Software Maintenance and Support Services

Software maintenance is a process of modifying software once it’s deployed on a production server. Maintaining software is not any less important than development itself.

Why should you spend money on software maintenance as you already paid for the development? Maintenance and support keep your software up and running all the time and help adapt to the new upgrades needed.

Software maintenance is perhaps the last part of the Software Development lifecycle and the purpose is clear, keep the software updated, error-free, boost system performance, and work efficiency.

CodeNinja Software Development Company provides business productivity, sales, and scalability, as well as long-term software maintenance and support services.

Any Great Software is One That ‘Adapts’ Without Breaking

Crafting a new piece of software and launching it into the real world is an exciting step for any Software Technology Company but a lot goes into the development and launch of a software product. However, any great software is one which ‘adapts’ to the changing times. Utilization of the right software maintenance techniques and strategies is what keeps any software running for a long period of time.

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Software Maintenance and Support Types

Technology is changing at the speed of light, the same is true for software. Keep up with the market changes and demands.

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Corrective Maintenance and Support

A type of maintenance that addresses the errors and bugs within the software application impacting various parts of the software. This may include design, logic, and code. Such corrections are highlighted normally in the bug report.

  • Addresses the errors within the software application impacting various parts of the software.
  • Applies to the design, logic and code.
  • Corrections are highlighted normally in the bug report.
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Adaptive Maintenance and Support

When the environment of the software changes, adaptive software maintenance comes into play. Even small changes in the operating system like, hardware, software dependencies, cloud storage, all are dealt with adaptive maintenance.

  • When the environment of the software changes.
  • Covers operating systems, hardware & software dependencies.
  • Reflects organizational policy change.
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Preventive Maintenance and Support

Making changes and adaptations in software keep preventive maintenance in check let the software work for a longer period of time. This type of service includes code optimization, and updating the documentation whenever needed.

  • Software changes/adaptations in-check.
  • Software works for longer periods of time.
  • Code optimization.
  • Documentation update.
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Perfective Maintenance and Support

Focuses on the evolution of the system requirements and features. Perfective maintenance works both ways for the existing software that is, adding features for enhancing user experience and removing features that aren’t functional.

  • Focuses on the evolution of system requirements.
  • Features addition for improving user experience.
  • Features removal which aren’t functional anymore.

Why Software Support and Maintenance is a Need?

Software support services refine and improve applications or solutions, eliminate bugs/errors and ensure the best possible experience for all users. Custom software maintenance on the other hand, essentially adds a tailored and personalized aspect, designed for a specific use case.

Ongoing maintenance includes custom software pricing, maintenance teams during continual improvement, and refinement of software applications.

Correction of errors, performance boost, improved opportunities for a changing environment, removing obsolete functions are some core needs for software maintenance.

Why Software Support And Maintenance Is A Need

Functionalities That Are No Longer Used or Software Running Slow?

Software Maintenance Process

Change Request

The request for change, for instance, adding new functionality or feature, is made.

Change Management

Once all change requests are made, they are assigned with the status and description.

Performing Impact Analysis

Identify system/s getting affected by the change request, make an estimate of the resources needed, and analyze change benefits.

Software Release Plan

Scheduling of the software release is planned, setting realistic timelines.


Design, code, and testing of additional features/changes for implementation.


Software is released after regression testing. Documentation, training, hardware changes and data conversion are considered.

Additional Software Maintenance and Support Services We Offer

For a reliable and stable software performance on mobile and desktop, continuous testing and maintenance can’t be ignored. Many enterprises or businesses think once the software is released, the development is done and they don’t think further.

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Post-release Support

Keep your entire software ecosystem running fast and smoothly in a cohesive environment. Software in most cases isn’t built independently or as a singular application. Preventive maintenance is used to avoid crashing, freezing, and other technical problems.

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Help Desk Support

Technical support and assistance on how the customer should interact with the software. The help desk is responsible for providing all necessary guidance whenever asked for. Taking tickets, resolving issues, answering queries, etc. Hence all the information and support related to the built software.


