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Our vast experience in the domain of software services enables us to provide high-quality and reliable software consulting services. Our services incorporate Software Development and software improvement projects. We ensure that business needs are analyzed and met while our solutions incorporate all business processes. Make use of our staff deployment services with flexible hiring models for optimum product solutions.

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Transform Your Business Functions

Engage in our end-to-end software consultancy services to transform your business environment. We use modern methods to analyze your needs and provide tailor made solutions to transform and automate your business.

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Services We Offer in Software Consultation

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Software Stack Assessment

  • End-to-end software assessment.
  • Identify the flaws and inefficiencies in the current software system.
  • Providing opportunities to improve systems with modern technologies.
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Business Process Analysis

  • Performing detailed inspection.
  • Analyzing business processes for improvements in performance and design.
  • Increase automation and transparency.
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Software Selection

  • Detailed software feature comparisons.
  • Software cost comparisons.
  • Vendor analysis.
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Software Modernization

  • Obtain performance maximization.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Integration of modern functions and features.
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Software Licensing Compliance Consulting

  • Complete compliance solutions.
  • Ensure compliance with the laws of industry.
  • Risk elimination.
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System Integration

  • Flexible and scalable module development.
  • Integration of modern functions.
  • Smooth and error-free deployment.
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Software Development Consulting

  • Assess business requirements.
  • Tailor-made solutions.
  • Optimal resource allocations.
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Team Augmentation

  • Expert staff resourcing.
  • Optimal resource allocation.
  • Deployment from any stage of product life-cycle.
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Software Architecture Assessment & Redesign

  • Detailed audits.
  • Highlight flaws and inefficiencies.
  • Redesigning solutions for optimization.
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Mobile Enablement

  • Mobile compatible software.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Seamless working and design across all platforms.
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Setup of DevOps Processes

  • Modern and standardized process.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • High-quality coding practices.
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QA Process Setup

  • Strengthen product life-cycle stages.
  • Redesign and improve existing QA processes.
  • Setup QA processes for optimum quality.
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Software Product Consulting

  • Comprehensive market analysis.
  • Meeting modern market requirements.
  • Meeting customer demands.
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Project Management Consulting

  • Determining KPIs and milestones for accountability.
  • Determining project deliverables.
  • Forecasting project costs.

Top Rated Software Consulting Company

We offer a diverse range of services with years of experience in software consulting. Using modern tools and methods, we are able to assess and evaluate your company in-depth to provide best-fit solutions. Engage with our software consultants to find the ideal software solutions for your company!

Top Rated Software Consulting Company

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Consultation We Offer for Various Software Solutions

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Mobile Consulting

Our services incorporate all existing mobile development platforms. We provide consultation services for the entire product life-cycle including design, development, testing and support.

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SaaS Consulting

Our SaaS consulting allows you to plan and develop the perfect product. Our experts devise cost-effective solutions equipped with modern tech to help develop an optimal product.

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ITSM Consulting

Enabling you to standardize your IT processes for effective risk management, reduced operational costs, improved efficiency and increased accountability.

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Cloud Consulting

Transform your business with our optimized approach to cloud computing. We help plan, design, migrate and standardize workflows to meet your cloud computing needs.

Our Software Consulting processes

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Benefits of Software Consultation

Benefits of Software Consultation
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Most Trending Software Consulting Solutions We Offer


Supply Chain

Deploy solutions to gain insights to supply chain operations with accurate demand forecasting, increased visibility and optimal resource utilization.

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Comprehensive solutions to plan and achieve market automation, sales automation and effective customer service.

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Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights to understand current business position and potential opportunities. Gain competitive advantage with informed decision-making.

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Data Science

Use of modern techniques like AI and Machine learning to run extensive tests on data for analyzing business opportunities.

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Customized business solutions for enhanced user experience to sell your products online.

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Enabling access to devices over the internet with feasibility analysis, application structure and data processing.

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Computer Vision

Consultation services for enhanced computer vision features to detect, recognize and identify objects to gain a competitive advantage.

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Agile Consulting

Providing accelerated consulting services with incremental improvements of each process to ensure perfection.

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SOA Consulting

Advising use of independent, integrative and reusable software components to enhance efficiency, scalability and reliability.

Why CodeNinja?

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Boost Development Capacity

Provision of product development experts.

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Access to Tech Talent Pool

Experts in diverse and dynamic services.

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Time-saving on Recruitment

Skilled personnel for software services.

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Reduce Expenses

Optimal resource utilization.


Flexible Team Size

Meeting deadlines and resource requirements.

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Dedicated Full-Time Engineers

Assistance in the complete product life cycle.

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High Client Satisfaction Score

High-quality customer service & support.

014 Risk Management

Risk Handling

Assessing and mitigating all project risks.

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Experienced Staff

Diverse knowledge of software consulting services.

What to Look for While Hiring Someone for Software Consulting Services?

When looking for software consulting services make sure you hire someone with relevant industry experience in consulting so that business workflows are understood and appropriate solutions and recommendations are made. Look for the following characteristics when hiring:

  • Scalable and long-term solutions.
  • Continuous support throughout product life-cycle.
  • Utilization of modern tools and methods.
  • Compliance with industry standards.
  • High success rate.
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