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CodeNinja is the leading market UX Design Service provider with a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to provide clients with flawless experience, catering to their needs and requirements. We have unprecedented experience of more than 10 years in providing an entire range of UX Design Services with professional consultancy in Software, Website and Application Development.

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Create Exceptional User Experience with our UX Design Services

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UX Research and Analysis

UX research and analysis is a continuous process applied by our team throughout the UX design development. Our highly professional and experienced team of experts study the situation and evaluate the requirements of the client. Then, using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, our team is able to gather and synthesize data that is used to analyze problems and present solutions and opportunities to our clients. Presenting a strong analysis based on concrete research over the years with numerous clients has enabled us to provide effective user experience design services to our clients.

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UX Mapping

UX Mapping is an important process to understand the customer’s needs. Our team makes use of different mapping strategies mainly Empathy, Customer Journey, Experience and Service Blueprinting to close the gap between customer needs and the product. Our team works closely with the customers to present their findings, provide insights on the product, and narrow the knowledge gaps. Effective mapping methods allow us to deliver you the perfect product according to your requirements.

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Wireframing and Prototyping

At CodeNinja, we use the most advanced methods of Wireframing and Prototyping to let our users experience and test their product while it is still in its early stages. This allows our team to derive knowledge related to the usability, experience, compatibility and expectations of the client. A thorough process to derive results is adapted so that the final product delivered to the customer meets all the expectations.

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UX Audit

Our team conducts a comprehensive UX audit to point out potential issues for an exceptional user experience. Using appropriate audit tools and metrics, CodeNinja’s team analyzes what is right and wrong with the UX of the product at hand. An audit is conducted against standards established through research. During the UX audit our team is able to establish the standard of the product according to the user requirements. 

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UX Testing

UX Testing also referred to as usability testing is the process of evaluating how user-friendly or easy to use a product is. At codeninja, we conduct UX testing from early stages till the product’s release for smooth user experience throughout. During this phase, experts allow users to interact with the product and assess the problems they might face while using the product. User experience is evaluated through both quantitative and qualitative analysis to ensure that users enjoy interacting with the product and experience minimum difficulty. Our team then uses data collected from testing to ensure any hurdles are removed to in creating a seamless design for our client. 

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UX Consulting

Our team of experts provide the best UX Consulting services. With our vast experience in the field of user experience design services, we create optimal user interaction experiences for our clients. We take it upon ourselves to provide the right solution to the client depending on their needs and make the product user-friendly.

Design A Seamless Experience At Every Stage Of Your Customer Journey

Our team of professionals at Codeninja fully understands how important it is for a customer to have a smooth and seamless experience at every stage of their journey. They will ensure this by putting your customer relationships first, understanding your target customers and buyer’s Journey, finding the right tools to manage customer needs and by being consistent in the approach. All these strategies and practices will lead a UX design which is consistent and seamless at every stage of your customer journey.

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Our Core UX Design Delivery Values

Iterative Design Process

We at CodeNinja believe that our user experience design can be improved to perfection. We use the iterative approach to improve our design process for customers. Our prototypes are tested, modified and improved in each cycle to provide the perfect solution to our customers. Each iterative process allows our design team to understand the customer’s requirements better and modify the product to narrow the gap between product design and user requirements.

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Investigate Approach and Curiosity

Using an investigative approach for research analysis is an effective design process used by the our team. This approach is used to understand how people interact with our product. We gather information related to the design process through interviews, surveys and focus groups. We set certain KPIs against which the performance is then evaluated. These KPIs are evaluated through wide, narrow and pinpoint investigation approaches and mapped against user requirements for clear understanding.

Modular, flexible project plans

Project delivery is all about delivering the right product at the right time. We exercise flexible project plans as per the requirement of our customers. CodeNinja does not believe in rigid and old fashioned working. We strive to provide the best customer experiences with efficient utilization of resources and focus on delivering the perfect product.

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Thorough Validation and Feedback

Our design team conducts a lean validation process to limit risks. Validation is conducted through numerous experiments, usability testing and prototyping and wireframing. Each validation process allows us to evaluate whether the product being designed conforms to the user requirements. The thorough validation process allows us to understand customer value through feedback, map product with user expectations and provide a cost-effective solution.

Customer Collaboration

We believe in collaborating with our customers for seamless user interaction. Our relations with the customer produces valuable insights that shape our brand’s identity. Through customer collaboration we are continuously engaged in improving our product design.

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Why does your business need UX Design services

Maximizes satisfaction level of customers

Our UX designers ensure pleasant user experience by identifying obstacles and eliminating them right away. This leads to customer loyalty, and helps in building the credibility by providing an outstanding experience.

To drive potential traffic:

Our services will help businesses in reducing the bounce back ratio of your clients, which eventually will generate traffic and hence will lead to more potential customers.

Saves time and is cost -effective

Investing in superior UX design services will help save your time and money, by taking the right steps in the right direction.

Improved ROI

 The expertise and dedication of  UX designers will improve the return on investment of your business, and will make sure to provide you with the best possible service for exponential growth.

Benefits of UX Design

Benefits Of UX Design
mobile Benefits Of UX Design

Why Code ninja for UX design services

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Exceptional professionalism

Because of our reputation for professionalism and for forging lasting relationships with our clients, CodeNinja's seamless user interface design services have had amazing success over the years.

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Prompt delivery

When launching a product, speed is crucial, but quality shouldn't be sacrificed in the process. We promise our customers that we will meet all of their needs promptly and with the highest caliber of services.

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Quality control testing

Before releasing a product online, we thoroughly test it to make sure there are no issues or negative user experiences. To verify compatibility, our team runs internal QA and tests the design with a test user cohort.

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Client-centered strategy

Our project team has been given instructions to match the clients' requirements with their goal and vision and to fulfill all of their needs. As part of our commitment to flawless teamwork, we also keep the client updated throughout the process.

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Market cutting-edge technology

To create the most responsive and smooth platforms for our clients, we leverage the industry's top tech stack and user interface design kits. These integrations make sure that the platform is operating faultlessly.

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Vast and diverse experience:

Our project team is highly trained and experienced in providing out-class services and has more than 10+ years of experience in this field. We are highly adaptable to changes and provide our clients with the latest end-to-end solutions.

Our UX design process

At CodeNinja, we adopt a proactive UX Design Process aimed at delivering the best services to our clients that cater to their needs. Our design process consists of the following stages:

Our UX design process
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What to look while hiring for UX design services

A successful design is one that works well with your product design. When selecting a designer for your project, there are several variables to take into account. These consist of
  • Having appropriate experience
  • Being aware of relevant talents
  • Working well in a team
  • Having communication skills
what to look while hiring for UX

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of a user’s encounters with a product or service during the buying process are included in the UX design. It includes all of the online interactions, from a website to an app.

The goal of user experience (UX) is to have a thorough awareness of business, their needs, values, abilities, and constraints. It also considers the project management team’s corporate goals and objectives.

There are several advantages to improving user experience on your website or mobile app, including shorter time to market, higher revenue, and enhanced client loyalty.

At CodeNinja, we use a proactive UX Design Process in order to provide our clients with the best services possible that meet their needs. The phases comprising our design process are researching, empathizing, creating, testing and developing.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a company and designer for your project. These include having the necessary experience, recognising relevant skills, effective teamwork and communication abilities

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