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Modernization is at the heart of innovation, especially with cloud-based applications on the rise. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain, analytics, and cloud have altered the entire IT infrastructure. 

But these new technologies aren’t always compatible with outdated legacy systems. CodeNinja brings you Application Modernization & Innovation solutions that can help you digitally transform your business.

Application Modernization Services - CodeNinja Consulting Inc.

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Our Application Modernization Services help you upgrade your legacy applications to a modern cloud core, allowing your business to innovate at speed and scale. Reach out to us now to discuss more.

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Reduce Risk of Legacy Inefficiencies with Our Application Modernization Services

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Application Migration

  • Improved functionality
  • Updated application
  • Analyzing application’s architecture
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Cloud Migration

  • Shift from local on-premise data center
  • Cloud-to-cloud migration
  • Complex strategy
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Containerization & Dynamic Management

  • Faster application deployment
  • Specified computing environment
  • Unifying all components of application
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AWS Application Migration

  • Simplified automated processes
  • Non-disruptive testing
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Azure Application Migration

  • Rehosting
  • Refactoring
  • Rearchitecting
  • Rebuild
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Consistently high-performance environment
  • Cloud platforms
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Database Migration

  • Restructured database
  • Converting the database schema
  • Source to target migration
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SQA & Microservices

  • Monitoring engineering processes
  • Model-based context learning
  • Sampling based testing
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Platform Migration

  • Knowledge of platforms
  • Minimal risks
  • Format for moving the data
  • Data privacy

Closing the Modernization Gap

In this digital economy, the agility to respond actively to changing market trends and customer need is essential. Organizations are under pressure to accelerate innovation to deliver products and services that meet the current consumer need. Obsolete technology leads to complexity and that needs to be resolved with application modernization.

Closing The Modernization Gap

Kick-off Your Application Modernization Journey.

Why Does Your Business Need Application Modernization Services?

Higher Operation Cost

The outdated legacy system contains many problems like bugs, application maintenance cost, and lack of scalability. Maintaining an old legacy IT system is very costly therefore it is better to invest in application modernization.

Lack of Security

In an old legacy system, you need to check the security measures regularly and update them on cyber threat security. It is vulnerable to cyber-attack where you will lose all the data. Modernizing the legacy system helps in securing the application.

Limited Business Growth

With customers expecting businesses to keep up with updated technology and trends, businesses must keep up with these emerging trends or else they will lose their target audience to their competitors.

Inflexible Complex Legacy Systems

Application modernization provides the ability to integrate new features and services that align with the business’s goals and objectives in a better way. Whereas the legacy systems are inflexible when it comes to new features.

Business Benefits of Application Modernization

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Modernize Your Application with the Industry-Best Innovator

CodeNinja provides full-scale and advanced modernization and Application Development Services that focus on a user-oriented approach. By focusing on the user experience, our approach creates additional business value, increasing collaboration, productivity, and revenue. We do this by migrating, replacing, and automating your IT systems.

Modernize Your Application with the Industry Best Innovator

Streamline Your Operations with Our Future Proof Application Modernization Services.

Challenges of Application Modernization

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Technical Difficulties

  • Inability to integrate
  • Complex codes
  • Inflexible to changes
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Unforeseen Costs

  • Overrun budget
  • Expensive technologies
  • Costly infrastructure
  • High installation cost
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Unexpected Downtime

  • Lack of tech knowledge
  • Ineffective testing techniques
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Compatibility of Legacy System with the New Systems

  • Resistance to accept the legacy system
  • Unskilled staff
  • Lack of training

How CodeNinja Can Help Your Business by Providing Application Modernization Services?

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Advanced Tools and Methodology

CodeNinja proudly claims to use the latest technology such as IoT, big data, machine learning, AI, image analysis, AR, DevOps/Continuous Delivery (CD) to modernize applications.    

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Flexible Approach

If the customer’s needs and priorities change, we can adjust the responsibility scope on the go and adapt service timelines to the new context.

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Technical Expertise

We hire skilled data engineers who have relevant technical expertise. You get access to our top tech talent.

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We believe in involving our clients in all the decisions that we make in a project. This helps us maintain transparency with our clients during the project.

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Apps Modernized

We don’t just say it but we have proved, with our track record of apps modernized that we are your best application modernization service providers.

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Get Access to Dedicated Staff

Choose from multiple hiring models that cater to your need. Get a dedicated team of Code Ninjas to modernize your legacy system.

Technologies We're Expert In

WEB Back-end


WEB Front-end

lit alpinejs


Mobile Development

iosframwork nativescript ioniz

Desktop Application Languages

python c++ C#cred C GO js swift obj-c

Desktop Application Frameworks

ms wpf electron


my-sql oracle sql-server azure sun analytics postgre-sql amazone-s3 google-cloud-sql amazone-RDS azure-sql-database

DevOps Configuration Management Tools

saltstack ansible chef puppet

DevOps Monitoring Tools

zabbix nagios datadog prime theus

Devops Testing Tools

jenkinsselenium saopui zophyr testcomplete

DevOps Version Control Tools

git subversion mercurial

Cloud Computing

MS-Azure rockspace google-cloud aws digital-ocean

Programming Languages

scala octave R matlabjulia


theano open CV tensorflowsinga sho gun weka h2 mlpack mahout mxnet mxnet keras torch


gensim spacy learn sparkmlib orange

Big Data

hbase azure data lake amazon zookeeper hadoop mongo DB google cloud datastore kafka azure cosmos db redshift hive azure Blob Storage amazon documentsDB spark AWS cassandra

Our Agile Application Modernization Process

application modernization process
application modernization process

Let us help you Adopt Modern Technologies to Transform your Applications.

Key Technologies for Application Modernization


The private cloud is defined as computing services offered either over the Internet or a private internal network and only to select users instead of the general public.



 A hybrid cloud is made up of two or more clouds. This strategy focuses on taking advantage of all the clouds included, for example, an organization’s own on-premise IT data center might also be included. A hybrid cloud model can empower organizations with enhanced flexibility and more data deployment options

Multi Cloud

Multi-cloud refers to business operations spread across multiple clouds and different service providers. A multi-cloud strategy requires the adoption of one or more Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service platforms.

Multi Cloud

Advanced Technologies We Use to Modernize Applications

Cost-Effective Business Hiring Models to Modernize Your Application

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Dedicated Team

  • Full Team of professionals
  • Full control over methodology
  • Fast resource scaling
  • Predictable budget
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Team Augmentation

  • Less time wasted on recruiting
  • Instant access to talented individuals
  • No in-house costs
  • No infrastructure investment required
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Full Outsourcing

  • Minimum to no management efforts
  • Team covers all the project phases
  • Timeline guaranteed

What To Look for While Hiring Application Modernization Services Company?

Finding the right company for your application modernization service is very important as it decides the outcome of the project. Following is the list of things to consider before hiring an application modernization services company:

  • The availability of 24/7 customer support
  • Credible Customer Portfolio
  • The Option of Scalability
  • Reputation and Reliability
  • Internation Security Standard Protocols
  • Skills of the team
what to look for while hiring

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