Top 18 Sites To Find and Hire Best Freelance Software Developers in 2023

A complete guide.

Best Freelance Software Developers

The global workforce has been through grim circumstances amid the Covid-19 hiatus. Around 400 million people lost their jobs in the second half of 2020. The world saw major layoffs and people were left jobless. In this scenario, some people took the opportunity and shifted towards freelancing as companies were still looking for an on-demand workforce to accomplish vital tasks. The most in-demand technical roles were software development, statistical analysis, and big data analysis.

In these circumstances, businesses are revisiting their recruiting practices to cut costs and get more out of this new work mode. This article explores the best freelancing websites to hire freelance developers to help you choose the best platforms to hire freelance software developers.

Growth of the Freelancers Developers and Gig Economy:

The world has seen a significant rise in the gig economy in the last decade. The new generation prefers to work on their own terms and is letting go of the security of a 9-5 job. In 2017, an estimated 55 million Americans were part of the gig economy, or 36% of the workforce. A CNBC report in February 2020 stated that the number of gig workers surged by 15% since 2010. That is about six million more workers involved in the gig economy than in 2010. 

Another concept that is on the rise is Digital Nomads. As the word suggests people suggest to work from their laptops while traveling the world. There is 36% percent of people in the world prefer to freelance and are not dedicatedly working for a company. The gig workforce is expected to expand to 2.35 crore (23.5 million) workers by 2029-30. At present, about 47% of the gig work is in medium-skilled jobs, about 22% in high-skilled, and about 31% in low-skilled jobs.

Top 18 Freelancing Sites To Find and Hire Freelance Developers for Your Software Development Projects

Top 18 Platforms to Find and Hire the Best Freelance Developers

1. Upwork:

Upwork is one of the top freelancing platforms that helps businesses find top of the line web developers, software engineers and programmers, graphic designers and more. It has a user base of

How does it work?

The client posts a job posting. The freelance developers in response submit proposals which include their expertise, qualification and fee for the project. The proposal is reviewed by the client and the shortlisted candidates are interviewed. Then the client hires the freelancer and starts working. Once the work is done and the client is satisfied, payment is released through secure gateways.

Features of the platform:

  • Diverse and filtered talent pool
  • Powerful search tools
  • Intuitive interface
  • Hassle-free, built-in payment gateways
  • Transparent policies
  • Client and freelancer protection feature- Escrow protection
  • Time-tracking
  • Work-room collaboration tools

Variants of the platform:

  • Upwork basic
  • Upwork plus
  • Upwork Pro
  • Upwork Enterprise

2. Toptal:

Toptal is a network of highly curated freelance designers, developers and financial experts. If you are looking for the best talent it is the platform for you as the talent pool consists of the top 3% of individuals in their respective fields. One of the major benefits of the platform for clients is that they get a dedicated account manager that helps them throughout the freelancer engagement process.

How does it work?

The process starts with the client submitting project request on the toptal website with details of the project. The project request is then reviewed by the Toptal representatives and the discussed in detail with the client. Now comes their exceptional vetting process where only top-tier freelancers are selected. After that a the freelancer is matched as per the client’s project requirements. Trial period, project management and communication starts right away. When the work is completed the payment and the billing part comes. Both the client and the freelancer are billed and paid accurately.

Features of the Platform:

  • Top-notch talent
  • Strong screening and vetting process
  • Freelancer matching
  • Free trial period
  • Multiple engagement and invoicing options
  • Support facility to both freelancers and clients
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money
  • IP protection

3. Guru: is one of the oldest freelance platforms (1996) with freelancers working for 20+ years on the platform. It is a legitimate site based in US and India for finding freelancers for small-term projects with a variety of technical skills including law and engineering. The distinguishing feature of the site is that is charges only 2.9% of the transaction fee which is very low.

How does it work?

Post your job to get quotes from freelancers. You can also search for freelancers with relevant experience. Review, compare and evaluate the quotes. Hire freelancers in one step and pay when the work is done.

Features of the platform:

  • Lowest transaction fee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Secured Transactions with Safe pay
  • Payment per milestone
  • Autopay
  • API integration with other business software
  • Advanced filters

Variants of the platform:

  • Freelancer
  • Business

4. Turing:

Turing is a data science-driven remote company based in California that helps top remote and freelance developers connect with world class companies. It is best for businesses who are looking to spin their own engineering team. With the help of AI, Turing manages over 2 million software developers world-wide.

How it works?

Turing uses automated tests and AI matching to source, vet, match and manage remote software developers. The developers must go through a rigorous vetting process after which they are matched with the leading companies and help them hire the top 1% software engineers in the world.


