Infrastructure Management Services

IT serves as the backbone of modern businesses and plays a pivotal role to thrive within the business ecosystem. Therefore, maintaining an efficient IT infrastructure is quintessential to achieving corporate goals. Code ninja managers understand the diverse needs of your growing business and ensure the proficiency of your IT infrastructure to rationalize your business processes.

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Modern Infrastructure Management

Minimize Downtime, Modernize Business operations, and improve key performance metrics: Partner with Code Ninja to get productive Infrastructure services instead of disruptive ones.

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Infrastructure Management Services We offer

Layer 1

Application Support Services

  • Endorsing end-to-end life cycle of applications
  • Following a standard set of procedures
  • Ensuring smooth functioning and operational efficiency
Layer 1

Infrastructure Design and Consulting

  • Developing a roadmap for IT infrastructure design
  • Advising and Assisting Implementation of design
  • Ensuring Design and IT infrastructure align with key objectives
Layer 1 1

Enterprise Networking Services

  • Offering a comprehensive set of networking services
  • Facilitating Large Enterprises to meet their networking needs
  • Minimizing the business impact of IT failures
Layer 1 2

Database Services

  • Managing, optimizing, and securing databases efficiently
  • Assisting our partners to utilize their database
  • Streamlining business operations by informed decision making
Layer 1 4 1

Enterprise security services

  • Securing businesses’ IT infrastructure from cyber risks 24/7
  • Assessment of vulnerabilities
  • Vindicating risks by taking strong security measures
Layer 1 9 1

Network Management Services

  • Optimization of Network Management systems
  • Monitoring and controlling Network performance issues
  • Incorporation of new advanced tools i.e. AI and ML
Layer 1 6

Storage and Backup Services

  • Developing comprehensive malware protection regimens
  • Protecting from malicious intent
  • Creating Cloud backup, online backup, and hybrid backup solutions
Layer 1 12 1

Server Management Services

  • Ensuring optimal server performance
  • Minimizing slow down and downtimes
  • Adapting to evolving needs of organizations
Layer 1 11

End-user computing services

  • Empowering employees to access new technologies
  • Enabling end-user to use customized software
  • Increased employee performance and productivity
Layer 1 3

Operating System Services

  • Managing, supervising, and controlling computer programs
  • Vast array of experience in modern operating systems
  • Deep expertise in mobile operating systems
Layer 1 13 1

Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Ensuring robust cloud infrastructure for all stakeholders
  • Development of a comprehensive Cloud infrastructure strategy
  • Assistance in rationalizing business processes

Desktop Management Services

  • Centralizing and Automating Desktop devices
  • Maintaining a secure and up-to-date Desktop Environment
  • Monitoring and optimizing Desktop performance

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Top-Rated Cloud Infrastructure Services Company

Offering and delivering futuristic and groundbreaking Cloud-based infrastructure resources to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Code Ninja leads the way in Cloud infrastructure Services with its exemplary performance and amplified capabilities.

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Hiring Process

Define Project Scope

Outline the required services, budget, and project timeline


Interaction and Coordination with our professionals to discuss deliverables

Engagement Model

Selection of suitable pricing and hiring model

Project Estimation

Evaluation of time, costs, risks, and outcomes of the project


Validate the processes through formalize the agreement

Related Service Offerings

Layer 1 4

Cloud Transformation Services

Facilitating the smooth Cloud transformation journey and aims to strengthen businesses’ performance through the adoption of Cloud technologies.

Layer 1 12 1

SAP on Cloud

SAP on Cloud provides a rich and unified experience of ERP solutions and Cloud computing services that fosters agility, and scalability in business operations

Layer 1 5

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to deliver a tailored experience and improved business capabilities.

Outsourcing Service Delivery Models

Layer 1 3

Dedicated Team

  • Exclusive Team
  • Long Term Engagement
  • Flexibility and Scalability
Layer 1 2

Staff Augmentation

  • In-house team augmentation
  • Filling in-house technical gaps
  • Quick access to required tech talent

Technologies we work with

Utilizing our innovative tech stack, we develop premium and cutting-edge solutions to uphold our business partners.

WEB Back-end


WEB Front-end

lit alpinejs


Mobile Development

iosframwork nativescript ioniz

Desktop Application Languages

python c++ C#cred C GO js swift obj-c

Desktop Application Frameworks

ms wpf electron


my-sql oracle sql-server azure sun analytics postgre-sql amazone-s3 google-cloud-sql amazone-RDS azure-sql-database

DevOps Configuration Management Tools

saltstack ansible chef puppet

DevOps Monitoring Tools

zabbix nagios datadog prime theus

Devops Testing Tools

jenkinsselenium saopui zophyr testcomplete

DevOps Version Control Tools

git subversion mercurial

Cloud Computing

MS-Azure rockspace google-cloud aws digital-ocean

Programming Languages

scala octave R matlabjulia


theano open CV tensorflowsinga sho gun weka h2 mlpack mahout mxnet mxnet keras torch


gensim spacy learn sparkmlib orange

Big Data

hbase azure data lake amazon zookeeper hadoop mongo DB google cloud datastore kafka azure cosmos db redshift hive azure Blob Storage amazon documentsDB spark AWS cassandra

Benefits of Infrastructure Management Services

Group 120179 1 1
Group 120179 1

Why do Brands Choose Code Ninja for Infrastructure Management Services?

Industry-leading service provider

Delivering top-tier infrastructure services and outperforming our competitors by implementing the industry’s best practices.

Proactive Monitoring

We aim to stay one step ahead, adopt a proactive approach to potential issues and adopt, and implement remedial strategies beforehand.

Technical Empowerment

We strive to deliver solutions and services that empower our clients with digital access to the right tools and techniques.

Exceptional Cloud Infrastructure Services

Empowering our clients and amplifying their Cloud capabilities by supporting, deploying, and managing the Cloud infrastructure services.

Tasks Automation

leveraging AI tools to perform complex tasks and refrain from operational issues and attain efficiency in our processes.

Foolproof Data Security

Implementation of excellent data security measures to prevent malicious intent and easy retrieval of data for valuable insights.

Are You Looking for an Experienced Infrastructure Management Team for Your Business?

Code Ninja’s team work cohesively and coherently to execute all IT infrastructure-based activities, aiming to achieve sustainable growth across all units of the organization. Partner with Code Ninja to gain the following edges
  • End to End visibility
  • Proactive data security measures
  • Application Reliability
  • Optimal use of databases
  • Technology-agnostic decision making
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Industries We Work In

Leveraging our technology-agnostic approach, we comprehend and comply with several disciplines of life through our top-rated services. 


Healthcare 1


Contruction 01 1

Ecommerce & Retail

Retail 01

Oil & Gas

Oil Gas 01 1

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics 01 1


Banking 01


Insurrance 01


Finance 01 1


Telecommunication 01


Education 01 1

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