Application Security Services

Application security services refer to all application-level tasks that assist in introducing a secure software development life cycle to development teams. The goal is to prevent data or code within the application from being hijacked and to improve security practices. 

At CodeNinja we work with you to determine what you need to achieve from your applications and tailor our services to help you realize your application security goals.

Application Security Services - CodeNinja Consulting Inc.

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Accelerate the maturity of your application security program with threat modeling, software life cycle design, penetration testing, and more.

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Protect Your Apps With Our Application Security Services

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  • Top DevSecOps practices implemented
  • Static code analysis
  • Dynamic application scanners
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Application Security Testing

  • Application security assessment
  • Security architecture review
  • Vulnerability checks
  • Manual pen testing techniques
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Application Threat Modeling

  • Predicting future threats
  • Fixing issues beforehand
  • Automated threat models
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Web Application Security

  • Exposing web attacks
  • Web application firewalls
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Validating cookies
Application Integration Services

API Security

  • Secure socket layers
  • Hypertext transfer protocol
  • Data encryption
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Cloud Native Application Security

  • Static application testing
  • Dynamic application testing
  • Runtime application self-testing

Let us Help You Decide which Services are Suited for Your Business.

Secure from the Start

Application Development and maintenance services thrive on speed. Our Ninjas are embracing cloud, Agile, and DevSecOps to develop the applications as fast as they can to stay market leaders. We embed application security from the start to be built for speed and scale.

Secure from the Start

Why Does Business Need Application Security Services?

Data Breach

Every business application store sensitive customer data, and most often the prime target of any breach is data. It is essential to regulate the application security practices to avoid data breaches.

Decreased Business Reputation

An application that is used regularly by users, needs to be tested regularly for flaws. Any security issue can cause your business reputation to decline.

Loss of Operating License

Applications that deal with sensitive data usually are launched after acquiring operating licenses. Hijacking cases can lead to the loss of these certifications or licenses.

Benefits of Application Security

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Securing Applications with Iteration

Developing and deploying multiple releases of an application per day, especially when building the infrastructure as code, as well as the rest of the app.  In recent times, application architectural designs have changed from monolithic applications to distributed microservices.

Deploy and Iterate Applications everywhere

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Our Robust Agile Application Security Practices

Design Review

This phase focuses on threat modeling where the experts review the whole design of the application to check for security glitches before the coding starts.

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White-box Security Review

This phase refers to analyzing the source code, byte code, and binaries during application design and coding. As these tests are performed before code is compiled, the vulnerabilities are  identified early on.

Black-box Security Audit

This testing technique refers to testing the code during runtime. How an application runs despite being attacked is defined during the black box security audit.

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Automated Tooling

Automation is a vital part of effective application security practice. By automating identification, prioritization, and remediation, development and security teams can focus on more challenging aspects of deployed applications.

Coordinated Vulnerability Management

This phase involves security researchers performing ethical hacking tests to identify and report vulnerabilities.

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Secure Development Lifecycle- SDLC

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Application Security Testing Solutions for Application Infrastructure


Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing tools are used to test security vulnerabilities in the application production phase before these are exploited in the real world. These tools are built to search for weaknesses while the application runs.

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Interactive Application Security Testing

Interactive Application Security Testing analyzes application code for security vulnerabilities while the app is run by an automated test, human tester, or any activity “interacting” with the application functionality.

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Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) enables you to implement client-side code, server-side code, and third-party analysis quickly so you can systematically find and fix security vulnerabilities in your mobile applications, without the need for source code.

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Software Composition Analysis

Software Composition Analysis tools use multiple automated techniques to identify and recognize the vulnerabilities within an application’s tech stack. They are used to inspect source code, binary files, container images, and other critical components for common weaknesses.

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Runtime Application Self-Protection

Runtime Application Self-Protection tools analyze applications during their runtime to help detect attacks in real-time. These tools are deployed on the application servers and operating systems. As soon as they detect malicious activity, they alert the security team.

We Can Help You Overcome Security Vulnerabilities.

Application Security with CodeNinja

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Qualified Security Team

 Experienced security team provides you with high-end solutions that help keep your applications secure.

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We believe in involving our clients in all the decisions that we make in a project. This helps us maintain transparency with our clients during the project.

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Apps Secured

We don’t just say it but we have proved, with our record that we are your best application security service providers.

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Get Access to Dedicated Staff

Choose from multiple hiring models that cater to your need. Get a dedicated team of Code Ninjas to secure your applications.

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Reduced Expenses

We do not compromise on quality despite our lower-than-the-market rates. Our professional workforce strives to deliver world-class solutions at affordable rates.

Business Friendly Outsourcing Models

Dedicated Team 1

Dedicated Team

  • Full Team of professionals
  • Full control over methodology
  • Fast resource scaling
  • Predictable budget
  • Full team accountability
  • Ideal for mid-sized projects
Staff Augmentation

Team Augmentation

  • Less time wasted on recruiting
  • Instant access to talented individuals
  • No in-house costs
  • No infrastructure investment required
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Full Outsourcing

  • Minimum to no management efforts
  • Team covers all the project phases
  • Timeline guaranteed

What To Look for While Hiring Application Security Services Company?

Choosing the right company for your application security service is very important as it decides the outcome of the project. Following is the list of things to consider before hiring an application security services company:

  • The availability of 24/7 customer support
  • Credible Customer Portfolio
  • The Option of Scalability
  • Reputation and Reliability
  • Internation Security Standard Protocols
  • Skills of the team
What To Look for While Hiring Application Security Services Company

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