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Case Study

B2B Auction Platform Development for Procurement Department of Automobile Company


Technologies Used


Brainstorming to get cracking and restore order

The client, a leading automotive manufacturer, faced significant challenges in streamlining their procurement processes for car equipment. The traditional procurement methods were time-consuming and lacked efficiency, resulting in delays, increased costs, and limited access to a wide range of suppliers. To address these issues, the client sought to develop a modern B2B web-based auction platform that could connect their procurement department with various suppliers in real-time.

Proposed Solution

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To meet the client’s requirements, our team proposed building a cutting-edge B2B auction platform using React JS for the frontend, NodeJS for the backend, and AWS Serverless architecture for scalability and cost-effectiveness. The platform aimed to revolutionize the way procurement departments sourced car equipment by enabling real-time competitive bidding from pre-approved suppliers.


Supplier Registration

Pre-qualified suppliers can register on the platform, providing necessary company information and compliance documents for verification.

Auction Creation

Procurement officers can create auctions with detailed specifications, quantities, and timelines for car equipment procurement.

Real time Bidding

Suppliers can participate in real-time auctions, placing competitive bids to win contracts for supplying car equipment.

Auction Analytics

The platform offers data-driven insights and analytics, helping procurement departments make informed decisions based on bidding patterns, historical data, and supplier performance.

Automated Notifications

Users receive instant notifications of auction updates, bid status, and contract awards, ensuring timely communication and decision-making.

Secure Transactions

The platform incorporates robust security measures and encryption protocols to ensure safe and confidential bidding and data exchange.

Supplier Ratings and Reviews

After successful completion of an auction, buyers can rate and review suppliers, fostering transparency and accountability.


Improved Efficiency:

The platform significantly reduced procurement cycle times, enabling faster decision-making and streamlined supplier onboarding processes.

Increased Supplier Pool:

The platform facilitated access to a broader pool of qualified suppliers, fostering healthy competition and diversifying the supply chain.

Cost Savings:

Real-time competitive bidding led to cost reductions, allowing the client to negotiate better prices with suppliers.

Enhanced Decision Making:

The platform’s analytics capabilities empowered the procurement department with valuable insights to make data-driven decisions and optimize procurement strategies.

Scalability and Flexibility:

AWS Serverless architecture ensured the platform’s seamless scalability, efficiently handling fluctuating demands and growth.

In conclusion, the development and successful deployment of the B2B web-based auction platform powered by React JS, NodeJS, and AWS Serverless architecture revolutionized the procurement processes of the automotive manufacturer, paving the way for cost savings, efficiency, and improved supplier relationships.

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