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Hire a backend developer and allow them to formulate the concrete backbone for your website or application. Our experienced Back-end developers are responsible for creating open-ended and well-documented codes that help the system communicate, store data and understand it.
Hire the best backend developers from Code Ninja and ensure a flawless operating application with corrective database, APIs, architecture, back-end logic, and servers.

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Complimenting Your Business Needs

Our backend developers are skillfully deploying an array of tools and frameworks for carving the intact structure of websites and applications. We have incubated professional backend developers to work in collaboration with front-end developers, website testers, and product managers to build a comprehensive website and app base. The backend developers accomplish setting a quick and responsive structure that compliments the front-end to complement your business needs!

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Our Backend Developers Offers These Services

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Mobile App Development

  • Creating robust mobile apps functional across multiple
    devices and platforms.
  • Scalable, maintainable, and fault-tolerant applications.
  • Equipped with the latest technology and trends.
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Web Application

  • High-performance and responsive websites.
  • Interactive designs that guarantee high ROI.
  • Compatible with large-scale systems, web portals, and
    IoT infrastructure.
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API Development and Integration

  • Custom APIs for connecting with third-party applications.
  • Integration of interface with other apps and devices.
  • Seamless integration to enhance software capabilities.
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Cloud Backend Solutions

  • Backend solutions compatible with cloud infrastructure.
  • Designed to handle heavy loads and resolve latency
  • Equipped with cutting-edge functionalities.
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Custom Development

  • Ideal for complex business models.
  • Cost-effective solution for business goals optimization.
  • Bespoke backend infrastructure.
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Backend Refactoring

  • Enhancing app performance.
  • Maintaining the front-end while rehauling the backend.
  • Maximum cost efficiency with refined and scalable coding.

Hire a Professional Backend Developer!

Engagement Models for Hiring Backend Developers

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Dedicated Backend Development Team

  • Development team to work exclusively for you.
  • Greater control of work, progress, and accomplishments.
  • Best suited for long-term and customized solutions.
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Backend Development Team Augmentation

  • Hire skillful backend programmers and backend
    developers on a temporary basis.
  • Best suited for projects that require greater staff capacity or diverse skill sets.
  • Cost-effective and rapid solution for your business to manage strict deadlines.
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Backend Development Full Outsourcing

  • Predetermine project deliverables.
  • Hassle-free project management with minimal involvement.
  • Achieve maximum efficiencies with on-time delivery and skilled staff.

Benefits of Hiring Backend Developers

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Why Hire Backend Developers From CodeNinja?

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What To Look For While Hiring a Backend Developer?

Skills and Experience

Always look at the skills and experience of the back-end developer before hiring. This will help you reach out to the best back-end developers and engineers. A skillful back-end developer is able to work with different languages and the latest tools and technologies.


Always dwell in the portfolio of the back-end developer to analyze if they have worked on projects similar to yours or not. This will help you hire a back-end developer that has relevant experience.

Exceptional Soft Skills

A good Back-end developer is equipped with soft skills such as communication, time management, problem-solving, and teamwork.


Only a dedicated, motivated, and passionate backend developer will be able to showcase his talent, skills, and expertise in your project.

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