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With over 10 years of experience, CodeNinja is the pioneer in Web Application Development. With our team of experts, we provide complete solutions for Web App Development services. We help design, develop, and create web-based software with enjoyable experiences for our clients.

CodeNinja team provides personalized experiences to clients and creates custom web applications. Providing seamless experience to our clients is of utmost importance and we use the proper tools and strategies from the planning stage to development for successful implementation.

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Web Application Development Services We Offer

Front End Development

Front-end Development

CodeNinja’s front-end developers aim to provide an interactive user interface and experience to its clients. Our team of experts analyzes the client’s requirements and develops a solution to provide the best experience to our users. We develop front-end solutions using the latest web technologies like HTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript. Our applications are designed to run not only on common web browsers but also on other environments such as Native on Webtech, WebViews and Headless Browsers.

Backend Development

Back-end Development

Our Back-end development services are comprehensive that give meaning to our front-end designs. Our experts ensure that our back-end web development services are high rated with optimal database configurations, provision of strong security through secure protocols, server administration and integrations.  

Website Development

Website Development

We have a wide scope in website development with expertise in creating all sorts of websites including E-commerce, Social Sites, Blogs, Events, Online Forums, Business websites, and much more. CodeNinja’s team carries out the website development process in a professional manner by breaking down the process into phases. Our KPIs assist the client in evaluating the progress and conformity to the requirements that help develop the perfect website.  

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Hybrid Apps Development

In the dynamic world we live in, Hybrid Applications are of utmost importance. Our Hybrid Applications are designed to run on all platforms including Windows, IOS, Android, MAC OS, and web applications. Our developers are committed to provide dynamic environment applications.


Responsive Web App Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design determines how a user interacts with an application. From the planning stage to deployment, our team uses different methods like Wireframing and prototyping to test the UI and UX designs. Using a continuous process of validation and refining, our team is able to develop a smooth UI/UX design that is convenient for you. CodeNinja puts the comfort of its clients first, and our interactive designs uphold our motto.

QA Testing

QA & Testing

By using the best Quality Assurance techniques, we at CodeNinja ensure that we develop the perfect product for our clients. Our QA team tests the functionality of our applications through interaction with UI/UX and discovers the defects in design. We work in a systematic manner with a standard procedure to test our application, so nothing is overlooked. We ensure that even after the deployment of an application, we continue to run testing to discover defects and make your application flawless.

Lagacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

We at CodeNinja believe in modernization and excel to provide the most modern digital environment to our clients. To upgrade our users and create exceptional experiences, we utilize cloud services, data analytics, AI techniques, digital marketing and much more.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration services allow us to take your web applications to cloud servers. These are cheap, reliable and easy to access. Our team follows the relevant protocols to safely transfer your data from on-premise servers to cloud. 

Web App Consulting

Web App Consulting

Our team of consultants helps plan, design and implement your dream Web App. We analyze your requirements and devise a design based on our experiences. Our experts make use of numerous tools like mind mapping, prototyping, Wireframing, setting goals and objectives and drawing up KPIs for design and development. We use experience with the right tools and methods to provide the best web app solutions to our clients.

Custom Web App Development Services Company

CodeNinja is one of the most renowned App Development Services companies. With more than 10 years of experience, we help deliver the best web app development services. We study and analyze the requirements of our clients and propose a custom solution that best fits their needs. We strive to deploy the best services for our clients for the successful implementation of the project.

Custom Web App Development Services Company

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Web Application Solutions We Offer to Our Partners



Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have become widely popular. These applications are web-based and enable the clients to avoid complex hardware and software requirements. Clients can simply host and access their applications over the internet. We provide SaaS solutions for quick implementation while ensuring security, performance, and availability. SaaS is a reliable solution for businesses to host their applications in a hassle-free manner with CodeNinja.



Enterprise Resource Planning Systems allow Organizations to carry out their business operations in a systematic and organized manner. It covers a complete range of solutions including inventory management, order management, payroll, logistics, and financial transactions as per the needs of our client. Our web-based ERP systems are designed to be cost-effective and accessible anywhere around the world. We ensure reliability and security for hosting ERP databases of our clients with years of experience.



Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system allows our clients to manage their business with customers in an effective manner. It increases productivity with a customized user experience to help manage your business in a better way. Our Web Based CRM systems allow mobilization through the provision of access from any browser. Web Based CRM also brings about scalability allowing our team to deploy CRM systems according to your requirements!



Our Learning Management System (LMS) hosted on the web brings scalability, easier access, cost-effective management, and fast deployment. Our team ensures the data integrity client and provides a seamless user experience through fast access. A scalable storage option is one of the most important features of LMS as a web-based application. With our years of expertise, we can help design the best cost-effective LMS web applications for your business!



A Web-Based Content Management System (CMS) is the solution to manage your content online. Using our content management tools, you can easily design and update your website by adding and editing content and images. We offer top-of-the-line solutions integrated with market pioneers for smooth experience.  

Web Portal

Web Portals

Modern clients require modern solutions. To facilitate our clients in providing solutions online and gathering data for processing, our team develops accessible, smooth and user-friendly web portals. These web portals can collect data in an effective manner without agitating the user and provide an interactive UI/UX design for user interaction.

eCommerce Applications

eCommerce Applications

E-commerce Applications now have a major share in the market, competing with retail stores on an equal basis. Provision of shopping carts, payment methods, shipping methods, customer login, interactive designs, and large storage space for product information is necessary for ecommerce applications. Our experts can help you start with the basics and end up with a customized Ecommerce application that fits your and your client’s needs.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Our online data analytics services can help you analyze your websites and businesses through accurate data collection. Our data experts design statistic reports according to the client’s requirements and also allow users to customize analytics reports so they can find trends and draw conclusions

Health Solutions

Health Solutions

Digital healthcare is the future of the health industry. Our team designs health solutions that allow institutes to carry out healthcare services in an effective and seamless manner. We understand that healthcare is a sensitive matter and we do not compromise on the site response speed, security and privacy of our clients. Health solutions have never been better!

