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Case Study

Energy Monitoring Application Development for Largest Energy Distribution Company


Technologies Used


Brainstorming to get cracking and restore order

A vertically integrated energy company wanted to offer its industrial customers an Integrated Cloud-based solar panels performance monitoring system. They were looking for a partner who could support the delivery process and sync with other cross-domain and cross-border teams. 

The business needed a product-minded agile squad along with dedicated management where it would be in direct control over the augmented team. Tapping the company into value delivery models, and suggesting custom solutions to them wasn’t easy since we bank on custom software solutions with low-risk approach in order to deliver tangible results. 

Management of distributed teams in sync with the core requirements provided by the client was another key challenge. Due to scope creep, features and requirements were constantly evolving.  

The company is a part of the renewable energy sector, striving for a shift towards a greener and cleaner future. A net metering app for measuring solar energy production and consumption needed to be developed. We looked into ways for harnessing the cutting edge of tech for boosting operational efficiencies.

Proposed Solution

All hands on deck to build powerful solution

With almost a decade-long experience, we used the best of tech, tools, talent, and approaches to deliver a scalable and secure solution for one of the largest energy distribution companies in Asia.  

An energy monitoring app was proposed that will track the production and consumption of each user. It will also have a net-metering feature integrated to help calculate monthly billing. 

The team mapped according to seasons intricately, first in winters and second in summers and included a built-in evaluation system that could track energy production in rainy weather with the help of SAP ERP system integration. A full-scale upgrade in algorithms was done from time to time in order to make the app most efficient in all possible use cases.  

“With a legacy of over one hundred years behind us, the company is providing innovative and competitive power solutions to meet particular demands of our customers” a high official of the company expressed. 

A cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team of T-shape professionals including Senior software architect, Senior software engineer, Senior software engineer iOS, NodeJS developer, DevOps, was provided by CNC. ‘An adjustable team composition to match varying needs’ of the project was appreciated by the partner.


Enhancing capabilities and expanding possibilities

A cross-functional, multi-disciplinary and cost-effective team was augmented

A company with over 100 years of history may sound like a legacy enterprise, but they are driven towards inculcating the latest efficient practices. Unlike Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon, they re-think of their siloed departments and don’t want to lag behind inspiration, innovation, coordination, organization and speed, key derivatives for team augmentation and growth in this technological world.  

SAP ERP integration for energy monitoring

SAP ERP integration is implemented with other system components where the developed app when installed at consumer locations, can generate reports, see affecting factors, generate tickets, receive alerts and notifications, and contact K-Solar for feedback. 

USP feature 3 Integrations across all heterogeneous devices

IoT sensors are integrated across different smart devices and quality checked via standard practices to ensure the user experience is smooth. Sensors and data information were provided by a third party. However, we implemented integrations which streamlined and automated various processes with convenience and accuracy. 


The app is now being used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The mobile app key features that our team delivered included remote access, system oversight, track savings, performance analysis, report generation and technical support. Energy Management System (EMS) allows the user to visualize the power production of solar modules and state of charge.  

In the next 15 years, our partner will be meeting 25% of the energy needs of the city and its suburban areas as more and more solar panels will be distributed and integrated with heterogeneous devices.


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