  • Pre-vetted engineers
  • AI driven platform
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Training support and mentorship from senior engineers
  • Comprehensive onboarding support

5. Fiverr:

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace that is specifically designed for beginners. It helps freelancers to connect with businesses offering digital services in 500+ categories. The services are often known as “gigs” which are small, one-time projects. Although there is no set limit on the scope or size of the project.

How does it work?

If you are a seller I.e., a freelancer on the platform, you must register and create a gig. You will have to choose a price while creating a gig. The seller has another option of creating a gig package for the buyer and tailored services packages. This provides flexibility for the buyer to choose as per their requirements.

If you are a buyer on the platform, you will have to select a gig as per your requirement and pay for it. You will have to pay in advance and when the order is completed you get back 80 percent of the amount you paid.


  • Fixed prices for the services starting from $5
  • Variety of services
  • Customized orders and packages
  • Seller levels to easily identify experienced freelancers
  • Comprehensive dispute resolution services and buyers’ protection

Variants of the platform:

  • Fiverr
  • Fiverr Pro
  • Fiverr Business
  • Fiverr Co

6. People Per Hour:

Peopleperhour is a freelance platform based in U.K. It is often used by small businesses looking for high-quality and affordable services. The platform offers a wide range of services, including web development, graphic design, content creation, and digital marketing.

How does it work?

The process is more or less the same as the other popular freelance websites. Businesses post a job and receive proposals from freelancers. The proposals are reviewed, and suitable candidates are hired. The freelancers are paid after the completion of work.


  • Hourlies-fixed price services within a specified timeframe
  • Feedback and Ratings
  • Payment Protection
  • Effective dispute resolution.

Service Fee:

  • Over $7,000 lifetime billings are 3.5%.
  • Between $700 and $7,000 lifetime billings is 7.5%.
  • Below $700 lifetime billings are 20%.

7. Stack Overflow Talent:

Stack Overflow Talent is an online tech job board. It is associated with stack overflow, an online community for developers and is focused on job posting and employer branding solutions. It is one of the 50 most popular websites in the world with over 100+ visitors and 50 million developers every month. If you are specifically looking for freelance software developers, this is the place to attract local and global IT talent.

How does it work?

It starts with employers posting jobs on the job board. With the platform’s comprehensive search functions, employers can search for potential candidates to find candidates with specific technical skills. In the employer’s branding part where the employer can showcase their company culture, mission, and values in the job posting to attract potential candidates. Stack overflow talent also provides customized recruiting solutions for businesses of all sizes.


  • Free demos
  • Customized job listings
  • Versatile local and global the talent
  • AI-powered smart matching algorithms
  • Employer branding
  • Stack overflow community integration
  • Developers Survey
  • Highly targeted audience to find the right candidates
  • Customized prices as per tech hiring needs


The freelance market is really saturated, and small businesses often struggle to find the right fit for their needs. In this case websites like comes to the rescue and help small businesses to find quality talent at affordable prices without wasting time. It specifically helps businesses to find freelance developers with an extensive interview process.

How does it work: operates on a curated to help both clients and freelancers the right partner. It has a highly streamlined process through which businesses can post jobs and qualified freelance programmers are vetted. takes care of all the administrative and legal tasks along with payment processes to help businesses focus on their projects. It has a 3-tier hiring process based on 3 principles: hire, test and certify.


  • Accepts only experienced tech talent
  • Refund guarantee when switching the contractor if needed
  • Wide variety of freelance developers for hire.
  • Flexible work contracts for both businesses and freelancers(part-time or full-time)
  • Curated network of high-quality developers.
  • Quality Assurance
  • No risk pivot (add link) feature helps you switch freelancers

9. Codeninja Inc.:

CodeNinja is a global software services company with capabilities in Bespoke software solutions, Data Analytics, and AI & Cloud. If you are looking to hire offshore software developers and an outsourcing company providing top-notch software developers, this is the right place for you. Code Ninja has industry-leading software engineers, developers and coders that will not only build your project but also provide 24/7 maintenance and support. Similarly, the experts also take care of designing the most customized and technically optimized product. CodeNinja is your reliable partner for all of your software development services needs.

10. Codementor:

Codementor is a place for startups to hire freelance mentors and on-demand coders. It is a niche platform and is not only used by software developers for one-on-one help with coding, debugging, and online programming but also entrepreneurs to get in contact with expert developers all around the world.



