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Case Study

On-demand Remote Engineering Solution for Region's Leading Fintech Startup


Technologies Used


Brainstorming to get cracking and restore order

Our partner is a leading fintech startup that provides salary advances based on accrued wages and aims to empower businesses and employees through this. It can be referred to as an early wage access platform that allows employees to draw out their salary before the next payroll. This initiative has helped them to avoid late payment fees on bills, access emergency cash and substitute expensive debt. The business model is B2B2C, allowing companies to extend this product as a benefits program for their employees. 

The business was struggling with onboarding a team of expert developers as there was a time constraint and they could not afford to lose time and money. Hiring an expert software developer can take up to a month, depending on the project’s requirements. For a company like this, whose processes are directly interlinked with the user, it is difficult to waste so much time on hiring processes.  

Therefore, they reached out to Code Ninja as they were looking for a tech partner who could augment a whole team for them to build new capabilities in their mobile application to further expand their customer base. 

When our partner company approached CodeNinja, it was already a well-established company and their mobile application was already launched. All they wanted was for Code Ninja to augment a skilled software development team for them immediately who could enhance the app’s functionality and streamline the processes for end users.

  • Our partner is the pioneer platform which offers employees with early wage access. 
  • The company’s mobile app is user centric and follows B2B2C business model. 
  • The company struggled with onboarding a team of expert developers due to time constraints 
  • Our partners reached out to Code Ninja to spin a team of skilled software developers that can enhance their app’s functionality .

Proposed Solution

All hands on deck to build powerful solution

The fintech company required a reliable software development partner to help support their application development, integration and modernization therefore they approached CodeNinja. The CodeNinja leadership spent days with them to understand their business model, team structures, business aim and requirements.  

These discussions helped CodeNinja understand the partner in a better way. Consequently, the business chose to move forward with onboarding Code Ninja as their outsourcing partner. CodeNinja then came up with a team of experienced software developers who understood the industry well and knew the product inside out.  

The team was comprised of developers who were experienced in tech stacks such as Node.js, React and AWS Serverless. The team was divided into three major clusters; one for the back-end engineering, one for the mobile, one for the front-end.  

Code Ninja made sure to focus on transparency and extensive communication during development, so that all of the partner’s expectations were met. The engineering team was able to keep track of crucial details without losing sight of the bigger picture. 

  • Code Ninja’s leadership spent time to understand our partner’s requirements and business model to curate a framework. 
  • Code Ninja assembled a team of expert developers including backend engineers, frontend developers and mobile developers. 
  • The team was determined to modernize and develop the app to enhance its capabilities 
  • Technology such as Node.js, React and AWS serverless was used to accomplish the goal.


Enhancing capabilities and expanding possibilities

Payment Gateway Integration

As the company is a fintech, its main focus has always been on finance and how users can access their salaries. This brought our team to the feature of payment gateway integration. Payment gateways help users to transfer their funds easily into any other platform from the app. Our team helped the company integrate its mobile application with two major payment gateways. 

Django API development

External Third-Party API Integration

One of the major features that the business wanted to incorporate within the mobile application was integration. As they deal only with companies, it is essential for them to gather real-time data from all of these companies to maintain updated payrolls. Our team has helped them integrate with third-party APIs through which they can collect data and analyze it in real-time.

Subscription based model

Apart from providing employees with early salary features, this fintech company also wants to give them an exclusive shopping experience that they can get through the app. CodeNinja’s team of developers helped build this subscription-based model through which users can buy things on subscription or installments without any hassle.


Providing highly skilled and experienced engineers

CodeNinja delivered team augmentation services to the region’s first fintech company offering early wage access. Our software engineers worked on the company’s application by providing unmatched services such as third-party integrations and payment gateways. Our developers boosted the application’s overall performance and helped our partner increase customer satisfaction.

Region’s leading fin-tech startup partnered with CodeNinja for the on-demand remote engineering teamsRegion’s leading fin-tech startup partnered with CodeNinja for the on-demand remote engineering teams

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