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Nowadays applications are a part of our household and are a fundamental part of how we work and communicate. Businesses use them to run their operations, manage different processes, and so on. 

With advanced technology, applications are also becoming more complex and difficult to manage. This complexity might be troublesome for your business and that’s where you need application management services.

Our app management services ensure that all the rising issues of the app can be addressed without affecting your business performance.

Application Management Services - CodeNinja Consulting Inc.

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CodeNinja provides businesses with an easy way to manage applications. We provide the tools and resources required to manage your applications effectively.

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Transform With Our Liquid Application Management Services

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Application Modernization

  • Updating legacy system
  • Incorporating newer frameworks
  • Aligning legacy system with current business needs
  • Extending functionality of existing application
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Application Automation

  • Automating IT operations
  • Eliminating configuration errors
  • Providing faster feedback
  • Faster application release process
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Application Migration

  • Strategizing the migration process
  • Defining security concerns
  • Data migration
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Data & Analytics

  • Continuous delivery
  • Investigating dynamic and diverse data
  • Big data analysis
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  • Integrating development and operation team
  • Improved business capabilities
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Application Testing

  • Manual and automated testing
  • Identifying errors
  • Releasing bug-free software
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Application Integration

  • Digitally transform your app
  • Quick data transfer
  • Integrated apps
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Hybrid Application Management

  • Managing native applications
  • Managing web applications
  • Managing multiple platforms
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Application Performance Monitoring

  • Fixing broken code
  • Optimizing application performance
  • Ensuring user experience

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Explore New Possibilities in the World of Application Management

In this modern world, innovation is at the center of creativity. With advancing technology and emerging innovative practices, it is crucial to maintain and integrate business applications. We have come up with our unique approach to application management which comprises of automation, cloud-based solutions and, agile methodologies.

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Why do Businesses Need Application Management Services?

Save Time and Money

The focus of every business is to save money and time as well. Wasting time in hiring multiple resources and then over-spending on expensive tools is not a wise decision for any business, small scale or large scale. Onboarding professionals who are experts in the matter will help you save time and money, at the same time increasing your team’s efficiency.

Keeping Up with the Market Trends

With the ever-changing IT trends, it becomes difficult to keep up with all the new features, trends, updates etc. Hiring someone who is an expert and is familiar with these trends to manage your application is easier.

Switching to Cloud Based

With cloud being the top trend in IT, not all businesses can afford to switch to cloud-based networks. Top-notch application management services companies use cloud-based software to manage applications. It helps in providing better service to the users, therefore, hiring one such company resolves these issues.

Hiring IT Specialists

You don’t need to hire a team of specialists to manage your applications. Hiring an application management services company takes care of all these needs for you. It is difficult to find IT staff nowadays and hiring full-time staff is not required in most cases therefore outsourcing is the best choice.

CodeNinja Can Help You Achieve the Potential Outcomes

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Cost-Efficient Solutions

Our cost-effective approach to application management ensures that your application stays up-to-date without going over budget.

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Effective Communication

CodeNinja is committed to your success and therefore promises to listen to your every need. We believe that communication is the key to a project’s success.

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High Quality Services

Our application management services are provided by our highly skilled professionals who implement the best practices, giving you the right solution.

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Long Term Support

We strive to provide not only the best services, but also the best customer support. Our dedicated support team is available for a long time even after the project closure.

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We believe in involving our clients in all the decisions that we make in a project. This helps us maintain transparency with our clients during the project.

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Full Access To Tech Talent

CodeNinja has a pool of tech talent which comprises of resources from across the globe who are trained in managing applications for all types of businesses.

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Our Approach to Application Management

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our approach for mobile

Business Friendly Outsourcing Models We Offer

Dedicated Team 1

Dedicated Team

  • Full Team of professionals
  • Full control over methodology
  • Fast resource scaling
  • Predictable budget
  • Full team accountability
  • Ideal for mid-sized projects
Staff Augmentation 1

Team Augmentation

  • Less time wasted on recruiting
  • Instant access to talented individuals
  • No in-house costs
  • No infrastructure investment required
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Full Outsourcing

  • Minimum to no management efforts
  • Team covers all the project phases
  • Timeline guaranteed

Benefits of Application Management Services

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What To Look for While Hiring Application Management Services Company?

Choosing the right company for your application management service is very important as it decides the outcome of the project. Following is the list of things to consider before hiring an AMS company:
  • The availability of 24/7 customer support
  • Credible Customer Portfolio
  • Initial Budget
  • The Option of Scalability
  • Reputation and Reliability
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