Enterprise Software Development Services

Enterprise Software Development refers to the practice of creating and coding business-specific software and technology to meet the individual needs of companies. You can modernize and expand your enterprise with our next-gen enterprise software development services. With more than 10 years of expertise, Code Ninja can scale up, optimize and refine your complicated business processes. Our holistic approach to developing enterprise solutions helps businesses of many industries and various sizes, especially with their unique needs.

Enterprise Software Development

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Code Ninja has emerged to be one of the most prominent enterprise Software Engineering Companies with wide-ranging expertise in all the areas needed for reliable software development. Reach out to our team of experts to find out more about our services. Contact us!

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Enterprise Software Development Services

ESP Custom Enterprise Software Development

Custom Enterprise Software Development

  • Scalable Solution
  • Enhanced Business Infrastructure
  • Streamlined Organizational Workflows
ESP Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise Mobility Services

  • Device agnostic
  • Catering to mobility services lifecycle
ESP Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services

  • Creating new processes
  • Upgraded digital technologies
ESP Data Management

Data Management

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Intelligent data management strategy
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
ESP Software Integration

Software Integration

  • API Integration
  • Comprehensive Integration Solutions
  • Integrable infrastructure
ESP Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

  • Revitalize Legacy Solutions
  • Technical Analysis of Legacy System
  • Upgrading Legacy Systems
ESP Enterprise Software Development Consulting

Enterprise Software Development Consulting

  • Assessing Software Architecture
  • Detailed Project Roadmap
  • Drafting Strategy
ESP Enterprise Application Software

Enterprise Application Software

  • Enhanced unique features
  • Custom development solutions

Enterprise Software Development Company

Whether you’re looking for a qualified Software Development Services Provider to provide custom software solutions, or a diverse team of enterprising software developers to manage various apps, Code Ninja Consulting is your ultimate choice. Leveraging our expertise in enterprise software development, we help organizations streamline processes through reengineering solutions.

enterprize software development services

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Why opt for Custom Enterprise Software Development?

Cost Effective Solution

An enterprise has a lot of complex processes going on simultaneously. It might require a large workforce or even the latest tech tools to manage them. The best way to combat these expenditures is to get an enterprise software developed which can help tackle multiple processes without the need for extra personnel or tools

Value Added Features

As the enterprise software is developed exactly according to the defined requirements of the company, therefore the added features increase the functionality.

Tailored Products

By defining the enterprises’ exact needs and requirements it is the best choice to get custom software built. It will comprise of all the features you require to handle the enterprise effectively. It also offers scalability option so that you can keep growing.

Centralized Program

Having one centralized and unified software helps with better communication. The use of multiple software and programs is automatically reduced

Benefits of Enterprise Software Development

Benefits of Enterprise Software Development
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Enterprise Software Development Complete Cycle

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Additional Enterprise Services and Solutions We Offer:


Custom Enterprise Software Development

Our tech experts can take up your idea of a software and then design and build it as per your requirements. From strategizing to prototyping, from developing to testing, each phase is handled meticulously by our team so that you may get the desired software developed.

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Mobile Application Development

Our team of developers can deliver mobile applications of varied scale and complexity. All our developed apps are interactive and highly responsive. Our focus is on authenticity and efficiency of the app therefore you can be assured of the success of the project.

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Web Application Development

We offer the perfect solution for your most complex project. We develop interactive and efficient web applications which can help companies simplify their processes. The web app is designed according to the enterprise’s needs and keeping in mind the target audience.

ESP Custom Enterprise Software Development

Custom Web & Enterprise Portal

Our solutions include other major solutions including the custom web portal and custom enterprise portal. Our team can develop robust and responsive portals which are built using cutting-edge technologies. These portals are highly responsive, compatible with most devices and highly secure.

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Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

One of the major services that can be offered under enterprise software development is eCommerce development. With the rise in consumers moving towards online shopping, it is essential for companies to move online as well. In eCommerce development, the target audience is researched first and then the website design is conceptualized accordingly. It also includes the integration of eCommerce solutions with other major software. Our developers are experienced in developing eCommerce solutions for you.