Operational Support

Operational support enables end-user to monitor, control, analyze and manage system issues. The main goal is to support software in a production environment. Ensure that the software is running properly and that the network is available and monitored.

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Packaged Software Maintenance

Maintenance of packaged software developed for sale to the general public. Although it’s low-cost compared to custom software and offers quick deployment, maintenance won’t be extensive, but can’t be sidelined. All stakeholders must have a lifecycle-wide view of maintenance costs and benefits.

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Long-term Maintenance

Long-term or lifetime maintenance of large and complex software helps it from degrading as proceeds to adapt to new changes. Optimizing the code and upgrading the documentation is a continuous process, which makes the training easy as well for future software maintenance.

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Website Maintenance

It’s a practice of monitoring the health and performance of the website. Often times A/B testing identifies the troubling areas, why users are not engaging or retaining on the website etc. Sort of metrics can be calculated and then addressed in the design and development of a website.

Software Support and Maintenance Consulting

For an informed software support system consulting assessment, weighing the pros and cons can help. Let’s see why anyone needs software consultation.

  • Changing market conditions, opt for modern software support systems.
  • Implementation of a new business model, company-wide.
  • New functionality or set of features.
  • Server modifications.
software support and maintenance consulting

Benefits of Software Support and Services

Benefits of software maintenance and support service
Software maintenance and support 1

Sourcing Models for Software Maintenance and Support

Application Development Consulting Services

In-house Maintenance and Support

  • We train staff for 2-3 months typically and choose relevant tools based on the software type, project scope, and the set KPIs.
  • The toolset we use includes software for security monitoring, backup, devOps, help desk, etc.
  • Error/bug/ problem is handled as soon as it arises within a significant response time.
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Outsourced Maintenance and Support

  • Vendor search can take up to 12 weeks. Choose 3-5 companies based on devOps practices, relevant certifications, ITSM, etc.
  • Document RFP with all software support and maintenance requirements.
  • Compare approaches toward software maintenance of potential vendors once you start getting offers.

Challenges You Can Face in Software Support and Maintenance

  • Codes are hard to track. They are rarely traceable to the provided requirements and design specifications.
  • Most software systems’ code lacks proper and adequate comments.
  • Legacy systems of countries’ industries aren’t designed with maintenance in mind.
  • Indecisiveness in hiring in-house or outsourced teams for maintenance.
challenges you can face in software support and maintenance

Why Choose Code Ninja for Support and Maintenance Services?

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Trusted & Reliable Software Support Provider

For the past 7 years, Code Ninja has been a reliable software maintenance and support partner. From introducing new features and tweaking existing functionality to data security, our clients rely on us.

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Continuous Monitoring and Health Check

We take full responsibility for your code by not letting it break at any point in time. Regular monitoring, fixing application performance issues, and resolving configuration and account administration issues.

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Business KPIs Focus

Regular reporting and bug-fixing with a proactive approach, won’t let you worry about downtimes. Rather, businesses can focus on their other core operations.

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Long-term Partnership

Long-term collaboration means fewer transition periods and also fewer integration phases and well-aware of the working routines of the maintenance system.

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Feasibility Roadmap

We don’t start randomly, preparing a feasibility report based on the ROI of supported software and assessment on how to improve the results of our support services.

What to Look For While Getting Software Maintenance Services?

Constantly nurturing the software product and enhancing its functionality is achieved through software maintenance. However, there are a few things you should consider:

  • To measure how much time developers spend on maintenance to see the maturity and the skill of the hired team as well as the product and the codebase.
  • Even the best efforts require corrective maintenance in order to release bug-free code. Do ensure.
  • If the quality of the software released is a pain point, we suggest do look into bug testing practices of the service provider.
  • An overall commitment to perfect tasks like reducing technical debt and code refactoring.
What to look for while getting software maintenance services

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