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Business disruptions and changing customer demands are inevitable. You can protect your business with CodeNinja full suite of insurance software development services and solutions. Being a Top Software Development Company our success-driven insurance software solutions help automate and elevate productivity across sales. Policy management and claims processes are two key areas we streamline for insurance companies.

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Insurance Software Solutions We Offer

We offer various insurance software solutions to insurance carriers, agencies, and affiliate partners.

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Solutions for Insurance Carriers

We partner with insurance carriers to simplify distribution channel management and grow together. Our latest technology solutions help carriers achieve cost savings and a reputation amongst agencies and agents.


  • Insurance carrier software

  • Insurance lead management software

  • Quote-to-claim policy lifecycle support

  • Transactions processing

  • Leverage from our rating, validation

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Solutions for Insurance Agencies

CodeNinja’s modern suite of solutions eliminates complexity and simplifies workflows for insurance agencies and they can do more business.


  • Insurance quote summary

  • Insurance claims administration

  • Certificate of insurance (COI)

  • Document indexing and filing

  • Billing and accounts receivable

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Solutions for Affiliate Partners

Grow your distribution channels, and save money with our solutions. Tech solutions implementation makes doing business with easier for affiliate partners.


  • Insurance agency management systems

  • Solutions for all types of business models

  • Engineering solutions for all sorts of insurance systems

Streamline and Automate

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Designing, streamlining, executing and automating series of similar tasks help you focus more on other crucial business operations. We develop such solutions where you don’t have to spend time on usual day-to-day tasks which could be automated otherwise.

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Opt-for Right Technologies

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Machine learning (ML), big data, business intelligence and many such words are trending, we help you determine the right technologies you need for your business. Maximize your operational efficiency by having the right technology stack, let us help you with technicalities.

Security and Maintenance

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Data security is one primary concerns for insurance companies, we help insurance companies meet security requirements. We keep encrypted storage of all client-sensitive data. For ensuring business continuity, risk management of data for insurance companies cannot be ignored.

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Need a Customized Insurance Software Solution?

Custom Insurance Software Development Solutions

We deliver advanced insurance software development solutions. Below is the list of software solutions our experts work on

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Insurance Document Management Software

Reduce negative outcomes of old and outdated systems and IT debt with insurance software solutions. Cut costs and time for developing quality software.


  • Design and develop document management solutions

  • Build a centralized document policy

  • Robust document indexing and filing

  • Fast access to segregated documents

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Insurance Policy Management Software

Policy management software we build helps in the creation, editing, approval, storage, distribution, and tracking of organizational policies.


  • End-to-end policy management software development

  • Integration of advance features

  • Custom configuration

  • Automated quoting and rating

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Insurance Underwriting and Rating Software

Underwriting and rating software solutions manage and automate (if necessary) the underwriting process for insurance agencies.


  • Underwriting, rating and administration solutions

  • Services characterized by speed and accuracy

  • Insurance system strategy making and development

  • Insurance underwriting and consultation

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Insurance Claims Management Software

The software we develop is used by insurance companies to manage their entire claims lifecycle, from creation to settlement.


  • Streamline claims management workflow

  • Enable automatic generation of claims documents

  • Payments management

  • Fully integrated policy administration

Group 111151

CRM Software Solutions

CRM software development solutions eliminate daily tasks repetition and streamline the lead process and overall productivity.


  • Operational efficiency with digitized workflows

  • Multi-faceted workflow management

  • Simplifies and optimize routing business flows

  • Minimize touchpoints and automated quoting


Insurance Quoting Software

We build such software for brokers, agencies and carriers. More like all-in-one insurance quoting, and lead management software solution.


  • Incorporation of custom underwriting algorithms

  • Qualitative risk assessment

  • Premium calculations

  • Automated follow up emails (incomplete quote forms)

  • Optimized quoting across devices

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Insurance Automation Software

Improve customer service, automate day-to-day tasks, increase insurance. Gain an advantage against your competitors with our automation solutions.


  • Multi-faceted workflow management

  • Simplifies and optimize routing business flows

  • Minimize touchpoints and enforce compliance

  • Smart alerts setup, track events, utilize AI assistants

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Insurance Risk Management Software

Provide you with automated tools and software built for reducing risk identification, monitoring, & reporting.


  • Risk management software solutions

  • Automated real-time data monitoring & analysis modules

  • Implementation of insurance risk libraries

  • Mitigation Protocols

  • Multiple criteria templates (identify, classify, minimize risks)

Group 111153

Fraud Prevention Software Systems

Minimize financial fraud risks and losses by having digital trust with customers, using fraud detection systems and tools.


  • Custom fraud analysis software

  • Early detection and prevention

  • Monitoring of every transaction and claim

  • Enable alerts for suspicious claims

  • Scores vendors to ensure compliance

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Insurance ERM Software Solution

An ERM software development solutions for the insurance industry are easy-to-use with customizable capabilities.


  • Enterprise Risk Management software development

  • Streamlining the risk assessment process

  • Prioritization of risk mitigation strategy

  • Reducing redundancies

  • Proactive decision-making

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Insurance Data Analytics Solutions

Our insurance analytics tools and solutions give insurers the ability to extract, implement and organize information from diverse data sets and reach to business decisions.


  • Machine learning and AI solutions

  • Claims handling

  • Fraud detection

  • Product pricing and predictive analysis

  • Utilization of advance ML tools

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Consulting and Strategy

We here at CodeNinja redefine your business & operating models to position you for growth, cut costs and efforts.


  • Policy management system development

  • Automating and managing insurance contracts

  • Simplify policy administration

  • Cost-cutting on insurance policy processing

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Why CodeNinja as Your Insurance Software Development Partner?

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Custom Tailor Sales Offer

Tailor your sales offer by making them personalized based on customer need, price tolerance, and behavior patterns.

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Predictive Analysis of Customer Data

Upsell and cross-sell on real-time predictive data analysis.

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No More Low-value Processes

Automate your processes especially the daily ones with our sophisticated technical solutions, no more operational bottlenecks or slowing down.

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Vetted Engineers

We filter, test and assess resources in advance and they are available for instant hire on the sourcing bench we have at CNC.

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Cut Costs on Operations

By automating and streamlining your workflows, reduce your operational costs to almost half.

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Improve Productivity

Boost your sales agent's efficiency using ML, RPA and cloud-based solutions.

Our Insurance Software Development Process

insurance process
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Insurance Software Development Outsourcing Team Models

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Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team acts just like an in-house team as they work exclusively on one single project at a time with the client. Team can be directly controlled and asked for tasks completion.

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Staff Augmentation

Resource outsourcing where either one skilled or a team of skilled resources are outsourced for augmenting the skill capacity of an organization. Usually, such model is for short-term projects.

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Software Outsourcing

Full outsourcing where a part of software development is outsourced, however, there is no direct control over the team and usually there is one delivery manager for communication and tasks update.

Advanced Technologies We Use in Insurance Software Development

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Business Intelligence

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Data Science

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Big Data

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