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CodeNinja’s software testing services aim to satisfy customer requirements by utilizing modern tools and techniques. Our testing services incorporate a wide range of tests so that users can have a multi-dimensional software testing experience. From creating test strategies to execution of testing activities, CodeNinja provides it’s users with a complete and unprecedented experience.

CodeNinja provides Software testing services incorporating a wide range of tests.

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Software testing holds the key to successful software implementation since all requirements are matched with the actual product at this stage. Our skilled testing team uses several methods to ensure that the project objectives are matched with the outcomes and the product is error free.  

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Software Testing Services We Offer:


Full- cycle Testing Services

  • QA Consulting
  • Software lifecycle QA
  • Automation Testing
  • Manage Testing Services
  • Ad-Hoc Testing
  • Pre Certification Testing
  • Documentation Services
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Quality Engineering

  • Continuous Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Microservices testing 
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Complete Testing Coverage

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Systems & Platforms

  • Web App Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Blockchain Testing
  • CRM Testing
  • ERP Testing
  • AR/VR Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • IOT Testing
  • Desktop Testing
  • Big Data Testing

Next Gen Specialist Software Testing company

Modern problems require modern solutions. Engage in our next gen testing services to explore a world of possibilities and understand the true potential of your software. We use Agile methodology to continuously test the software at each stage and recommend improvements. Our experts also engage in the art of data flow and database diagrams that allows our team and clients to develop an in-depth knowledge of the software.

Next Gen Specialist Software Testing Company

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How to Hire Software Testers through Code Ninja


Your software testing requirements are the key to hiring the perfect software tester for your company. Let our team know what kind of software you want to get tested, state deadlines, resources and what you expect to achieve from the software testing process.

Set Goals and Objectives

A software is developed according to some requirements and these requirements then become the goals and objectives of testing. Let us know what you expect your software to achieve, and our experts will carry out testing to check the functionality of your software against the set objectives.

Sourcing Model

Whether you need a fully dedicated team on your premises to carry out the testing or opt to outsource the project to our professionals, it’s all up to you! We also provide staff augmentation and QA services outsourcing models for our clients.

Signing up with CodeNinja

Finally, sign up with the CodeNinja team to carry out testing services for your company as we draft up the project charter for you. We follow a transparent process by stating the requirements, objectives, and deadlines for the project so that our team and clients are on the same page.

Software Testing Solutions

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Manual QA Testing Services

Our expert Quality Assurance teams are committed to ensure that the development processes are efficient, and the product attains the established quality threshold. We ensure that the developed product is in accordance with the objectives set at the start of the project.

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Security Testing Services

Make use of our security testing services to detect any vulnerabilities in your software and fortify your software from cyber-attacks. Our cybersecurity specialists conduct extensive tests to penetrate your software for vulnerability testing.

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Integration Testing

Even if all the units of the software have passed the unit testing, the software still needs to be tested for integration. The integration testing ensures that all modules developed and tested will work smoothly when integrated.

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User Experience Testing

With our extensive experience in usability testing, clients can gain in-depth knowledge of the issues and potential improvements in the UX design. Achieve time efficiency, low error rates and personalized experiences with our UX testing services.

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Customer Journey Testing

CodeNinja provides services in which we tap into our global community and create customer journey maps according to your customer profiles. Our testing also incorporates simulation of real customer scenarios to gain insights and analytics of the customer journey from beginning to end.

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Payment Testing

Eliminating online payments risk is every client’s requirement. We provide payment testing services that allow you to simplify your payment methods, satisfy your customers, meet quality standards, and maximize your revenue.

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Accessibility Testing

Our accessibility testing services incorporate all operating systems and all kinds of users including those with disabilities. We provide services to ensure that your software provides easy access and is compliant with the set standards.

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Enterprise Testing Services

Our professionals are experienced in spearheading testing of numerous large-scale enterprise projects. We enable clients to authenticate process workflows, test newly introduced and changing functions and validate multi-level integrations in complex environments.


Testing Centre of Excellence

Codeninja provides standardized testing services with optimal resource utilization and a centralized testing platform. It provides a set of tools and metrics for our teams to perform various testing services efficiently and in an organized manner to achieve customer goals.

Cooperation Models We Offer

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Fixed Price

  • Set a clear-cut budget for your project
  • Feasible for short-term projects
  • Project scope and functions are clearly defined
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Dedicated Team

  • Flexible model to handle changing requirements
  • Expert resources for scope and task handling
  • Active involvement
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Time and Material

  • High-quality engagement model
  • High flexibility in project requirements
  • Complete control of project workflow

Hybrid Model

  • Combine Fixed Price and T&M Models
  • Gain financial benefit for long-term projects
  • Reduce associated risks
Staff Augmentation

Team Augmentation

  • Staff training and development
  • Meeting strict deadlines
  • Overcoming your staff skill deficiencies

Software Testing & QA Services Outsourcing

  • Standardized testing solutions
  • Refined QA processes
  • Detecting vulnerabilities

Why Code Ninja for Software Testing Services?

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Client-first Development Approach

Our customized solutions for clients are dedicated to provide the best client experiences. Our client-intensive approach ensures that the business objectives are met and client satisfaction is achieved.

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Balanced Cost-effective Solution

CodeNinja’s cost effective solutions are the result of effective management, optimal utilization of resources and utilizing standardized processes. We commit to uphold quality while maximizing efficiency to provide minimal project costs.

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Clean Code Promise

Our compliance with the Magento coding standards validates coding practices and provides our clients with the benefits of scalability, customizations, third-party integrations, user-friendly environments and much more!

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Scalable and Prompt Development

Our team develops and tests products that are scalable and customizable as per the needs of the organization. We provide solutions to cater future business transformations and provide space for development.

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Scheduled Audits and Health Checkups

We adopt an agile approach for software testing through regular audits and health checkups. Our services ensure that data integrity is maintained, new integrations are error free and software is safe from growing cyberattacks.

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In-house Consulting

We dedicate our expert resources for in-house consulting to our clients to provide insights and developments. With our dedicated resources, clients can enjoy customized testing services and maximize value creation.

Benefits of Software Testing Services

benefits of software testing services
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Are you looking for an Experienced Software Testing Team For Your Business?

CodeNinja has successfully completed various testing projects for clients with diverse business nature. Our dynamic experience in the field of software testing services with well-equipped resources makes us ideal for your software testing. We make use of industry standards to provide valuable insights, recommendations, and proposed opportunities to your software so you can enjoy a seamless experience.

Are you looking for an Experienced Software Testing Team For Your Business

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