  • Network of over 8000 expert developers
  • Best for getting developer mentorship
  • On-demand coding help and mentoring
  • In-depth guidance and one-on-one sessions with mentors
  • Flexible pricing options with hourly rates and monthly subscriptions
  • Highly responsive staff


If you want to find a freelance programmer without wasting time, Lemon is the place for you. Although its nothing different from other freelancing websites but one thing that makes it different is its speed. This platform makes sure you find the right fit for your project within 24 hours. It emphasizes fast response time to save your time and money. This platform is best suited for entrepreneurs and startups.

How it works?

The process is more or less same like the popular freelancing websites. You tell your requirements and they find you a candidate. You can hire freelance software developers for simple programming fixes to large scale projects. They provide experts available in Javascript, Python, ROR, Data Science, Blockchain, Java, Swift, and many other languages.


  • Free estimates with no obligation to hire
  • Four tiers of vetting for all freelancers
  • Fixed rates, clear estimates, and an easy-to-use payment system
  • Fast turnaround times for rush projects

12. Crunchboard:

It is the niche job posting website of TechCrunch, a US-based media company sharing global latest technology news. It aims to connect employers with programmer’s professionals from IT, sales and design. Crunchboard provides different recruitment services including social media visibility, email advertising and featured listing.

How does it work?

Simply post a job by selecting a job posting package. You can select from single job posting or bulk job posting package as per your need. Fill out a form for you job listing with necessary information. Select “checkout” to finalize your order and move towards payment process.


  • Featured job listings from startups, established tech companies and venture capital firms
  • Provides resume database of potential candidates
  • Multiple resources other than job listings I.e. articles on job hunting and career advice
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Mobile app

13. 99Designs:

Graphic designers are not less popular than software developers. As a company, you will need a graphic designer for your website design as it is the first impression you give to your potential customers. Also whatever your custom design needs are, you are probably gonna need a graphic designer. 99designs is a freelance design platform connecting businesses with top designers around the world.

How does it work?

You get two options for any design project. Either hire a dedicated designer or run a design contest. For hiring a dedicated designer, you will have to go through the standard process of hiring that other freelance websites follow. You can search, select, hire, and pay these freelancers working on one-on-one projects.

The design contest is a unique approach where the designers submit their designs and you must choose the winners.


  • A variety of design categories to choose from
  • Unique hiring approach
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Feedbacks and revisions
  • Transparent prices

15. Flexiple:

Flexiple a very unique tech talent marketplace with an invite-only network that helps only top developers and designers collaborate with businesses and build great software products. This means they have very selective process of onboarding freelance software developers.

How it works?

  • Share your hiring challenge
  • Choose from recommendations
  • Build and grow your product


  • Pool of mission-driven designers and developers
  • Full-time remote talent
  • Team augmentation option
  • No-risk trial
  • Flexible models
  • Custom solutions to solve hiring challenges
  • Live,F2F interviews

16. Angel List:

Angel list is basically a platform for matching startups with investors and employees. It has a recruiting platform known as Angel list talent(wellfound) where you can find freelancers. It is one of the largest network of startups and investors with over 1.5 million companies, investors and job seekers on the platform.

How it works?

Creating a company profile is the first and most important step. Creating a detailed company profile can help you attract the best candidates. Once the profile is created you can post job postings as per your requirements. Now comes the candidate’s screening and application management. Customize your hiring workflow to hire top talent in the end.


  • Comprehensive candidate sourcing
  • User-friendly applicant tracking system
  • Helps companies with employer brand
  • Customized hiring workflows
  • Dedicated Account Manager and support
  • Startup investment opportunities
  • Angel list venture- connects startups with venture capital investors

17. We Work Remotely

It is the world’s largest job board and a destination for quality remote workers. It is also a number one website to find remote jobs in categories such as programming, design, marketing, customer service and more. It is founded in Canada but the U.S visitors makes the 25% of the site traffic. This proves that it is the best option for local employers.

How does it work? 

  • Job list posting 
  • Job list browsing by the candidates
  •  If the skills match, the candidates apply for the job
  •  Applications are reviewed by the employers
  •  Hiring selected candidates


  •  Global niche job board
  •  20 partner sites
  •  Specialists screen and match candidates
  •  Additional features like job highlights, logo display and email placement.
  •  Different additional resources like podcasts, hiring guides, remote working trends and events.


Arc platform is a marketplace to hire mentors, and contractors or even build remote teams for full time roles. It helps in streamlining the hiring process for you bypassing the need to create a pool of candidates. You can hire resources for 40+ hours of work from Arc.
Entrepreneurs often find it confusing which platform to choose. It is to be noted that the vetting process of is extensive as compared to Codementor. This can be a distinguishing feature to hire freelance software platform from either of the platforms.


