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Case Study

Offshore Engineering Capabilities for Tech Startup to Modernize Existing Implementations


Technologies Used


Brainstorming to get cracking and restore order

A California-based SaaS product company when approached CodeNinja, its product was already mature and popular, however, they were looking for a tech partner who could take responsibility for modernizing their existing product into a new stack and build new capabilities to further expand their customer base. 

Before signing-in CodeNinja, there was an operational team of around 70 resources in Brazil. But for the application modernization and development of new capabilities, our partner needed to build another engineering cluster with .Net core, Azure and React capabilities. 

  • A California-based SaaS product company looking for a tech partner to modernize their existing implementation 
  • It is transforming the world of presentations with a fundamentally new way to make them more interactive and organized 

Proposed Solution

All hands on deck to build powerful solution

The business required a reliable offshore development partner to help support product evolution, long-term partnership and the ability to integrate well with the distributed teams.  

Its founders approached CodeNinja leadership team. With more than 100 hours of exploratory discussions spanned over weeks, discovery sessions, and sharing of past experiences, they decided to onboard CodeNinja as strategic engineering outsourcing and innovation partner. 

With new extensive features written on top of the stack, not generally available in South American markets, the core leadership team of the product decided to come eastwards and build another engineering outpost in Pakistan to ramp-up their product plan for next 5 years involving some of the coolest features, layers of integrations, cloud infrastructure, migrations and all while keeping the cost at check. 

The new product features were primarily going to be built into .NET stacks, with Azure as the Cloud infrastructure, .NET core at the backend and React at the front end. There were three team clusters, one for the backend engineering, one for the cloud engineering, and one for the frontend. Another side cluster was also formulated for integration. 

  • CodeNinja became a strategic engineering outsourcing and innovation partner 
  • Engineers ramped up the partner’s product plan for the next 5 years involving some of the coolest features while keeping the cost at check 
  • Features were built in .NET stacks, Azure for cloud infrastructure 
  • Three team clusters were formed: 1 backend engineering (.NET Core), 1 cloud engineering, 1 frontend (ReactJS) 


Enhancing capabilities and expanding possibilities

Onboarding & Assembling A Team

The first step towards assembling a team was to bring the VP of engineering and Sr. Engineering Manager. CodeNinja's extensive reputation for allowing the local talent to work with the Silicon Valley startups and enterprises boosted our abilities to help us bring on some of the top minds for these roles.  

Once the coveted slots were filled, the next step was to bring team leads for formed clusters: backend engineering, frontend engineering, cloud and integration. 

CodeNinja’s technical leadership team, Human capital and Talent Acquisition partners alongside the newly onboarded VP of engineering combed through the benches and talent cloud. They screened from more than 20,000 engineers and after a rigorous process, all the engineering positions were filled within 8 to 12 weeks. 

Timely targets delivery, 2x customer acquisition

Domain knowledge transfer 

Once the key positions were filled, the onboarding sessions began with the teams in Brazil, California, and Lahore. All the sessions were recorded to help any absentees catch up with the product, process, and the team.

The engineering team achieved their targets, even the backlog, and completed the first quarter helping the product acquire the golden number of customers as set by the leadership team. The product went on a scale, further amassed customer satisfaction, and built new revenue streams for the product. 


Providing Highly Skilled and Experienced Engineers

Engineers ramped up the partner’s product plan for the next 5 years involving some of the coolest features while keeping the cost at check. All teams from Brazil, and California now forms a robust partnership with the CNC Lahore team – streamlined and scaled project delivery strategy, reducing time to market. 

A tech startup built offshore engineering capabilities with talent from Ex-Fortune 100 companiesA tech startup built offshore engineering capabilities with talent from Ex-Fortune 100 companies

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