Desktop Application Development Services

Developing desktop applications is CodeNinja’s forte. Our specialized skillset and experience in desktop app development frameworks enable us to understand the needs of our customers. We deliver rapid, secure, and modern desktop solutions that simply work, whether your environment operates on Windows, Mac, or a Linux distribution.

CodeNinja empowers your organization by creating reliable, standalone applications that magnify your proficiencies and therefore strengthen your business. We work closely with you to understand your business objectives, then create a custom strategy that reaches your goals and fulfills your vision.

Desktop Application Development Services - CodeNinja Consulting

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We specialize in new technology implementations and advanced tool designs. We partner with organizations, providing them access to our solutions.

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Desktop Application Development Services for Your Business

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Enterprise Application Development

CodeNinja believes in empowering your business processes without disrupting the practices enriched by your wisdom and success. We build software solutions by combining our experience of code, understanding your framework and creating desktop applications that synergize your teams and increase productivity without compromising on efficiency. Our result-oriented approach enables us to deliver sustainable progress for all departments, segments and stations within your enterprise.

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Bespoke Desktop App Development

Each enterprise is unique and so are the requirements and expectations of custom desktop applications. Full-scale Bespoke App Development for organizations and businesses of all scopes and sectors is a key element in CodeNinja’s repertoire of solutions. We offer continuously developed solutions that upgrade your abilities towards progress and sustenance with timely execution and improving on performance and quality delivered by your company.

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API Development

Whether it’s working with industry-standard APIs from Cloud to Social Media, creating a fully customized interface for your desktop or server needs, or integrating an existing application with the interface of an existing API, CodeNinja offers a wide range of API development and integration services to suit your requirements for interfacing between programs, technologies and protocols.

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Desktop Application Modernization

With CodeNinja on board, you can reinvent your legacy desktop software with the latest usability, performance and security features for streamlining your processes with enhanced functionality. Our accomplished developers will create a scalable and modern solution that reduces processing time, performance throttling, compatibility and interconnectivity issues that legacy software often faces when used in modern computing environments.

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UWP Development

CodeNinja leverages its expertise in cross-platform desktop application development using Microsoft’s UWP (Universal Windows Platform) to deliver lightweight, secure and modern solutions for environments that use Windows as their operating system and require a solution that is usable across a wide variety of devices with the convenience of availability for their users directly from the Windows Store.

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Desktop Software Testing

Our software development practices include rigorous testing of all of the solutions that make their way to our customers. We assess our products by extensively subjecting them to a catalogue of current and industry-standard methods that include all segments of UI, Functional, Platform Compatibility, Installation and Performance tests. This service is also available to other development teams and regulatory authorities that require tests for their own or a third-party desktop application.

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Managed Desktop Support Services

CodeNinja provides specialized end-to-end support services that extend from front to back-office software and IT support requirements. We pride ourselves on maintaining an ever-growing portfolio of valued clients that we have empowered in all aspects of technical assistance. Working with us, you can be assured of superior operational management of the entire scope of your operations. Our highly skilled and experienced team is always with you to understand and address and improve the technology that forms the backbone of your business.

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Desktop Application Integration

Desktop applications are at the core of an organization’s operations, therefore reliable integration with other applications is critical. Our solutions can be tailored to seamlessly communicate with all of the applications and software systems in your portfolio. Our integration approach addresses all infrastructure, architectural, security and compliance requirements and offers solutions that fit perfectly into your ecosystem.

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Desktop App Design

CodeNinja is a software-development company, focused on building excellent extensible desktop applications for clients. We use an agile process to build well-designed programs with highly intuitive interfaces and feature-rich products that provide a smooth user experience and long-term value. Our experts understand the necessity of your organization's systems to effectively run on a day-to-day basis. We will review your existing processes and information flows to identify inefficiencies that can be eliminated, helping to create a unique suite of tools that will improve the way you operate.

When to Choose a Desktop Application Development Company?

Custom desktop application development offers many advantages, including independence and security. With native desktop applications, internet connectivity is not required, and data is not transmitted off-station or off-network, resulting in added layers of security that are simply not present with online applications.

The result is unparalleled quality, as custom desktop applications are not reliant on external servers, blackouts, or connection issues. These applications are designed with the client’s needs in mind, allowing for a personalized and more effective interface with other solutions or applications the client may be using.

CodeNinja’s desktop application development services follow a continuous development approach, enabling the software to grow and become more feature-rich alongside the customer’s growing business needs and processes. Our Application Development Services cater to every unique business need.

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Let us Help You Select the Right Service for Your Business!

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CodeNinja's 'Security-First' Approach in Mitigating Vulnerabilities

Our solutions are scalable and secure, as our team integrates themselves with you at all stages of the desktop application development cycle to ensure that our product and solutions provide guaranteed and measurable enhancement to your team’s throughput and efficiency. At CodeNinja, we exercise a ‘security-first’ approach that mitigates vulnerabilities and ensures that our clients are provided with maximum protection against all forms of malicious activity.

Continuous Product Improvement and Upgrades

We assess our software throughout the product development lifecycle to ensure guaranteed integrity. Continuous product improvement is a key aspect of all our offerings, and our team collaborates with you to provide timely upgrades through updates and patches as we devise newer and better practices, engineer solutions, and make innovations. This way, we ensure that our products are always up-to-date and meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Software Product Development

Most Trending Desktop App Software We Develop

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System Software

From purposeful modifications to suit a client’s needs from an existing open source operating system, to the development of a fully customized operating environment for special purpose computing, partner with CodeNinja for all things system.

