Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS)​

Fully customizable BI (Business Intelligence) solution with end-to-end services for organizing, analyzing, and presenting data that let non-technical people gain insights and take the desired action.

We offer holistic coverage for data management linked with decision-making. Implementation of correct practices for data visualization and management. DAaas (data analytics as a service) for examining gigantic amounts of big data for any organization.

Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) for examining gigantic amount of big data for any organization.

We Make Sense of Data!

Staying on schedule, and ensuring quality products isn’t enough. Big data, analytics, and AI have significantly changed the way we used to evaluate key performance indicators in the past.

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Data Analytics as a Service: Key Offering Areas

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Data Warehouse Services

The services are designed in a way that they help in understanding the co-relation between data sets, read large amounts of data and deliver valuable insights.  Advisory, implementation, support, migration and managed services.

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Data Visualization Services

Data visualization and reporting empower users at every level of the sales funnel. Modern BI tools we integrate and help in developing transform data visualization and reporting capabilities. Convert your complex, tangled data into understandable one.

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Predictive Analytics and AI Services

It involves extracting data from existing sources and determining the user-friendly patterns, and predicting what future trends and outcomes would be. Machine learning, artificial intelligence models, and modeling are few techniques we use.

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Change to the Cost Model

Response modeling for direct marketing, PA (predictive analytics) for identifying the impact of changes on the cost before it reaches the bottom line. Hence giving enough time to managers to rethink their strategies before they can have an effect.

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Analytics Program

We do not just offer data mining and modeling we offer full-fledged analytics program if required for a project. Our experts have got hands-on experience dealing with data analytics tools, and programs and their implications in real-world business.

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Knowledge Marketplace

Building marketplaces where people can exchange information for gains like quick product releases, better quality of software, improve manufacturing process etc. You can ‘buy and sell’ information and such marketplaces are limited to certain area of expertise.

DaaS For Strategic Business Growth, Hire A Team Of High-Performers

Harnessing data insights will create many opportunities for your business to thrive. Using data analytics and setting up DAaas services help businesses grow in the long run and cut operational costs.

According to Mckinsey, companies invest trillions to become data-driven, but only 8% can scale successfully.

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Let Us Help You Drive Success Through Valuable Data.

Our Processes

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Types Of Analytics

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We look into past events and try to identify specific patterns within the data. This is a baseline or the starting point of DaaS. Visualizations used in this type are pie charts, bar charts, and tables.

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A form of advanced analytics characterized by techniques like data mining, data discovery, drill-down, and correlations. It examines data for ‘why a certain event happened’.

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Another advanced level of analytics digs down further into the cause of why a certain event happened. Regression analysis, forecasting, pattern matching, and predictive modeling are used.

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Last level of analytics is where data is examined to answer the question ‘what should be done?’. Techniques used are graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing, neural networks, recommendation engines, heuristics and machine learning.

Challenges of Data Analytics As a Service(DAaaS)

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Large Volume of Data

Data storage and analysis is the foremost concern of organizations. Websites with higher traffic generate petabytes of data every month. The immense data major chunk is mostly in unstructured form.


It’s no wonder companies are hesitant towards moving their data to the cloud. However, this depends on the DAaaS providing company, always ask for data protection practices they follow and look into their experience.

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Tool Selection

Companies often get confused about selecting the right form of tools set for conducting any type of analytics for a project. If you hire professionals like us, we’re well aware of the tools and their usage.

Timely Insights

Data stored is of no use if it isn’t analyzed and insights are driven from it for achieving business goals. All this depends on how quickly generated insights are taken action upon. Sometimes insights are market sensitive and timings matter.

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Benefits of Data Analytics as a Service

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Why Choose CodeNinja for DAaaS Service?

Strategic Analysis

We do strategic analysis based on which you can take wise business decisions you won’t regret. We process data and structure it in a useful and understandable way.

Data Democratization

We customize web functionality based on tools, expert analysis and keep iterating data/design untill we start getting meaningful responses.

Beyond Data Management

Mostly companies help in data management when they offer software development, but we do assist in data governance, monetization and compliance.

Enterprise Level Analytics

We do basic, complex and enterprise level analytics depending upon the need of the project/organization or business problem at hand.

Cost Reduction

When companies make an informed decision based on data they cut costs on expensive experiments of the future. This is how we prevent companies from losing their money.

Customized Reports

Get custom reports and dashboard for improving your lead generation or sales funnel. Custom reports we deliver can let you reach conclusions and act fast.

What To Look For In DAaaS Company?

  • Identify trends and opportunities by analyzing advanced data sets.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain analytic systems.
  • Take complex problems and build simple frameworks.
  • Assess organizational methods; who can work on source-to-target mappings and information-model specification documents.
  • Reporting on data mining, analysis, and visualization.
  • Developing protocols for evaluation of internal systems.
  • Working with management and users to gather data requirements, can update project status.
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