Virtual Reality (VR) Development Services

CodeNinja is an eminent Virtual Reality (VR) company that brings your ideas to life. Our services allow you to build new VR solutions, upgrade existing VR solutions or modify existing solutions to integrate VR. Our consultants and developers are committed to provide end-to-end services that ensure high performance, reliable integrations, intuitive interactions and immersive experiences.

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A Modern Development Company

We leverage modern tech to create highly functional models. Our processes are aligned and coordinated for maximum efficiency and enhanced digital experience. CodeNinja creates both tethered and mobile VR technologies with certified industry equipment like Google Cardboard, Daydream, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Windows MR.

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Our Core Virtual Reality (VR) Development Services

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VR Architecture Design

  • Customized architecture for specific business requirements
  • High performance, scalable and flexible
  • Easy configurations and customizations
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3D Modeling

  • High quality rendering and object modeling
  • Attractive visuals and animations
  • Game-changing experience with realistic effects
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VR Software Development

  • High performance frameworks for seamless experiences
  • High sensory features for immersive environment
  • SDKs, Gaming engines, content creation and data management software
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VR Quality Assurance

  • Functional, unit and integration testing
  • Using automated test scripts for rapid testing
  • Transparent analytics and test results
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VR Software Integration

  • VR Headgears and other Hardware integration
  • Enterprise & Content Management software integration
  • Third-party applications and features
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VR Software Support

  • Around the clock user support
  • Scheduled updates for bug fixes
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance
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VR App Development

  • Dedicated mobile and hardware applications
  • High accuracy visualization of 3D objects
  • Customized industry-specific applications

Top Rated Virtual Reality (VR) Company

CodeNinja’s expertise spreads across various industries and allows us to meet dynamic challenges in Virtual Reality. We help companies to digitally transform their business models and achieve higher efficiency with Computer Vision, interactive VR apps and high performance VR designs.

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Virtual Reality Development Lifecycle

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Why Does Your Business Need Virtual Reality (VR) Development Services?

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Brand Identity

Adopting a modern technology like VR allows your business to stand out in the market competition

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Digital Transformation

Virtual reality helps business digitalize their processes for greater accuracy, experiences and efficiency

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Higher Engagement Levels

Help customers experience your products and services in a real-life like environment

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Boost Collaboration

Allow your remote and on-site teams to collaborate effectively

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Greater Customer Experience

Immersive experiences to gain customer trust through models like “try before you buy”

Our Agile Virtual Reality (VR) App Development Process


Understanding business requirements and creating a work plan to achieve objectives with thorough research and appropriate selection of tools and resources.

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Development of Virtual Reality (VR) solutions with hardware, software and data integrations for seamless experiences.


Testing individual processes and units of the development phase to ensure high-quality and error-free product delivery

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Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) Development

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Why Codeninja As Your Best Application Migration Partner?

100% Project Success

With numerous successfully implemented projects under our belt, we continue to facilitate our customers with support, updates and fixes.

Flexible Cooperation Models

We allow our clients to choose from a variety of hiring and pricing models to suit their business needs and budget.

Cost-Saving Strategies

Our selection of VR tools, hardware and resources are customized to save costs and provide maximum value.

Accelerated Time To Market

We use autonomous processes for rapid product development and testing.

Modern UI/UX Designs

VR applications are created to provide intuitive interactions with immersive experiences

Market-Leading Technologies

We use Google, Samsung, Steam VR, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and others for creating competitive products

Multiple Industry Experience

Our diverse experience allows us to tackle challenges and complex situations with confidence

Customized Solutions

We understand that every business is unique and we create a customized solution around every business plan to achieve high-quality objectives

Business Friendly Hiring Models

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Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team model allows you to gain complete control over the project with our committed project developers, consultants and project managers.

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Fixed contract

You can explore options into entering a fixed-term and fixed-price contract by agreeing to the deliverables, costs and timelines in advance.

What to Look for while Hiring Virtual Reality (VR) Development Company?

Since Virtual Reality is still a relatively new concept and requires a high level of expertise and knowledge to create a customized solution, you should opt for a well-reputed VR development company. With CodeNinja you get:

  • High Data Security
  • Technology Enablement
  • Diverse Industry Experience
  • Maximum User Interaction
  • High performance VR Architecture Design
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Industries We Work In

We focus our software development services in diverse sectors where we have wide-ranging experience and exclusive industry knowledge.


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Ecommerce & Retail

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Oil & Gas

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Logistics & Transportation

Logistics 01 1


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Telecommunication 01


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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of virtual reality development projects vary similarly to those of other software development. The prices depend on complexity, resources utilized, hardware requirements and the hiring model. Our experts can provide you with a cost estimation after discussing your project requirements. Overall, since VR itself is a modern and evolving service, it is costly compared to standard solutions.

Virtual reality poses some risks related to being cut-off from the real world for too long and getting addicted to the artificial world. It can also restrain people from getting physical workout and make them lazy or pose health risks. However, these risks are associated with all digital technologies and can be avoided by keeping a good balance between health and usage of devices.

No, VR and AR differ in the way both technologies interact with the user. While Virtual Reality uses graphics and 3D objects to immerse the user in an artificial environment, Augmented reality brings the artificial objects and graphics to the real environment. VR uses headsets and other equipment for creating an artificial environment whereas AR can be experienced through smartphones and other daily routine devices.

Virtual reality has changed the dynamics of the education industry. Today, students can experience a real life class environment sitting miles away. They can also engage in training and simulations to learn and practice skills such as flying aircrafts.

Virtual reality has made leaps and bounds in the gaming industry but numerous industry applications have now emerged. Virtual reality is now being used in manufacturing, oil & gas, learning, telecoms, retail and various others. As the application is becoming popular, various industries will adopt it to overcome challenges and complex tasks.

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