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CAD Software

Modern engineering from construction to electronics to mechanical design to aerospace and everything in between, Computer Aided Design software enables designers to convert their dreams to reality. Enlist CodeNinja to add value to CAD workstream by exploring standalone or integrable software solutions.

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ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning software is a deeply integrated modular system that unifies all operational aspects and practices of an organization into a complex yet singular portfolio that grants decision makers valuable insight and measurable data to manage their current state as well as devising strategies for their organization. However, ERP solutions are generally cost intensive and not inherently customisable. With CodeNinja’s extensive experience in this segment, an ERP crafted exactly for your business is now possible.

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Financial Software

Financial Accounting, Analysis and Management are crucial elements when the prosperity of businesses is considered. Our modern desktop application development processes can empower your financial bookkeeping by implementing state-of-the-art technology that saves time, reduces errors and promotes transparency and visibility.

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Industrial Software

CodeNinja can develop Condition Monitoring and Control System Software that interfaces to Industrial Systems granting Management and Staff logs, insight and alerts to the state of the processes and machinery in an industrial environment, as well as providing customized interfaces that connect existing CMMS and ERP systems.

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Healthcare Software

Our experience in infrastructure management systems, and information systems has enabled us to offer Desktop Healthcare software to our clients in the industry.

Why Does Your Business Need Desktop Applications?

Ability to Work in Offline Mode

Despite the prevalence of online and SaaS solutions, losing precious work or data in the event of disconnection is quite common. desktop applications do away with the need to be consistently connected or initiate an active communication session with a remote computer to perform work and save data.

Undistracted Employees

Internet connections come with their own set of distractions and the implementation of restrictive policies works against employee morale and also causes performance issues on the network. With a desktop application that runs independent of the internet, the employees can perform their tasks without being interrupted and cannot misuse a resource that is simply not there.

Increased Security

Several layers of hardware and software security are generally required to ensure the integrity of precious data as well as to keep the systems operating at high levels of performance in the presence of internet connectivity. Additionally, encryption methods may be needed when data is in transit to a remote server for storage or further processing. Since all functions are performed locally, a desktop application is inherently more secure.

Improved Network Cost Dynamics

Significant recurring costs in terms of subscription, connectivity and network management can be saved when online software is abandoned in favour of customized desktop software.

Features Specific to Your Needs in One Place

Multiple software, both online and offline may be needed to perform functions that are not available within a singular package, as are functions or features that a client simply may not require to use. Customized desktop software development is done particularly with your exact requirements in mind doing away with both of the above scenarios.

Pros and Cons of Desktop Apps

Pros and Cons of Desktop Apps
mobile Pros and Cons of Desktop Application dev

Why Partner With CodeNinja for Desktop Application Development?

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Collaborating with Quality Talent

Custom desktop application development from Code Ninja means partnering for reliable relationship building. Superior quality of work and client satisfaction are common goals in all of our projects, solutions and services. Code Ninja has 7 years of experience in software development and IT consulting with over 100 active clients.

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Get Access to a Large Talent Pool

With CodeNinja, you get rockstars! With our pool of Software engineers and developers, Database architects, Project and Delivery Managers, UI/UX Designers, QA Testers, DevOps and Support personnel, you are in a skilled and reliable company that understands all aspects of software and dedicates its capabilities towards your organization’s needs.

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Reduce Time Spent on Recruitment

CodeNinja is blessed to be a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled individuals. We’ve cultivated an environment that enables us to integrate ourselves into your processes swiftly and effectively, saving you the effort involved with raising and cultivating a team of software experts.

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Reduce Expenses

Efficient software enables an organization to reduce expenses in more dimensions than one. With CodeNinja on board, you get a world-class team of industry experts that deliver building desktop applications that work every time. Our extended support guarantees maximum availability and uptime while enhancing performance, allowing your enterprise significant savings.

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Be Flexible With a Team Size

CodeNinja is all about flexibility. We schedule our resources for your projects and solutions when required. This practice keeps our endeavours efficient and economically sound while maintaining synergies between our enterprise and yours at a maximum.

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Get Dedicated Full-Time Engineers

Once we align, CodeNinja’s team of dedicated, expert engineers is with you 24/7. Whether you need us to address technical issues, plan expansions or just need a sounding board for your next software brainstorm, we’re always there for you.

Reach Out to Us for Bespoke Desktop Applications.

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Mobile Development

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Desktop Application Languages

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Desktop Application Frameworks

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Our Desktop Application Development Lifecycle

our desktop application dev lifecycle
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Sourcing Models of Desktop Application Development

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With this model, our organization  has a software development team already which can be tasked with desktop application development or an entire department will be raised for this purpose.

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Staff Augmentation

The client may have a smaller software team that may be designated as project stakeholders and we will dedicate some of their resources for a joint-effort for building desktop applications.

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The entirety of the project is outsourced which will design, develop and supply a complete and fully-working custom desktop application or software to the client.

What to Look While Hiring for Desktop Application Development Services?

A good desktop application development service is hard to find. With CodeNinja on board, you get:
  • Knowledgeable, skilled and talented team members.
  • Proven track record of delivery and client satisfaction.
  • Industry accolades.
  • Consistent usage of Agile and Scrum methodologies throughout the planning, development, testing and deployment stages.
  • Transparent workflows and frequent meetings.
  • Industry-standard secrecy and security compliance.
  • Our resources operate in your time zone no matter where you are.
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