the processes from sourcing to delivering the products to customers. 

As it is a wholesale company that has millions of products and huge volumes of data, the challenge was how to convert this data into usable insights. Data such as inventory lists, transactions, product restocking, sales and vendor list were scattered in the system. Every time a report was required the data engineering team would fetch it from the database and it would take a lot of time and effort.  

Our partner wanted to spin a data engineering team that would help them build a solution through which they can resolve data silos and access data easily for better analytical reports. Therefore, they reached out to Code Ninja as they were looking for a tech partner who could take responsibility for augmenting a data engineering BI team for them to build analytical solutions for their data management issues. 

  • Our partner is a digital wholesaler which allows resellers to sell without having to worry about huge investments. 
  • This leading digital wholesaler was facing data management issues due to huge data influx therefore they turned to Code Ninja 
  • The company wanted a data engineering team to build a data analytical solution to manage data 
  • Code Ninja augmented a data engineering team that leveraged Power BI to implement data management solution 

Proposed Solution

All hands on deck to build powerful solution

Code Ninja gathered a team of data engineers and BI developers who had experience of developing analytical solutions for retail industry. The team was comprised of Data engineers, BI developers and data scrappers who were experienced in Power BI, SQL and Python. 

Our team first defined and outlined the components of the company’s legacy system and tried to identify the gaps. The legacy system being used was Redash. Then we defined the data analytical solution which was supposed to be scalable and would have advanced data analytical capabilities.  

As the data was scattered, a data warehouse was developed to combine and aggregate data. This made data fetching easier and faster. This also helped us to collect data from multiple data sources of the company. And as this data was transactional, after a certain time data would be collected in the warehouse and would be fetched and used as needed for data analysis. 

  • Our data engineering team consisted of data engineers, BI developers and data scrappers. 
  • Code Ninja’s team replaced the legacy system being used for data management. 
  • A data warehouse was developed to aggregate the company’s data for easier access. 
  • Analytical Reports were created to help the company get a 360-degree view of all data.


Enhancing capabilities and expanding possibilities

Power BI Analytical Reports

Our data engineering teams ensured that our partner gets all the analytical reports and dashboards needed for smoother retail business processes. Inventory management, financial reports, transactional reports, all these were developed using Power BI, to give the company a 360-degree view of all the data. 

Django API development

Structured Data Warehouse

One of the major features that we developed for this company was to build a data warehouse that would collect data from the database on a regular basis. This helped their team to fetch data easily without having to tap into the database. The company was able to track the actual stock level both at the warehouse and in the app store almost in real-time. This saved them a lot of time and money.

Legacy System Update

As our partner was using Redash as their main tool, we switched to Microsoft SQL. Our team analyzed whether the legacy tool would be enough for the solution that we were building. Once we realized that it was outdated, we came up with the idea to use SQL which was suitable and effective for the solution being provided.


Providing highly skilled and experienced engineers

With our advanced data analytics solution, our partner benefited from a 360-degree customer view across all channels. Our partner found the data to be more organized and processed and got full visibility over inventory and financial processes. Their business processes were streamlined due to the advanced data insights that helped them make better and more informed decisions.  

With CodeNinja’s team, this leading digital wholesale company enhanced its employee’s productivity and streamlined its retail processes effectively.

How Code Ninja’s Power BI remote engineering team leveraged the power of dataHow Code Ninja’s Power BI remote engineering team leveraged the power of data

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