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CodeNinja is a Bespoke Software Company with 7 Years of industry experience in providing healthcare software development services. Our expert healthcare IT team leverages the power of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, IoT, AR, and VR to create modern and innovative custom healthcare solutions.

We aim to bring innovation through software development in healthcare sector. We provide advanced healthcare IT solutions to overcome complex challenges and help streamline workflows for greater accuracy, care, and risk mitigation.

CodeNinja offers robust healthcare software development solutions to all major segments.

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Healthcare Software Solutions We Offer

CodeNinja offers robust healthcare software development solutions to all major segments. Achieve greater operational excellence with our tailor-made healthcare software solutions.

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Medical Solutions for All Major Segments

Our top-of-the-line healthcare technology solutions serve clients in all major segments of the healthcare industry. Among these are:

  • Healthcare Providers (Hospitals, Labs, clinics etc)

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Health Insurance
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Our Medical Software Solutions

We offer a range of medical software solutions built according to an organization’s specific requirements. Our solutions include:

  • Hospital Information Systems

  • Data Engines

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMD)
  • Remote Medical Care
  • Hospital Management
  • Customised IoT Applications

Simplifying Health Solutions

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Our highly compatible healthcare software solution increases accuracy and enhances operational efficiency through the automation of tasks. You can rely on our health management solutions for your daily routine tasks such as billing, patient data management, monitoring, etc.

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Stream Data For Hospitals

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We use effective frameworks for effective data streaming applications. With CodeNinja you will be able to manage queues, monitor patients, manage patient information, manage inventory, make schedules, and much more!

Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

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CodeNinja uses IoT, cloud, and Machine learning along with a combination of sensors and devices to connect your entire healthcare system for centralized access and monitoring.

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Custom Healthcare Software Development Solutions

CodeNinja is a leading healthcare IT services provider leveraging modern technologies for custom healthcare software development. Our custom medical solutions provide accuracy and automate processes for greater productivity and patient care. Our core solutions include:

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Medical Software Development

Being the leading medical software company we develop custom medical software that lets you monitor your equipment, patients, inventories, and more.

  • Equipment and asset tracking

  • Insurance Claim management
  • Supply Chain management
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Medical Device Software

Custom-developed software with guaranteed accuracy for hardware medical devices and standalone software.


  • Image Analysis aided by Artificial Intelligence

  • Development of SaMD and SiMD Software
  • Augmented Reality enabled diagnosis
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Telemedicine Apps

A one for all solution that lets patients receive online consultancy, manage appointments, and lets consultants engage with patients in several ways.


  • Health appointment management

  • Clinical support & remote connection
  • Patient engagement & insights
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Medical Image Analysis

CodeNinja experts have experience in addressing complex solutions in the healthcare industry to come up with groundbreaking results.


  • Automated visual inspection for diagnosis
  • 3D reconstruction & Body Mapping Solutions
  • Provision of complete testing services like CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.
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Healthcare CRM

A more effective way to manage patients and address their problems with CodeNinja’s custom healthcare CRM.


  • Lead generation and acquisition

  • Patient information management
  • Secure and rapid data access and transfer protocols
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Clinic Management Software

An end-to-end clinic management system that lets you manage inventories, patients, billing, and more.


  • Patient information and billing management

  • Online appointments and prescriptions
  • Medical equipment and medicine stock management

Looking for a Reliable and Professional Healthcare Software Development Company?

Why Choose CodeNinja as Your Custom Healthcare Software Development Company

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Modern Software Architecture

Our healthcare softwares are built on modern architectures and use advanced frameworks to ensure reliability, security, and agility.

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Rapid Delivery

With our organized team, agile processes and automated processes, we ensure smooth and rapid delivery of software solutions.

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Customized Functions

We tailor our software operations to meet your business requirements like integration of CRM with website, automated billing system etc.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

With CodeNinja you can control your project budget by choosing an optimal pricing option for your business. You can choose from a fixed price, Time & Material or T&M with a cap pricing model.

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Team Expertise

Our professional team of custom medical software development has experience in all major segments of Healthcare. Our expert teams also help discover greater opportunities and develop flexible software solutions.

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Seamless Experience

Our cooperation models provide a smooth experience during the development process and post-deployment. Our consultants, developers and support team are always there for you.

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Scalable Solutions

We always cater the evolving business during development and provide open-ended solutions that are easily scalable with business evolution.

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Compliant with Health Standards

With deep understanding of standards like HIPAA, HITECH, FDA and SOC2, our experts help develop compliant solutions.

Our Healthcare Software Development Process

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Engagement Models for Healthcare Software Development

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Dedicated Development Team

A self-managed model where you can hire our team of experts for high-end services. From designing solutions to deployment, our team will assist and report to you.

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Team Extension

Augmenting the capacity of your team with skilled developers, engineers and consultants that can help you meet your project requirements and deadlines.

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Project-Based Model

Our experts will discuss project requirements, set deliverables, sign an NDA and handle the rest themselves to deliver the final product.

Modern Technologies We Use in Healthcare Software Development

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Business Intelligence

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Data Science

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Big Data

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Block Chain

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