Arc Platform (CodementorX):

  • Workforce management
  •  Pre-vetted expert professionals
  •  AI-algorithms helping businesses match with suitable candidates
  •  Uses analytic and reporting tools
  •  Legal support

Why Hire Freelance Software Developers?

The technology and AI-driven era have forced businesses to reevaluate their business models and practices. Gone are the days when companies would hire permanent employees that would sit 9-5 behind desks and work. With the advent of online collaboration tools, it has become easier for workers to work from anywhere in the world. Hence hiring freelance developers has become the new norm.

In the tech industry, the trend of hiring freelance software developers is on the rise given its numerous benefits. There are over 180,830 freelance software developers currently employed in the United States. As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs in software development are expected to increase by 25% between 2021 and 2031. Hiring a freelance programmer helps you to work with the top IT talent at a very affordable price. Also, if you are looking for a temporary resource to work on a short-term project, hiring freelance developers is the best option for you:

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Software Developers:

  • Affordability
  • Flexible work
  • Specialized skills and expertise
  • High Quality work and Performance
  • No Overhead Expense

7 Qualities to Look For Before You Hire a Freelance Software Developer

1. Technical Proficiency:

When you hire in house software developers, they usually go through a probation period. This gives you ample time to assess their technical expertise and judge their competence. But this is not the case when working with freelance software developer. The hiring window is very limited, and you have to consider their skills beforehand.

It is important that the freelance programmer is familiar with multiple technologies to execute your project successfully. You don’t need a developer that is experienced in a single tech stack. For Instance, a freelance software developer experienced with redux should also know about React, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB to some extent. Here are some of the ways to assess the technical expertise of a freelance developer:

  • Assess portfolio and past work
  • Conduct technical interview
  • Pass them through a code test or a test project
  • Check online reviews and references
  • Online assessment tools

2. Responsible and Reliable:

Hiring a freelance developer that is committed and reliable can be a little bit tricky. You cannot right away judge his attitude towards work, but you can slight hint from the reviews. It is important for the freelance developer to be punctual and reliable.

He must not only deliver the project within the deadline but also be present in the stand ups and available for collaboration with other team members when needed. To make sure the freelance software developer is reliable, pass him through a trial project.

3. Adaptable:

This quality is as important as the technical skills of the freelance programmer. Conflicts may arise if the developer is not adaptable to changing project requirements and constructive feedback. So, it is better to hire a developer that is flexible to work in any work environment and different types of projects.

4. Ability to Handle Autonomous Position:

Since the freelance software developer is present beyond the borders so it is not a good idea to micromanage things and spoon-feed him. It is better to give him autonomy and allow him to take independent decisions if he is capable. This will help boost creativity and enhance productivity.

5. Communication Skills:

Effective communication with the client, project manager and team are really important for project success. So, while hiring a developer, it is important to evaluate the communication skills of the developer.

6. Problem Solving Skills:

Problem solving skills are very crucial for a developer as it the driving force in the development process. The freelance developer should possess exceptional problem-solving skills to identify and solve issues arising during development with critical thinking and an out of the box approach.

7. Time Management:

To meet the client expectations, time management skills are important for a freelance software developer. This will help them meet deadlines, es, manage their schedule and prioritize tasks.

Types of Freelance Software Developers:

Types of Freelance Developers

Determining the type of freelance software developer, you need to work with is mind boggling. This is because there are 700 programming languages to choose from and to find the right fit you should be familiar with these languages, stacks, content management systems and the types of developer working with different technologies. You also need to know that it takes different developers to work on a project or sometimes one developer can do the job if he’s an expert in different tech stacks.  Here are the top ten types of software developers based on the technologies they are expert in:

They are usually concerned with developing user interface and interactive elements of the website or app.

Technologies they use:

They build the server-side of the website or application.

Technologies they use:

  • Languages: Python, Ruby and Java
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB ,PostgreSQL
  • Webserver: Apache or Ngix

Full-Stack Developer:

They are proficient in both front end and back end.

Desktop Developer:

A desktop developer creates desktop applications that run natively on OS such as windows, Linux and MacOS

Technologies they use:

  • C#
  • NET
  • Swift
  • Xcode

Web Developer:

This type of developer develops website and web applications that run on web browsers.

Technologies they use:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

and various web frameworks

Database Developer:

They design implement and maintain data structures.

Technologies used:

  • DBMS
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MongoDB

Mobile Developer:

They build applications that run natively on mobiles. The developers either specialize in android or ios.

