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Hire .NET developers to develop robust .NET solutions, our talented and reliable .NET developers possess solid experience in developing complex and multifunctional software that can help businesses to thrive.
Leveraging Microsoft’s .NET technology framework, CodeNinja’s .NET developers develop premium and innovative solutions and support organizations in their digital transformation journey. Our .NET developers possess the ability to translate your diversified business needs into a workable solution.

Hire .NET developers from CodeNinja and develop premium and innovative solutions.

Boost Your Business Productivity and Bring Ease to Your Work

Our technical competency coupled with agile development methodology lets us to offers full cycle and reliable .NET Development Services and turnkey .NET solutions for our client’s digital transformation journey.

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Our .NET Developers Offer these Services:

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.NET Web App Development

  • Seasoned .NET web app developers
  • Offer services for consulting firms, software companies
  • Lightweight, scalable, tailor-made apps
  • fulfilling business needs along the industry verticals
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.NET Mobile App Development

  • Leverage .NET Ecosystem to develop robust mobile apps
  • .NET developers who are proficient in Xamarin. Forms
  • Rigorous testing and debugging to improve quality
  • Developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android
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.NET API Integration

  • Feature-rich apps backed by scalable APIs
  • Integrate with external systems and services
  • Provide a better and seamless user experience
  • Delivering more value to our clients
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.NET Testing

  • Testing software to meet quality standards
  • Using Test automation techniques
  • Identifying bottlenecks early in SDLC
  • Ensuring performance excellence
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.NET Consulting

  • Expert Evaluation of client’s .NET infrastructure
  • Consultancy on best practices for.NET architecture
  • Guidance on migrating legacy apps to .NET
  • Ensure secure applications with relevant regulations
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.NET Support

  • Ensuring .NET applications run smoothly
  • Upgrading your .NET Technology stack
  • Providing optimized performance of .NET apps
  • Minimizing Downtime

Hire .NET Developers from CodeNinja for Critical Software Projects!

Hire .NET Developers through Business Friendly Engagement Models

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Dedicated .NET Development Team

  • A group of professionals specializing in the .NET
  • Works exclusively for the .NET framework to build software
  • Work closely with clients to meet their software requirement
  • Clients exercise control over their .NET projects
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.NET Development Team Augmentation

  • Providing required tech talent to fill in-house technical gaps
  • Handling your complex projects with a pool of our experienced .NET professionals
  • Save your costs, time, and efforts with our staffing services
  • Providing a boost to your in-house team
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.NET Development Full Outsourcing

  • Outsource the entire. NET project to Code ninja
  • Our team consists of developers, designers, managers, and QA engineers
  • Taking full responsibility for developing apps using .NET technologies
  • Ensuring our projects meet the desired quality standards

Why Hire .NET Developers from CodeNinja?

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Hire Skilled .NET Developers Ready for Onboarding!

.NET Development; from MVP to Market-ready Apps

We develop MVP with core required features and let our audience use early product versions and get early feedback and value. by doing this we save tons of effort and costs and get an understanding of how our potential audience responds to our product.

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Get Feedback from Clients

Getting feedback from clients and identifying missing features and functionality and necessary improvements to be done.

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Define Required Features and Functionality

Getting upon the whole understanding of lacking in MVP, outline the necessary features to include in a workable solution.

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Develop the App

Deciding upon the UI/UX design, programming languages, and development tools we develop the app to function seamlessly.

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Test the App

Once the app has been developed, we test the apps to verify their operational capabilities and flawless user experience.

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After testing clearance, the app is ready to launch in the market and make available to end users.

Benefits of Hiring .NET Developers

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What to Look for While Hiring .NET Developers?

Technical Expertise

.NET Developers must have a fundamental knowledge of ASP.NET, a .NET professional must be acquainted with Azure services. A developer can use different languages with .NET for developing the application

Data Security

Every professional must have technical proficiency in an efficient, clean, and secure codebase for preventing data threats.

Assess Analytical Skills

Developers should be effective problem-solvers, determined decision-makers, and strategic thinkers that help your business thrive with ingenuity.

Agile and Resourceful Mindset

Developers must be able to adopt different methodologies and can work in diverse eco-system and keep up the pace with the latest technology trends.

Hire Most In-demand .NET Developers for Your Business Needs!

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