Direct Sourcing

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Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing is one instance of collaboration where a start-up engages directly with a large corporation or a group of investors who provide it with the necessary funds and resources to launch their product in the market. This partnership is directly focused on creating market value for the customers and to launch new, innovative products and solutions and direct business value i.e., the corporate can directly source the software solution from the start-up. 

Why choose this?

The immediate and effective success of the Direct Sourcing model depends on the direct collaboration between the corporate and the start-up, as well as the risk-taking ability and power of the managers to not only take the right decisions but to also have in-depth technical knowledge that will allow this model to be successful.

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Faster hiring cycle

Significant Cost Savings Associated With Contingent Workers

Stronger Relationships with Top Talent

Positive Impact On Culture

Reduced investment spent on external employees