Internet of Things (IoT) Services

CodeNinja is a renowned IoT Service provider helping businesses in different industries achieve automation and greater productivity. We provide end-to-end services to build smart products or incorporate IoT in existing products.

Internet of Things (IoT) Services must be deployed with proper management, right choice of sensors, and robust strategy plans, With CodeNinja

Robust IoT Ecosystem

We build decentralized IoT ecosystems that allow rapid accessibility and set up your IoT network with machine learning and powerful algorithms for accurate data processing. Also, end-user Applications allow remote access and real-time tracking so that you can benefit from your IoT products anywhere and anytime.

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Our Core Internet Of Things (IoT) Services

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Air Sense

  • Monitoring the quality of your surroundings
  • Measuring temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration etc
  • Monitor remotely through various devices such as mobile phone
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Asset Monitoring

  • Monitoring services with feed directly sent to your security company and personal device
  • Detects any suspicious behavior and triggers an alert
  • Triggers alarm for disasters and incidents
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Electronic Cargo Tracking

  • Track inventory in transit
  • Uninterrupted real-time data feed
  • Track behavior and monitor preferred conditions like temperature etc
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Web App Design

  • Intuitive dashboards & analytics
  • Device management capabilities
  • Controlling connected devices
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SaaS Design

  • Insight into customer subscriptions, interaction, usage and more
  • Monitor utilization of cloud resources
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Prototype Design Evaluation

  • Real-time product specification supervision
  • Insights and analytics of product performance
  • Product monitoring in dynamic conditions
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  • Use of smart sensors to provide critical results
  • Collect real-time data and trigger alerts/actions
  • Increase visibility in supply chains, food handling, facilities, automobiles & more
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  • Geopositioning of persons with smart tags
  • Provide access control to facilities, public/private transport etc
  • Emergency response alarms
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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

  • Identifying and assessing structural defects
  • Effective results through smart sensing
  • Using modern methods to collect accurate data

Top-rated Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) Company

CodeNinja is a modern IoT company that uses modern tools to create smart solutions. Our solutions incorporate machine learning to tackle dynamic situations and use cloud services for enhanced security. We also provide multi-platform end user applications for remote monitoring and accessibility.

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Our IoT Processes

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Our Core Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions

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Anomaly Detection

  • Real-time surveillance with direct data feed
  • Warning/Alarm triggering for unusual behavior
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Consulting for the Best Value from IoT Adoption

  • Business research for robust planning and strategies
  • Hardware and data setup consultation for maximum performance
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Order Fulfillment & Tracking Solutions

  • Accessibility to product information
  • Product inventory and transit tracking & management
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IoT Ecosystem Setup: Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation

  • Device and edge computing network setup
  • Enabling remote setup with control applications
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Developer Engagement Platform

  • Allow developer platforms to monitor API traffic
  • Allows support departments to visualize errors
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IoT Application Development

  • Scalable interconnected apps
  • Integration of advanced software and hardware devices
  • Improved service quality and Process automation

Benefits of Internet of Things Services

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Why Do Brands Choose CodeNinja for Internet of Things (IoT) Services?

Automated Processes

We use Machine Learning to enhance capability of our products and services for effective performance & reliability.

Diverse Industry Experience

CodeNinja has created successfully created solutions for numerous industries like manufacturing, retail & construction.

Reduced Costs

Minimize extensive timelines, long hours of working and unwanted features for cost-effective service delivery.

High ROI

Our expert consultation and strategy ensures that your final product will boost your business sales & customer experience

Customized Solutions

We customize our solutions for clients according to their requirements for maximum added value

Reliable Support

Post-deployment services providing debugging and upgrades for continuous operations

What to Look For While Hiring an Internet of Things Services Company?

IoT is a modern application that is developed and deployed with modern frameworks and tools. IoT services must be deployed with proper management, right choice of sensors, and robust strategy plans. With CodeNinja you get:

  • Rapid troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Decentralized network for quick access & Security
  • End-user applications for remote access
  • Compliance with rules & regulations
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