Performance Testing Services

A non-functional testing technique that determines the performance of the software at hand. It’s related to situations where software stability, scalability, and responsiveness are assessed and tested.

There is a misconception about performance testing that it should be kickstarted once the functional testing phase is over. Sometimes, performance testing is done after the code is deployed.

CodeNinja provides Performance Testing Services including stress, stability, scalability, and load/Speed testing to ensure critical performance of web and App.

Great performance is never luck, it takes focus and testing!

Performance testing evaluates application output, speed/load, data transfer velocity, memory utilization, workload efficiency, response times, concurrent users, and network bandwidth usage.

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Performance Testing Services – We've deep domain expertise

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Load testing services

  • Checks system when there is a load of concurrent virtual users
  • Performance transactions over certain period of time
  • Browser-based loading tests
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Stress testing services

  • From APIs to end-to-end app testing

  • Shorten development cycles

  • Determines robustness of software

  • Testing beyond limits of normal operations

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Volume testing services

  • Software is subjected to huge volume of data

  • Check any data loss

  • Check the system’s response time

  • Check for warning and error messages

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Soak Testing Services

  • App handling growing number of users
  • Form of stress testing, nonfunctional
  • Measure, validate and verify growing numbers
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Spike Testing Services

  • Check sudden increase or decrease in load

  • Evaluate extreme variations in traffic

  • Determines behavior of the software during peaks/extremes

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Scalability Testing Services

  • Tests the change in size/volume of the system
  • Tests system ability to meet growing needs
  • Increase in user traffic, data volume, transaction counts frequency, etc.
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Performance Code Review

  • Identify non-functional/performance issues
  • Check if it’s working fine during peak times
  • Set goals and capture metrics
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Database Performance Testing

  • Simulating real-life user load for target database app

  • Determines how your Database application behaves

  • Load testing of database app

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Stability (Reliability Testing)

  • Quality of software in different environments

  • Storage at defined conditions

  • Testing at specific intervals

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API Performance Testing

  • Test if the API is returning expected output
  • API load testing
  • API stress testing
  • API tests in CI/CD pipelines
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Web App Performance Testing

  • Load testing for web app

  • Stress testing for web app

  • Volume and scalability testing

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Mobile App Performance Testing

  • Load testing for mobile app

  • API testing for mobile app

  • Stress testing for mobile app

  • Volume and scalability testing

Performance Testing Process:

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Some Tips for Doing Performance Tests:

  • Segregation of testing environment from the UAT environment.
  • Identifying of the tools for automation and planning use cases.
  • Don’t make any changes in testing environments during / in between tests.
  • Run test cases multiple times to achieve accurate measure of app performance.
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Performance Testing Services Hiring Process from CodeNinja Consulting:

Team Hiring Request

Describe the performance testing requirements.

Vetted QA profiles

Receive vetted QA team/resources available for instant hire.

On-boarding / Hiring

Select, interview and assess via technical testing assignments.

Make a contract

Hire the team/resource of choice and sign an NDA.

Performance Testing Solutions – Where Performance is Measured, Performance Improves:

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Tracking System Performance

Realistic goal setting of software performance, monitoring and measurement of key metrics.

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Test Scenario Planning

A comprehensive documentation lays out all activities associated with software performance testing.

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Testing Environment Set-Up

Identifying testing environment and tools and then setting them up for manual and automated testings.

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Automated Performance Testing

After planning key and repetitive testing tasks, test cases are automated. Software evaluation is without human error.

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Test Management System

A process where testing activities are managed to ensure high-quality and high-end testing of software applications.

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Transparent Reporting

A detailed report on the types of performance testing we did, and how it had an impact on overall software performance.

Benefits of Performance Testing

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Performance Testing Tools:

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Why Choose CodeNinja for Performance Testing Services?

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Certified Performance Testers

Our team of testers are certified and do performance testing on a regular basis. Your software is in safe hands.

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Performance Assurance

The tools, technology, and cloud-agnostic solutions we use across the SDLC make sure apps and infrastructures are viable and can scale according to future needs.

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Non-functional testing maturity transformation to best-in-class practices by CNC.

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Launch Faster

Our automated testing procedures help you launch quickly in the market.

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Cost Cutting

Timely detection of software issues, help clients from facing big loss.

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High Conversion Rate

Apps convert more as our tested apps do not crash on peak times.

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