Technology they use:

1.Programming languages:

  • Swift
  • objective
  • C for iOs
  • Kotlin or Java for Android


  • Xcode for iOs
  • Android Studio for Android

3. Frameworks:

Cloud Computing Engineer:

A cloud computing engineer create cloud platforms and design, implement and maintain cloud based solutions.


  • Cloud Platforms
  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • GCP

Programming languages:

  • Python,
  • Java

DevOps Engineer:

The devops engineer make sure the software is delivered quickly and efficiently to the customers. They work with development and operation teams to streamline the software development process.

Security Engineer:

They are IT professionals who work on protecting computers and networks from cyber threats.


In short, hiring offshore software developers is the smart move for your startup. If you are looking for a cost-effective option and access to a versatile talent pool, offshoring is the only option for you. Also, sometimes you don’t find the perfect team for your project right away. So, it is better to look for the ideal software development team with due diligence and assess them on the basis factors outlined above in the blog.

Freelance Software Developers Related FAQ's

How Much Does a Freelance Developer Cost as Compared to a Fulltime Developer? ​

In the era where the gig economy is on the rise and businesses are considering alternative options for hiring, full-time employees still hold a crucial position. Each hiring model has its pros and cons which business owners need to consider when it comes opting for either of the options. There are a variety of factors that can help hiring managers decide which model suits their needs. For Instance:

  • Skills and expertise required for the job
  • Project Requirement and duration
  • Hiring Budget
  • Location of the developer
  • Company’s vision and priorities

There are a number of perspectives to explore this question, but the hiring budget is the main factor for the cost comparison between a freelance developer and full-time developer. Here is the detail about the cost:

  • Cost of a full-time software developer:

The software developers are usually categorized on the basis of their skills and expertise. Not all developers are the same. The PayScale of in-house software developers is determined by the amount of productivity and performance that can be leveraged from them. If you have a software developer working on a high-end project, the cost is also high because of the effort he is putting in. In this cost comparison method, different factors are mentioned that adds up to the basic yearly salary of an in-house software developer:

The standard Pay Scale of a software developer is $112,921 per year.

When you add other costs of hiring it becomes $150,418. The other costs include:

  • Legally required benefits (Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance): 8.5%
  • Insurance (medical, dental, life): 7.6%
  • Paid Leave: 6.7%
  • Retirement and savings: 4.3%
  • Annual Bonus: 3.5%
  • Supplemental pay (overtime and premium): 2.6%
  • Employment training tax: 0.1% on first $7,000

When you add indirect costs like overhead cost and G&A it can reach upto $198,974

Note: This is the cost of a software developer with 5 years of experience

Cost of hiring a freelance developer:

Hiring a freelance software developer with 10 years of experience is much cheaper than an in-house resource with half of the experience. Freelance software engineers with 10+ years of experience in the $60 – $100 hourly rate range. This means $107,400-$179,000 with no additional cost.

Note: The range of the cost can vary depending on the region of the freelancers. It is much cheaper in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America as compared to North America.

Other factors that make hiring freelance developers cheaper:

  • Short-term engagement
  • Fixed or hourly rate
  • Flexible hiring models

How to Become a Freelance Software Developer?

Freelancing is an Entrepreneurial path and many individuals are pursuing it for the freedom that comes with it. Freelance software developers are not permanent employees of a company and can work for more than one client. They just get a task to be done and are paid for it.

Here’s what freelance software developers do and how can you become one:


  • Understanding the software development needs
  • Designing application systems
  • Coding, debugging and testing
  • Developing the underlying systems
  • Develop websites and solutions
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Staying up to date with the latest tools and technologies

Become a freelance software developer:

  • Research freelancing thoroughly to know how it works
  • Learn and master niche skills that may set you apart
  • Choose a freelancing platform
  • Structure your professional life and pre-decide:
  1. Office setup
  2. Type of clients and industries to deal with
  • Number of projects
  1. Work hours
  2. Level of service
  • Make a strong online portfolio to help clients learn about you
  • Determine how much you are going to charge as per your experience and work. Avoid setting ambitious rates
  • Target audience
  • Market your skills
  • Pick clients and decide on contracts to start working
  • Stay up to date

How to Find a Freelance Software Developer?

These are some of the steps that can help you with finding freelance software developers:

  • Determine the scope of the project and your business needs
  • Start by reaching out to your network
  • Explore freelancing websites, job boards and job listings. You can also look for software outsourcing companies
  • Filter and shortlist candidates
  • Interview and Assess
  • Hire freelance developers
  • Pay