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CodeNinja is the pioneer of the Internet of Things (IoT) Services. Our expert IoT consultants with diverse industry experience help provide maximum value and high ROI solutions to our clients. We allow our clients to explore greater opportunities and develop a technology roadmap to achieve business objectives in a more organized and effective manner.

CodeNinja is a leading IoT consulting services company which has enabled numerous companies across industries to adopt IoT services.

IoT for Success

Our consultants ensure that recommended IoT solutions are compliant with regulations and third parties, allow real-time data integration, help streamline business workflows, and help save business costs. Our consultants also ensure that recommended solutions leverage AI and modern frameworks so that your product is scalable and provides flexibility for seamless experiences.

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IoT Consulting Services We Offer

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Custom IoT Architecture

  • Designing customized architecture for smooth business processes
  • Using robust sensors and actuators for data collection & operation
  • Rapid data processing with edge computing and cloud services
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IoT Solution Prototyping

  • Planning of component testing and scope
  • Mapping interfaces, hardware, connectivity and backend services
  • Estimation of data volume & traffic for proposed solution
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IoT Strategy Consulting

  • Understanding processes and workflows through business research
  • Determining opportunities and potential vulnerabilities
  • Providing a high value strategy roadmap with in-depth analysis
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IoT Project Planning

  • Estimations of cost, resources and timelines
  • Project risk planning and mitigation strategies
  • Supervise and control project activities
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IoT App Development Consulting

  • Scalable and versatile app development
  • Selection of modern architecture, frameworks and languages
  • Integratable applications with secure APIs
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IoT Security Consulting

  • Analyzing vulnerabilities to provide robust solutions
  • Mitigating risks with in-depth testing and auditing
  • High functioning firewalls, API security, edge computing, encryptions etc
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IoT Technology Consulting

  • Multiple Industry solutions like domestic, manufacturing, healthcare and automobiles
  • Leveraging Big Data, Machine learning & AI
  • Integration with clouds, ERP, CRMs and other systems
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IoT Models

  • Use of appropriate IoT communication models for maximum efficiency
  • Creating IoT business models like asset tracking, SaaS, Data-driven etc
  • Product development and commercialization models
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Full-cycle IoT Development

  • Selection of appropriate sensors and their placements
  • IoT gateway configuration and data collection
  • AI based algorithms & smart user-applications for effective management

Top Rated IoT Consulting Company

CodeNinja is a leading consultant company for IoT projects and has enabled numerous companies across industries to adopt IoT services. Our consultants create project feasibility according to the client’s requirements and ensure that deliverables are mapped with the requirements. Our consultants also ensure that an efficient IoT framework is created for connectivity, data processing and accessibility.

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Our IoT Consulting Processes

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End-To-End IOT Consulting Solutions

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Digitalization of Information Collected by Smart Things

Our smart sensors, hardware and smart applications collect raw data like temperature, pressure, health vitals etc and digitalize them.

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Supply Chain Management

Our SCM consultancy allows you to plan effective solutions like temperature control, inventory levels management and remote access.

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Customer Experience Management in Retail

Geo positioning with smart tags and shelf management for tracking customer trends and providing accessibility to stores and other features.

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Healthcare and Life Science

We create smart applications for remote tracking of staff, equipment and patients. Our applications also monitor patient health vitals in real-time.

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Connected Vehicles

CodeNinja helps automate your driving experience with efficient routing, cruise control and allows you to track various things like temperature, empty space etc.

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Smart Cities, Smart Utilities

We provide end-to-end solutions for smart cities that allow energy optimization, effective traffic control & access to public transport along with security services.

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Automation of data Processing

We automate your data processing with machine learning and efficient IoT architecture that allows collecting and analyzing data efficiently.

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Digital Transformation

We transform your business model to be more effective, resource-efficient, smart and quick with restructuring and modern smart devices.

Benefits Of IOT Consulting

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Why CodeNinja for IoT Consulting?

Streamlined Work Plan

Comprehensive research to understand objectives and requirements and plan project resources, timelines and deliverables.

Efficient Iot Architecture

An IoT structure that leverages modern tech and ensures maximum security with rapid access.

AI & Machine Learning Consulting

Providing Artificial Intelligence Consulting & Machine Learning Consulting Services for managing dynamic environments and situations.

Diverse Industry Experience

Consultation for diverse industries allows us to address challenges and explore opportunities more effectively.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Creating strategies to minimize the resource allocation and contract timelines with rapid and modern methodologies.

Outsourcing Models We Offer

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Dedicated Team

  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Flexible Team management
  • Flexible Project Scoping
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Team Augmentation

  • Hire from a large talent pool
  • Rapid hiring process
  • Filling skill gap to meet deadlines
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Full Outsourcing

  • End-to-end consulting services
  • Transparent reporting
  • Minimum involvement of client
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End User Training & Adoption

  • Help enable employees adopt IoT
  • Help understand processes & workflows
  • Allow effective utilization of new technologies

Are you Looking for Experienced IoT Consulting Team for your Business

IoT is a complex concept that requires effective planning, robust frameworks and accurate selection of sensors and actuators. You also need remote access over the network with cross-platform applications. If you are looking to implement IoT services for your business, CodeNinja will allow you to:

  • Create efficient IoT architectures
  • Use modern sensors with maximum efficiency
  • Create cross-platform applications
  • Easily integrate third party services
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Industries We Work In

We focus our software development services in diverse sectors where we have wide-ranging experience and exclusive industry knowledge.


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Ecommerce & Retail

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Oil & Gas

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Logistics & Transportation

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