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Why Do Businesses Need Web App Development Services?

Brand Building

Digital transformation has made it compulsory for brands to build a digital presence. Web Applications open doors to millions of potential customers. Creating a strong online presence builds a strong brand image on social media and search engines which is the most powerful marketing tool of the modern world.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction lies in ease of access and user friendly environment. Web based applications do not require complex hardware or software which makes it easy for users to access your application.

Saves Time & Money

Web App services are quick to host with available online cloud packages that can be purchased with ease. These packages are scalable that allow you to choose according to the requirement of your business. You do not need to think ahead, just live in the moment. If your requirements increase with time, you can simply upgrade your package for more!

Increased Visibility

Web applications make tracking and insights easy for the user. All data accessed on the web can be tracked and analyzed. Experts use this data to analyze trends and capitalize on them. Organizations can analyze what needs to be improved and what are the strong points that can be further worked on.

Brand Trust

Website designs that reflect your brand image and look modern and professional tend to encourage user trust. Meanwhile, a poorly designed website might drive away your potential leads.

Technologies We Use to Develop Applications

Access our top tech stacks, which we use to develop applications that cater to every unique business need.

WEB Back-end


WEB Front-end

lit alpinejs


Mobile Development

iosframwork nativescript ioniz

Desktop Application Languages

python c++ C#cred C GO js swift obj-c

Desktop Application Frameworks

ms wpf electron


my-sql oracle sql-server azure sun analytics postgre-sql amazone-s3 google-cloud-sql amazone-RDS azure-sql-database

DevOps Configuration Management Tools

saltstack ansible chef puppet

DevOps Monitoring Tools

zabbix nagios datadog prime theus

Devops Testing Tools

jenkinsselenium saopui zophyr testcomplete

DevOps Version Control Tools

git subversion mercurial

Cloud Computing

MS-Azure rockspace google-cloud aws digital-ocean

Programming Languages

scala octave R matlabjulia


theano open CV tensorflowsinga sho gun weka h2 mlpack mahout mxnet mxnet keras torch


gensim spacy learn sparkmlib orange

Big Data

hbase azure data lake amazon zookeeper hadoop mongo DB google cloud datastore kafka azure cosmos db redshift hive azure Blob Storage amazon documentsDB spark AWS cassandra

Benefits of Web Applications for Business

Customizable Scalable

Customizable & Scalable

Customized Storage Requirements | Upgrade storage and processing as per requirement | Customizable Code

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

No Complex Hardware Requirements | Easy access from Browser | No Software Installations



Firewall Services on cloud | Backups on Cloud | No Physical Hardware Corruption



Cross Platform | Hybrid Apps | Native Apps | Web Apps | Cloud database access | Easy Browser Access

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Shared Storage Plans | Cheap Cloud Firewalls | Minimal Hardware Requirements

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Customized Design | Interactive UI/UX Design | Easy to use Applications



Analytics | Trend Analysis | Analyze customer requirements

Business Automation

Business Automation

Web Based ERP Systems | Online Database Management | Customized reports | Order Processing

Our Web Application Development Process

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How CodeNinja Can Help You with Web Application Development?

Curated Product Hunt

Curated Product Hunt

Professional Product Consultancy | Analyze Product Requirement | Develop Winning Products

Sellable Products using AI

Sellable Products Using AI

Database Updation | Trend Analysis Using AI | Product Research

Managing the Suppliers

Managing the Suppliers

Inventory Management | Order Management | Supplier Management System

Managing the Customers

Managing the Customers

Logistic Management System | Record Management | Financial Management

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Managing the Marketing

Digital Marketing | High CTR | Brand Management

Handling On time Deliveries

Handling On-time Deliveries

Order Processing | Customer satisfaction | Reviews and Feedback

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Optimized return stock handling | Separate Inventory Handling System | Return Portal Access



Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | SEO

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Advanced Technologies We Are Expert in

Business Friendly Hiring Models

Dedicated Mobile Application Team

Dedicated Web App Team

CodeNinja experts are dedicated to bring the best experiences to our clients. Our Web Application teams have diverse experiences in native, web and hybrid applications. We give utmost importance to our clients by providing dedicated teams from planning to deployment.

Augmented Reality

Staff Augmentation

We believe in providing opportunities to skilled professionals. You can fulfill your business requirements with our staff outsourcing model. Our professional experts provide consultancy and on-site staff deployment for the successful completion of projects or support services.

App Development Outsourcing

App Development Outsourcing

Too much on your hands? Outsource your app development project to CodeNinja and let our experts guide you. Our outsourcing plans make your worries go away, we take complete responsibility to develop your applications timely and professionally.

What to Look While Hiring for Web Application Development Services?

When hiring for web application development, it is important to find the right person for the job. Diversity in the field of web development creates confusions for what the client actually wants. It is common that clients hire staff/companies for the job that they lack the capabilities to complete. At the end, the client suffers with incomplete app development or a substandard product. We at Codeninja employ diversity and expertise for completion of projects.

Codeninja provides superior development services for its partner, mainly:

  • Customized solutions for your business
  • Cloud and Ecommerce expertise with Magneto Certified Staff
  • Diversified experienced professionals
  • Expert team dedicated for your project


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