Dedicated Software Development Team

A business collaboration model where you can outsource a team of developers, usually such model is best for long-term projects. Our dedicated software development team model is one of the most popular and most opt-in options when compared to other outsourcing models such as Time and material and fixed price.
However, unlike other employees, you don’t have to administer them or deal with HR or social benefits, since you’re partnering with the outsourcing company. That’s one of the biggest advantages of this model as this way clients can focus more on high-level business issues and can save their precious time.
Get a ‘hand-selected’ professional like staff augmentation model, the only difference is the durability of the project. Dedicated resources are engaged with long-term projects whereas staff augmentation is temporary and for short-term projects.

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Dedicated to the Realization of your Project, Outsource our Team of Developers

If you choose a dedicated development team for your next project, you get a team of professionals segregated specifically according to your business goals. Such dedicated team resembles an in-house team, and can technically say become your employees for a certain time period.

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Fully-Managed Services, Scale-Up your Engineering Teams:

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Custom Software Development

  • Full cycle custom development.
  • Designing and developing custom-made solutions.
  • Agile DevOps, and rapid app development.
  • Digitize operations and automate processes.
  • UI-UX design.
Mobile application development Services

Mobile Application Development

  • Mobile app UI/UX design.
  • Strategic consulting.
  • Custom mobile app development.
  • Seamless experience across devices and platforms.
  • Development of all types of apps (hybrid, native, etc).
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Web Application Development

  • Web app project planning.
  • Web app design and development.
  • Testing and DevOps.
  • Integrations and implementation.
  • Custom web app development.
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Desktop Application Development

  • Custom development of desktop apps.
  • Streamline complex business processes.
  • Software solutions for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Software solutions for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Upgrading legacy systems.
Ecommerce development Services

Ecommerce Development

  • Design and development of B2B, B2C apps.
  • Custom design and layout.
  • Premium development services with the latest tech stack.
  • Integrations and migration services.
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Website Design

  • Team of professional UI/UX designers.
  • Research and product development.
  • Our designed user journeys help you convert more.
  • Strategic design consultation.
  • Building a brand voice via design.
Cloud application Services

Cloud Application Development

  • Design, build and implement cloud solutions.
  • Scalable and highly flexible cloud apps.
  • Fully managed cloud services.
  • Strategy and design services.
  • Implementation and migration.
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QA Testing

  • Manual and automated testing.
  • Preparation of test cases/ use cases.
  • Functional and non-functional testing.
  • Post-launch testing and support.
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Software Consulting

  • Planning and implementation of software improvements.
  • Software stack assessment.
  • Software architecture review and changes.
  • Selection of the right technology stack.
Software product development Services

Software Product Development

  • Full-cycle product engineering.
  • Extensive integration and customization options.
  • User-friendly and engaging software products.
  • Market research and business analysis.
  • Custom product development services.

On our Credit, there’re more than 100 Game-Changing Projects:

Outsourcing a dedicated development team from Code Ninja means partnering for reliable relationship building. Our clients are our reputation, that is we never leave them in testing waters, unlike other software service-providing companies. Code Ninja has 7+ years of experience in software development and IT consulting. Keep in-house control and cut hiring and infrastructure costs by 50%.

Dedicated Software Development Team - CodeNinja Consulting

Code Ninja Rockstars You Get in a Dedicated Model:

Software developers and engineers

Software Developers and Engineers

Developers and engineers are responsible for writing the code and developing software products. Also, they are bound to send regular updates to their project managers.

Database architects

Database Architects

Play critical role in visualizing and designing database management systems for an organization. The defined framework helps in planning, enabling, acquiring, maintaining and specifing data.

Project/ delivery managers

Project/Delivery Managers

Planning, execution, monitoring, closing and delivering the project comes under the role of a project managers. Responsible for the whole project scope.

UI/UX designers

UI/UX Designers

Build an interface for an app, website or any interactive platform. Collaborate with product managers and software engineers to gather requirements.

QA testers

QA Testers

Deliver high quality and fully functional software. They evaluate and test new and existing software to identify bugs or errors, hence they improve user experience of a software.


DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineer automate manual coding tasks and data work for improving the project visibility. Thus, implement continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) frameworks.



Support team monitors and report issues related to the functionality of the software after the development is done. Software support and maintenance post development.

When Should You Choose a Dedicated Development Team Model?


