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Hire experienced flutter developers to craft cross-platform mobile and web applications. Our engineers leverage the advantages of Flutter to create the most compelling applications. With Flutter, developers can make reusable code for all platforms with features like easy experimentation, bug fixing, and UI builder to create a high-performing application. Being an open-source mobile UI framework resting on C++ and Dart for programming, it is unparalleled for creating native mobile applications.

Hire experienced flutter developers to craft cross-platform mobile and web applications.

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Along with creating highly functional applications, you can hire a Flutter developer from CodeNinja who could deploy customized 2D motions and UI animations to enhance the usability and visuals of the apps.

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Our Flutter Developers Available for Hire

Layer 1

Flutter Game Developers

  • Pre-Integrated modules
  • Cross-platform with single codebase
  • Use of Skia, Hot-reload, Flame game and other features
Layer 1 1

Flutter Mobile App Developers

  • Scalable, Flexible, and versatile

  • Data storage protection
  • Visually appealing and high performance
Layer 1 2

Flutter Web Developers

  • Highly customized UI designs

  • Rich in widgets
  • Fast loading capabilities
Layer 1 3

Flutter Developers for IoT Apps

  • Highly productive and scalable
  • Cost reduction with fast deployment
  • Native-like experience with single codebase
Layer 1 4

Flutter Developers for UI/UX Strategy

  • Enriched UI/UX designs

  • Compatible on different platforms with reusable code
  • Glitch-free, high-resolution designs
Layer 1 5

Flutter Desktop App Developers

  • Fast-loading capabilities

  • UI/UX designs making seamless apps

  • Pre-built widgets

Layer 1 6

Flutter Developers for Widget Customization

  • Get customized widgets

  • Stateless and stateful widgets

  • Improving the user interface

Layer 1 7

Flutter Developers for App Migration

  • Seamless migration

  • Minimum time required

  • Intact features and data


Flutter Developers for App Support and Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing

  • Feature enhancement

  • App upgradation

Layer 1 8

Full-stack Flutter Developers

  • Build upgraded back-end and front-end app

  • Smooth integration

  • Secure and scalable app development

Layer 1 9

Lead Flutter Developer

  • Multi-platforms apps

  • Efficient, reusable, and reliable code

  • Modern frameworks and technology

Software Consulting 01

Flutter Consulting Services

  • Analyze and recommend best-suited solutions

  • Gain a competitive advantage

  • Diverse industry-experienced consultants

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How to Hire Flutter Developers From CodeNinja?

Reach Out to Us

Send us your queries, needs, and other details so that senior Flutter developers can reach you and talk to you.

Meet the Flutter Team

Once our flutter team is reached, a meeting is held by senior flutter developers and consultants to analyze the project's feasibility and scope.

Choosing an Engagement Model

It is then required for you to choose among one of the engagement models that best suits your budget and business needs.

Project Estimations

After the selection of the engagement model, our team will send out the project estimations.

Starting the Project

CodeNinja is offering prompt project deliveries. We start working on your project as soon as everything is finalized and negotiated.

Why Choose CodeNinja for Hiring Flutter Developers?

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Engagement Models For Hiring Flutter Developers

Layer 1 3


Such an engagement model allows our clients to work with senior and experienced flutter developers until the development task is completed.

Layer 1 1


An experienced flutter developer will work for a specific time with the company and allow them to reach their goals.


Layer 1 2


Get access to professional Flutter developers on an hourly basis which is best suitable for technical yet small tasks.

Hire Experienced Flutter Developers through Our Business Friendly Hiring Models.

Our Onboarding Process for Flutter Developers

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What’s So Great About Hiring a Flutter Developer?

Here is why you need a Flutter developer for your next app development

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Customized App Development

Flutter has an extensive library of widgets and is most suitable for complex app creation which is rich in features and UI/UX designs.

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Fast Development

Flutter is equipped with a feature known as “hot reload”, speeding up the app development process.

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Innovative and Versatile

With widgets and customized UI, Flutter is offering versatility. This is why 42% of software engineers love using Flutter!

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Perfect for Cross-platform

Making it simple and easy, Flutter offers similar UI and business logic across platforms.

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Cost Effective

Being an open-source framework, Flutter is publically accessible. It has a strong community that offers consistent support and development..

Benefits of Hiring Flutter Developers

The benefits you can get while hiring Flutter Developers i.e native app development, integrated app development, cross-platform app development and more.
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What to Look for While Hiring a Flutter Developer?

While Flutter is open-source and is based on easy coding, it is important to hire a Flutter developer that will help you develop a flawless and highly effective app. Thus, here is what you should look for while hiring a Flutter developer!

Project Portfolio

Expertise in Modern App Development

Understanding of AI and ML

Soft Skills

Cross-platform Application Development Capabilities

Native App Development Experience

Hire Our Most In-demand Flutter Developers to Develop Scalable Applications.

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