Augmented Reality Development Services

Augmented reality development services cover 3D model design, implementation of algorithms, and offering immersive experiences across platforms and devices.

As an established augmented reality development company, we develop high-end AR solutions for the last couple of years. AR apps we craft combine live video with AR generated images, sounds, videos or GPS data, on the contrary, VR immerses the user into totally different digital environment.

CodeNinja is an established Augmented Reality Development Services company

We Keep Our Tabs on the Pulse of AR Technology

Augmented reality technology we use allow blending digital content with the real world, making it useful in a way. Devices identify and layer generated effects over real-time display. Get to a consultation on our AR services.

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CodeNinja Augmented Reality Development Services

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Augmented Reality (AR) Consulting

  • Data unlocking solutions
  • Overcome limits of existing AR frameworks
  • Multi-domain expertise with deep knowledge
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Augmented Reality (AR) Testing

  • Setting up correct environments
  • Testing apps with physical objects
  • Checklists for testing
  • Screen orientations & level of memory testing

Custom AR Development

  • 3D product visualization
  • Extend real-world scenes
  • Video transmission, image recognition
  • 3D rendering
Group 109100

AR Experience Design

  • Crafting 3D immersive brand experiences

  • Defining environments

  • UI/UX & screen orientations

  • AR concept design experience

Group 108847

AR Integration Services

  • Multi-platform integration experience
  • Cross-domain competencies
  • Clear delivery model
  • Fully documented deliverables
Group 109103

Location Based AR

  • Image and object tracking
  • Dedicated project/product managers
  • Detection of current geolocation of target
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App Development Consulting

  • Consultation for diverse businesses & industries

  • Cross-domain & platform expertise

  • Custom AR app development

  • Industry-specific AR app solutions

Group 104326

Application Security

  • Precise positioning

  • Developing built-in security systems

  • Prevention from any malicious activity

  • App support and maintenance

Group 109105 1


  • Developing and launching basic idea

  • Combining different technologies with AR

  • Testing AR apps in correct environments

  • Documenting the viability of the idea

Group 109106

Markerless Augmented Reality

  • Digital content overlay on horizontal & vertical surfaces

  • Image and object recognition

  • Geolocation and smart system development

Leverage Best-in-class Technology and Change the Way Your Users Engage.

AR App Development Lifecycle

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Top-Rated Augmented Reality (AR) Development Company

CodeNinja design robust AR experienced, be it a simple QR codes to algorithms calculating a user’s position in 3D space, our AR team can design proficiently. However, technologies used in AR app development vary depending upon number of factors like type of hardware, available power of device, etc.

Group 109245

Augmented Reality Challenges We Solve

Group 109151

Monocular 3D scene

Integrates 3D scene tracking-by-detection with object-object occlusion reasoning.

Group 109152

Digital Content Implementation

Content overlay on horizontal & vertical surfaces.

Group 109153

Motion Tracking

Location based AR, geolocation smart system development.

Group 109154

Regular Updates

We don’t miss on updates and maintenance required.

Group 109100

Image And Object Recognition

Identifying objects present in a video or image

Group 96378

Light Estimate

Obtaining and developing lighting information from physical environments

Our Augmented Reality Development Process

Group 109282


Internal research, app purpose, who should be using it, and what should be the preconditions regarding to budget, time and management. Selection of the development partner usually based on experience. You get quotes with features, timeline and cost.


2D, 3D and animation, (environments, interface and objects), technical development (how 3D elements will interact with the objects), alpha, beta and final versions development.

Group 109348
Group 109391


Publication and distribution of the AR app, installation and training (the hardware can be installed and tested on-site), documentation for support.

Benefits Of Augmented Reality (AR) Development

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Why CodeNinja for Augmented Reality App Development?

Documented Deliverables

We don’t run assumptions; we document deliverables for expected outcomes.

Pre-vetted AR Engineers

Shortlisted, interviewed and technically assessed resources available.

Instant Hiring

We usually take less than 2 weeks for providing on-demand talent.


Built-in scalability in apps with future business growth in mind.

Business Friendly Hiring Models

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Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated team acts like an in-house development. Developers work exclusively on one single project at one given time. Advance and long-term projects are ideal for dedicated development.

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Fixed Contract

Fixed set of features, along with timeline. Fixed contract AR projects come with defined set of requirements, timeline and cost. Clients can directly control the team and can expect delivery on-time.

Industries We Work In


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What to Look for While Hiring AR Developers?

  • Knowledge of AR, operating systems, and development tools

  • Advanced computer vision skills

  • 3D modeling (texturing, shading, and rendering)

  • Desktop, web, or mobile programming skills

  • Unity 3D – 3D, 2D other libraries and functions know-how

  • Unreal Engine – advanced features and graphics

  • Blender – for modeling, mapping and animations

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