When the project scope isn’t defined


Immediate access to expert developers

Gain access to almost all technology stacks
Streamlining budget and infrastructure
Long-term projects, need careful handling/management
Team expansion, more on-board experts
Faster delivery especially in tight deadlines

Hiring Process for Dedicated Software Development Team:

Double your development speed, embrace business agility and scalability with dedicated offshore developers.

Share Requirements

Clearer the requirements, the faster the client gets dedicated programmers. Send us number of required developers/teams, technology stack and experience level.

Prescreened Resumes, Select the Best Fit

Relevant software engineers' CVs. You can request a one-on-one candidate interview.

Merger of In-House Team with Remote (Dedicated) Team

Onboarding and introduction of dedicated team with the in-house team. Access to internal systems and corporate policy explanation.

Manage Team Directly

There are no meditators from our side, you have full control over the resources you get from us.

Hassle-Free Administration

We offer the infrastructure/office, necessary equipment, recruiting, accounting, payroll etc.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Teams

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Team 2

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists Assemble a Team of Pre-vetted Developers Based on Requirements.

Challenges of Dedicated Team Model:

Choice of interaction mechanism during software development depends on the business model, project scale, features, purpose and budget of a client. The dedicated development team model is not for everyone, but for some. Here are some challenges one can face:
  • The model isn’t a fit for small-scale projects, fixed price model works for SMBs well.
  • Client has the control over the team, so he has to plan processes and assign tasks to each allocated team member. Such tasks are looked upon by project managers.
  • Significant amount of time spent on team and their task management. And assessment of development phases.
  • Considered expensive since long-scale projects are ideal but it’s a value-added model in the longer run.
Dedicated Software Development Team Models

Other Outsourcing Models We Offer:

Team Augmentation Outsourcing Model
Team Augmentation
  • Strategy of hiring skilled external resources for filling internal teams' talent gap,
  • Allows business to choose candidates that only fit their requirements, cut and extend team whenever they need.
  • IP rights security, from the beginning of the cooperation with dedicated developers.
  • Access to wide range of talent pool. Much easier to replace a developer.
Location-based outsourcing Models
Location-Based Outsourcing
  • Onshore – when the outsourced team lives in the same country as the client. Developers may be in near location or another region of the same country and there won’t be a significant time zone difference.
  • Nearshore – outsourcing work to countries that are near geographical vicinity. The time zone difference would be only a few hours.
  • Offshore – outsourcing work to a company that exists in another country and not immediate neighbor. Also, the time zone difference would be more.

Some Popular Corporate Models:

Time and material model

Time and Material Model:

A business engagement model where client only pays for the time and resources spent on his project and supports highly the agile working methodology during development process. Client has the liberty ti ask for changes/iterations which isn’t the case in fixed price model.

Fixed Price Model:

Another popular and an old engagement model is the fixed price model. Fixed time (no. of hours), and resources dedicated to a project, this means project has to be completed within set time frame. Ideal for small projects.

Fixed price model
Managed services Model

Managed Services:

Enable organizations to outsource IT tasks and usually offers more support than other models and the provided resources are indulged into IT implementation and consulting services. Services linked with network operations, monitor systems, resolve issues etc.

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You Need NOT to Worry About Development Products Yourself, here’s Why Code Ninja?

Project Control, In-house Team Management

Full project control means that clients can assign and manage tasks of the allocated resources. We only provide the infrastructure and administration it requires of the resources.

Mature Systems, Quality Promised

Our process for hiring a dedicated team is predefined and documented, there are no loopholes. We seek the concern of the client at every stage of the project and align resources accordingly.

Technology Experts From all Fields

For quick team augmentation, we have subject matter experts. This means our talent pool is versatile, yet offers specific skillset resources in a dedicated team too.

Quick Turnaround Time

Dedicated development team we offer is experienced, which is the reason why turnaround time is faster than a client thinks initially.

Risk Mitigation

Dedicated teams keep the security and other risk away from the project in development as they take the full responsibility and give support 24/7.

What to Consider While Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team?

Don’t panic if you are still unable to decide if the dedicated development model works for you. Let us share with you some valuable insights to help you think more clearly.

  • LocationCommonly offshore and nearshore development is opted. Over the years some destinations have become a popular choice such as Eastern Europe, South America and Asia.
  • Do consider availability of the team, time zone difference and language difference.
  • Offshore developers charge less than the developers in US or in Europe.
  • Security breaches have become common, don’t share confidential information before signing legal contracts.
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