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Frontier Technology Partners

At CodeNinja, we're dedicated to forging strategic alliances that support a seamless digital transition, empowering our clients with market-ready innovative solutions to help them offer exceptional customer experiences.

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druid ai


Our strategic partnership with DRUID AI transforms AI-driven conversational business applications to deliver memorable customer experiences. Utilizing DRUID's advanced Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation, we enable companies to create superior user interactions through omnichannel engagement and seamless integrations. This collaboration empowers businesses to enhance automation, improve efficiency for enhanced CX across various industries.



Our strategic alliance with NumDesk focuses on helping businesses leverage Odoo ERP capabilities to gain actionable insights for making informed, critical decisions.

This collaboration expands our Odoo ERP portfolio, driving innovation through our transformative consulting expertise. By leveraging the combined strengths of both organizations, we aim to create a robust foundation for providing value-added offerings globally



In collaboration with OptimalSols, we are enhancing our cloud services across Oracle, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. By combining our technical expertise, we aim to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. This collaboration empowers businesses to accelerate their cloud adoption, leveraging advanced technologies to make better decisions and provide enhanced customer experiences.

Allied Consultants

Allied Consultants

Our Collaboration with Allied Consultants expands our portfolio to include SharePoint, cloud, AI solutions, and managed services. By combining CodeNinja's innovation with Allied Consultants' proven expertise in technology consulting, we are breaking down barriers for businesses globally. This strategic alliance enhances our reach, offering best-in-class services that empower businesses to accelerate cloud adoption, leverage advanced technologies such as AI, to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. 

New Mavericks

New Mavericks

Joining forces with New Mavericks, CodeNinja is set to revolutionize enterprise software development and digital transformation across the GCC. This strategic partnership blends CodeNinja's expertise in technology-driven solutions with New Mavericks' distinguished record of innovation in both the public and private sectors. Together, we are marking a significant step forward in enterprise software and rapid application development initiatives, driving operational efficiency, fostering innovation, and accelerating business growth.

JMM Innovations

JMM Innovations

By joining forces with JMM INNOVATIONS, we are driving growth and enhancing the startup ecosystem in KSA. Through our shared vision and the integration of CodeNinja's cutting-edge Rapid Development Program and expertise in advisory, data, cloud, software development, and integration services, we aim to foster innovation and empower the next generation of tech leaders. Together, we support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by guiding our customers on their end-to-end journeys with rapid, state-of-the-art, and professional services and solutions.

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