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At CodeNinja, we help our clients to speed up their development process and improve the quality of execution simultaneously. Hire offshore developers from CodeNinja for an unparalleled professional experience. Our core mission is to align our values with the client to create the perfect synergy for the project.

With 7+ Years of experience in providing offshore development services we have acquired the best talent pool available. This gives us the competitive advantage over our competitors in terms of experience and intellectual property. With more than a decade of experience serving clients with offshore needs, we have worked on projects of different demands that has further polished our service.

We have been the preferred destination for clients looking for offshore software development. Our experienced offshore developers regularly upskill and test with the latest tech tools to maintain their competence.

Hire Offshore Developers - CodeNinja Consulting Inc

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Our Offshore Software Development Expertise

Custom offshore software development - Expertise

Custom Offshore Software Development

With our offshore development team, we cater to every specific detail and request of the client to deliver a perfectly customized product. Clients are also provided with a number of templates to choose from and to customize them according to their needs which provides unmatched flexibility and personalization.

Ecommerce development - Expertise

Ecommerce Development

The demand for highly responsive and converting ecommerce platforms has doubled since the start of the pandemic. We provide services to both individuals and enterprises to set up a very functional and responsive ecommerce platform in the shortest time possible. This helps clients with fast market entry and brand building.

App Development - Expertise

App Development

Our recruitment process is designed to screen out the best candidates that are proficient in all types of technical development. CodeNinja’s top talented developers have more than 10+ years of experience. Hire offshore developers experienced in building highly responsive apps that are also optimized for the best user design.

Migration Services - Development Expertise

Migration Services

As a full service development agency, CodeNinja’s best offshore developers can resolve any specific technical issue. We help Clients that already have a website, an app or an ecommerce platform and require help with migration. Our offshore development team ensures data security and no bottlenecks in website functionality.

Maintenance and Support - Development Expertise

Maintenance and Support

Developing an app is only half part of development. Our skilled offshore developers constantly monitor the site for non-stop improvement and optimization. Hire Offshore developers from CodeNinja’s leading development agency for a 24/7 maintenance and support structure that takes full responsibility for the your product’s performance.

Integration services - Development Expertise

Integration Services

Integration programming is an essential skill that most developers lack. We make offshore outsourcing of integration services easy with our experienced and dedicated development team. This aligns with our core value of providing the best all round offshore development services to our clients with cost efficiency, quality and timely delivery.

Certified Offshore Software Developers

At CodeNinja, we work with the top 1% talent in the offshore software development industry. We take careful consideration in the hiring process to ensure that our developers have all the necessary and latest certifications in the industry. This puts us in pole position to provide fully customizable offshore development services.

Our certified offshore developers identify the pain points to deliver on your needs in a perfect manner. Clients can also benefit from our software development services to jumpstart their project. Our talented offshore software developers can handle a project of any size, quality and complexity with the most affordable retainers.

Hire Certified Offshore Software Developers - CodeNinja Consulting

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How to Hire Offshore Developers Through CodeNinja

Choose from a Global Talent Pool

Our clients have the opportunity to work with the best offshore software developers from all around the world. This also serves as a huge opportunity for learning and growth. Our dedicated offshore developers are driven by motivation to provide the best product possible. Our vast product and talent portfolio makes us the leading offshore development company.

Communicate Your Needs

Our sales and offshore dev teams hold extensive calls with the clients to get the perfect idea of what their needs. Then clients are provided with portfolio, themes and talent pool of the best offshore developers for hire. This creates the perfect collaboration and communication right from the start.

Choose Your Offshore Developer

The client has full choice to select the best offshore developers according to their specific needs. This also puts them as the trailblazers throughout the project and helps in avoiding digression. CodeNinja’s expert software developers establish efficient communication channels to keep the client in the loop and receive regular feedback.

Start Offshore Development

After establishing efficient communication channels, we set a timeline, action plan and start developing right away. The client is debriefed on a regular basis and all changes are made in an efficient manner to ensure timely delivery.

Our Offshore Outsourcing Services

Outsource effectively - Offshore Outsourcing Services​

Software Outsourcing

Overcome different time zones, communication barriers, cultural conventions and code quality challenges with our full-fledge software outsourcing service delegated to a company from planning to release. We take responsibility for all or a part of software development activities, to fill the talent gap of your internal resources.

Dedicated team - Offshore Outsourcing Services

Dedicated Teams

We allow you the peace of mind to focus on the core value of business and not worry about your technical software development needs. Our offshore developers provide 100% commitment and dedication to your project and take full responsibility and ownership of its performance. We have the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

IT staff augmentation - Offshore Outsourcing Services

IT Staff Augmentation

Numerous businesses and companies need to add extra value to their talent pool for a temporary period. Our top offshore developers can be retained on an on-demand basis. Our experienced professionals fully commit to the project and a part of the team until its completion. This service is perfect for clients with urgent development needs.

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers

Hire Offshore Developers - Benefits
Benefits Of Offshore Developers

Key Challenges in Hiring Offshore Developers

Plan - Challenges Hiring Offshore Developer


One of the biggest challenge in offshore software development is coming up with the right plan.

Design - Challenges Hiring Offshore Developer


The second key challenge is designing a perfect user experience.

Build - Challenges Hiring Offshore Developer


The development process has to be immaculate with commitment to schedule

Deploy - Challenges Hiring Offshore Developer


Successful deployment and active monitoring are the final key challenge.

Ensure Code Quality

Group 26265

Best Programming Practices

Unit Testing

Unit testing
Code review practice

Code Review Practice

Let's Start Managing your business!

What CodeNinja Offshore Developers Can Help You With?

This professional competency certification requires successful completion of Certificates of Proficiency in the following four key knowledge areas:

Smaller Overhead

Smaller Overhead

We understand that a majority of new entrepreneurs are short of funds and are usually bootstrapped. At CodeNinja, we make sure that our top offshore developers are available to clients on a budget with no compromise on quality.

technical offshore development industry

Top Talents Without Hiring Burden

Some enterprises and individuals usually need to bolster their team on a temporary basis. We provide the top 1% talent in the technical offshore development industry after a rigorous recruitment and screening process.

customizable pricing and retainer plans

Clear and Fair Pricing

We have customizable pricing and retainer plans that vary from project to project. There are no hidden fees in our service and we also have comfortable payment plans for the client to compensate us on reasonable terms.

best team of offshore developers

Full Control and Easy Management

We allow the client to focus on their core business without worrying about their development teams. Our best team of offshore developers provide the customers with peace of mind with their experienced and professional service.

fully dedicated team available on call 24/7

Adaptability and 100% Focus on Your Project

We guarantee the client a fully dedicated team that is available on call 24/7. This reduces work overlap and ensures that our offshore developers focus all of their energy on one project at a time without compromising on quality.

synergy to deliver the highest quality of work

Regular Feedback

We keep the client in the loop and appreciate regular feedback. This allows for a perfect collaboration and creates synergy to deliver the highest quality of work possible.

Industry Expertise of Our Offshore Developers

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