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For every business’s need, there is an application for it. It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to have multiple applications and this is where the problem arises. Handling several applications and the scattered data within them can be challenging. 

This is where application integration services play their part. Code Ninja provides businesses with applications integration consulting keeping the business goals in mind.

Application Integration Services & Solutions - CodeNinja Consulting

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Our Application Integration Services

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Cloud Application Integration

  • Cloud-hosted application integration
  • Integration with on-premise software
  • Advanced integration approach
  • Multiple architecture models
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Azure Application Integration

  • Serverless compute experience
  • Hybrid integration platform
  • Improved productivity with connected applications
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AWS Application Integration

  • Seamless communication within microservices
  • Decoupling applications
  • Developed with agility
  • Scalable services
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On-Premise Application Integration

  • Unified data from multiple on-premise sources
  • Monitoring and transforming data
  • Access to data from a centralized interface
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SaaS Application Integration

  • Connecting with on-premise software
  • API Integration
  • Data integration without configuration
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Application Integration Consulting

  • Assessing your IT infrastructure
  • Choosing the right integration model
  • Tailored integration architecture
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API Integration

  • Powerful data sharing capabilities
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Custom APIs
  • Enhanced Performance with extended functionality
Group 61832

Data Integration

  • Unified set of data
  • Legacy and 3rd party data integration
  • Data cleansing
  • Extract, transform, load approach
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Application Integration Testing

  • Testing combination of units
  • Testing code compliance
  • Validating combinational behavior

Start Automating Processes With Our Integration Services.

Our Expert Team Delivers High-Tech Application Integration Services

At CodeNinja, it’s not just about the quality of work but also about the attitude of our team towards challenges and how to overcome them. We believe in working together with clients to build long-term business relations that make us stand apart & tall.

Expert Team Delivers High-Tech Application Integration Services

We Work on Application Categories Core to the Business ECO System

ECommerce marketplace integration system Solution

ECommerce Marketplaces

An ECommerce marketplace integration system is an API-based eCommerce solution that integrates several other online marketplace accounts into a unified platform. It enables real-time data sync and gives full control over all the processes from one single dashboard.

Cloud ERPs

Cloud ERP is often referred to as SaaS- Software-as-a-Service is one of the core systems of an enterprise or business. It is influenced by the characteristics of cloud computing. Cloud ERP Integration involves integrating a SaaS application with other cloud-based applications or on-premise software.

Cloud ERP Integration
Cloud CRM Integration

Cloud CRMs

Cloud CRM is a simple CRM software but it is hosted on remote servers on the cloud. It can be further integrated with many other applications such as ERPs, accounting tools, marketing, project management, etc.

Why Does Your Business Need Application Integration Services?

Scattered Information

The biggest challenge that a company can face is the scattered data all over the place. Unable to operate seamlessly across departments can result in communication failure. Application integration services can help ensure a unified platform for data processing and analysis.

Multiple Slow Processes

With multiple departments involved in a single project, it becomes inevitable to be a victim of slow manual processes. Automation is the only perfect solution when it comes to handling multiple processes. Application integration helps in automating workflows so that the processes can be managed with a single click.

Complex Frameworks

Incorporating advanced technologies also means coming across complex frameworks that are not handled effectively by everyone. Complex code can decrease team efficiency. Integrating the right solutions can help simplify the operations without having to worry about hiring experts.

Lack of Control Over Processes

Application Integration helps in unifying all the processes under one interface. This results in better management and gives the company full control over the necessary changes required.

Benefits of Application Integration

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CodeNinja Helps You Achieve the Benefits of Application Integration

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Streamlined Processes

Our application Integration services are provided by our highly skilled professionals who implement the best practices ensuring that all business processes are streamlined.

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Happy Clients

Code Ninja has built trust by providing application integration services to clients across the globe.

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Affordable Prices

We do not compromise on quality despite our lower-than-the-market rates. Our professional workforce strives to deliver world-class solutions at affordable rates.

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Experience in Leading Technologies

Our development team is efficiently incorporating the latest technologies in all the services that we provide. This helps your business stay relevant and contemporary.

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Long Term Customer Support

We strive to provide not only the best services, but also the best customer support. Our dedicated support team is available for a long time even after the project closure.

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Access to Top Tech Talent

Each individual in our talent pool is an expert in his respective field and has extensive experience in application integration. Get access to the top talent pool at Code Ninja.

Business Outcome-Driven Process

As an end-to-end app development company, Code Ninja assists you at every stage of application integration. We understand the challenges your business might face and how our team can help you overcome with. Our focus is on user-tailored solutions which increase the chances of a result-driven process.

end-to-end app development company - CodeNinja Consulting

Our Agile Application Integration Process

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Extend Engineering Support with a Dedicated Administration Strategy

Dedicated Team 1

Dedicated Team

  • Full Team of professionals
  • Full control over methodology
  • Fast resource scaling
  • Predictable budget
  • Full team accountability
  • Ideal for mid-sized projects
Staff Augmentation 1

Team Augmentation

  • Less time wasted on recruiting
  • Instant access to talented individuals
  • No in-house costs
  • No infrastructure investment required
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Full Outsourcing

  • Minimum to no management efforts
  • Team covers all the project phases
  • Timeline guaranteed

Perks of Extended Engineering Support for Application Integration

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  • Coexisting third-party tools
  • Enabling integration adapters
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  • Adapting new tools
  • Linked data
  • Organizational expansion
Group 62539


  • Frequent builds
  • Automated lifecycle tools
  • Automated integration
Group 62541

Advanced Integration

  • Continuous integration model
  • Frequent releases
Group 62543


  • Unified environment
  • Friendly interface
  • Quick third-party tool integration
Group 62545

Versatile lifecycle

  • Simple metrics
  • More value-added tools

What To Look for While Hiring Application Integration Services Company?

Choosing the right company for your application Integration service is very important as it decides the outcome of the project. Following is the list of things to consider before hiring an AIS company:

  • Customer Support
  • List of Clients
  • Flexible hiring Models
  • Affordability
  • Portfolio of Skilled Team
  • Market Reputation
Hiring Application Integration Services Company

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