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Enterprise CRM Software

For every business, the customer is at the center of their world. Developing enterprise custom CRM software helps businesses in enhancing functionality to manage large volumes of clients and performance to achieve better insights into customer behavior. The different services range from CRM development to CRM testing, from CRM implementation to CRM support.

Application Types We Develop for Enterprise Software Development

ESP Digital Transformation Services

Enterprise Web Apps

We have extensive experience in delivering enterprise web applications that can help companies accelerate their business workflows. These applications can help increase the productivity of the employees by reducing the effort and time spent.

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Enterprise Mobile Apps

Enterprise mobile app development is the process of building a mobile application for an enterprise’s needs. If an enterprise becomes accessible through a mobile app, the processes automatically become smoother and easier. Benefits include automated processes, increased employee efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and many more. Our team of developers would help you build efficient enterprise apps to overcome all the challenges.

Sourcing Models we Offer for Enterprise Software Development

In-House Sourcing Model

In house sourcing model gives the companies the option of hiring skilled developers and adding them to their internal team. Having all your developers under one roof is a lucrative offer. It also gives the client a chance to find the right cultural fit experts who know everything about the company and the culture. There are some cons to it as well so have a look at these pros and cons before making a decision.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Complete dedication to the project
  • No language barriers
  • Better communication
  • Investment required for infrastructure
  • Increased Expenses
  • Lack of Skills
In House Sourcing Model
Outsourced Model

Outsourced Model

An outsourced hiring model in today’s time is one of the biggest opportunities for companies to gain a competitive edge in the market. With this model, it is easier to get access to top talent across the globe in no time. The process is easy and simple but it takes some effort to find the right talent. There are many pros and cons to this model, so let’s dive into them.

  • Cost Effective
  • Access to skilled developers across the globe
  • No need to go through hiring processes
  • Ineffective Communication
  • Cultural and Language Barrier
  • Data Privacy Breach

Hybrid Sourcing Model

Some companies decide to opt for a hybrid model, which incorporates some factors from both in-house sourcing and outsourcing models. The best way to do this is to hire an in-house team and to outsource a consultancy team.

  • Full knowledge of internal operations
  • Skilled developers
  • Expert guidance
  • Requires team for better collaboration
  • Ineffective coordination
  • Delayed project delivery
Hybrid Sourcing Model

IT Innovations

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Big Data

Boost your enterprise by using a reliable way of analyzing large volumes of data and visually representing it.

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Artificial Intelligence

By using AI based solutions, an enterprise can automate operations and gain better insights.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Improve decision-making and streamline operations by using IoT devices to monitor the processes.

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Augmented Reality

Using Augmented Reality can help enterprises cut costs and increase efficiency of operations.

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Using blockchain for enterprise can ensure business data security.

Why Code Ninja?

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Flexible Hiring Models

Code Ninja offers flexible hiring models so that you may choose any according to your specific business needs. You can choose a dedicated team or you can pay-as-you-go as well.

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Collaborative Approach

Code Ninja is committed to your success and therefore promises to listen to your every need. We believe in strong communication and collaboration therefore we involve our clients in every phase of the project.

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Robust Architecture

We promise to deliver enterprise software that will have a robust architectural design.

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Value for Money

We do not compromise on quality despite our lower-than-the-market rates as we value your money. Our professional workforce strives to deliver world-class solutions at affordable rates. 

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Agile Methodology

We ensure that our team follows agile methodology to develop processes which are easy to manage and maintain.

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Quick Support

We have dedicated teams that are trained to support you in every possible way. These teams are available 24/7 to provide you with undisturbed support and maintenance for your software.

ESP Enterprise Software Development Consulting

Technology Consulting

We provide consultation for every project we take up. If you only want consultation regarding upgrading your enterprise system, or even if you want us to build a custom enterprise software, we provide consultation nonetheless.

What to Look for When Hiring a Dedicated Team for Your Enterprise Software Development?

When hiring a dedicated development team for enterprise software development it is essential to keep some factors in mind. Being diligent in this search will prove to be beneficial. We have prepared a list for you to go through before hiring a dedicated team. Have a look:

  • Transparent & Regular Communication
  • High Security Standards
  • Experienced Software Developers
  • Positive Experience of Clients
  • Time-proved management and Workflow
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