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Corporate Incubator

Corporate Incubator

The establishment of a private incubator as a separate entity, funded entirely by the relevant stakeholders or a corporation itself has numerous benefits that can easily outlive the life of such purpose-led incubators. 

The purpose of this incubator is to work within the frameworks and guidelines as established by the corporate and the relevant stakeholders. This incubator brings together key individuals from the business and technical verticals working on technologies broadly aligned with the corporate’s present and future business aims and strategy.

Why choose this?

As corporate incubators bring together business and tech experts to collaborate with aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups on their innovative ideas, CodeNinja relies on its distinct advantage of being an entrepreneur-led team of technology consultants to provide their expertise and industry knowledge to a corporate incubation system. We believe our team is well-versed with the start-up culture, as well as the opportunities, benefits and pitfalls that present themselves in this journey.

Corporate Incubator

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