Cloud Application Development

Cloud-based apps built involve different stages of development, each of which prepares it to get live by adopting the best DevOps practices. For some time, native cloud apps have reduced time to market, developing agility, and flexibility, and boosting performance. 

However, this is just a baseline, cloud approach is penetrating all sorts of market niches. To outpace the competition, and tackle modern-day challenges, a more refined and sophisticated cloud app development is the need of the hour.

Cloud Application Development Services

Harness the Full Power of Cloud Infrastructure

We enable enterprises and tech innovators to future-proof their infrastructure investments and shift to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS business models.

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Cloud Application Development Services

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Cloud App Consulting

  • Plan cloud migrations for businesses
  • Assess ROI, effect on development speed and cost
  • Regulating IT services after migration
  • Design of the cloud architectures
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Cloud App Integration

  • Tools & technologies for connecting apps
  • Drive intelligent hyper automation
  • Get out of the box connectivity solutions
  • Monitor operations for resilience & continuity
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Cloud App Migration

  • From on-premise server to cloud
  • Transferring databases and IT processes
  • Rehosting, re-platforming, refactoring, retiring
  • Technical and risk analysis, managed service operation

Cloud App Implementation

  • Implementation hosted by third party
  • Deciding on a suitable cloud offering
  • Data security/compliance considerations
  • Designing the cloud solution
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Custom Cloud App Development

  • Cloud app design and development
  • Cloud security and risk management
  • Leverage AI cloud solutions
  • Monitoring, implementation, and management
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Cloud App Testing

  • Testing performance, scalability and reliability
  • Testing across devices and browsers
  • Testing apps using cloud computing environments
  • App configurations and data test
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Cloud App Security

  • System of policies, controls and processes
  • Enabling app protection in collaborative cloud environments
  • Block risky apps, and configure policies at granular level
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Cloud App Infrastructure Management

  • Processes and tools for allocation of key resources
  • Development and deployment of cloud apps management
  • Hybrid cloud strategy for driving cost efficiency
  • Cloud management features
  • Multi cloud management
  • Optimization of cloud components
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Cloud App Support and Maintenance

  • Ensure all your cloud platforms run smoothly
  • Strategic backups placement, aligning on cloud paths
  • Monitoring system logs
  • Preventive maintenance protocols
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Legacy Cloud Migration

  • Advanced migration approach
  • Digitally transform your business
  • Migrating, replacing, and automating your IT systems
  • Upgrade your legacy applications to a modern cloud core

Top-Rated Cloud App Development Company Realize Greater Power at Speed and Scale

From migration and management to cloud innovation, CodeNinja is an industry leader in delivering full-scale integrated Application Development ServicesAn outdated and monolithic app may hinder the adoption of ownership, whereas the cloud keeps things transparent and accountable in check. 

Being slow, and not responding, with perplexing dependencies is not what you will get from us. Our cloud consulting services offer premier partnerships, accelerate change and offer greater value.

Top Rated Cloud App Development Company Realize Greater Power At Speed And Scale

Partnerships and Recognitions

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Our Cloud App Development Process

Requirements Analysis

Unlike any other app, we assess requirements first.

Cloud Team Spinning

Pick and choose the best in-house talent.


Laying out the architecture and features to be added.

Development & QA

App development and testing in real-time.


Making the app live; ensures it’s bug-free.

Our Key Tech Stacks

WEB Back-end


WEB Front-end

lit alpinejs


Mobile Development

iosframwork nativescript ioniz

Desktop Application Languages

python c++ C#cred C GO js swift obj-c

Desktop Application Frameworks

ms wpf electron


my-sql oracle sql-server azure sun analytics postgre-sql amazone-s3 google-cloud-sql amazone-RDS azure-sql-database

DevOps Configuration Management Tools

saltstack ansible chef puppet

DevOps Monitoring Tools

zabbix nagios datadog prime theus

Devops Testing Tools

jenkinsselenium saopui zophyr testcomplete

DevOps Version Control Tools

git subversion mercurial

Cloud Computing

MS-Azure rockspace google-cloud aws digital-ocean

Programming Languages

scala octave R matlabjulia


theano open CV tensorflowsinga sho gun weka h2 mlpack mahout mxnet mxnet keras torch


gensim spacy learn sparkmlib orange

Big Data

hbase azure data lake amazon zookeeper hadoop mongo DB google cloud datastore kafka azure cosmos db redshift hive azure Blob Storage amazon documentsDB spark AWS cassandra

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud App Development?

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Reduce IT costs

Managing and monitoring data on the cloud. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment and hardware, and fewer time delays.

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Scale as Per the Business

Scale up or down your operation and storage needs as whatever suits your business situation. Using cloud frees up your time which you utilize elsewhere.

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Data Security, Business Continuity

If the data is secured, it helps in business continuity plan. Whatever the calamity is, your data is backed up and accessible all the time.

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Promotes Distributed/Cross-Cultural Environments

You can collaborate really well since sharing files and data becomes easier and flexible between teams sitting anywhere in the world.

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Facilitates Remote Work

Cloud computing allows remote work easy and keeps every team member on the same page since everyone has the same shared information.

Benefits of Cloud Application Development

Benefits of Cloud Application Development
mobile Benefits of Cloud Application Development

Let us Help You Find a Reliable Cloud Solution for Your Business.

Why Choose CodeNinja for Cloud App Development?

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In-house Cloud App Development Team

The in-house team develops and manages application code, users, and data.

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Flexible Engagement Models

In our case, we offer dedicated team and staff augmentation models for cloud app development.

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Holistic Strategy

Migrate applications and workloads to virtualized environments for more efficient utilization of cloud-native services.

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A clear roadmap is provided to extract the desired level of cost efficiency and ensure that all your business-critical requirements are met.

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Business Agility

Businesses are boosting the agility of their IT infrastructure via using our cloud computing services.


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Cloud Expertise

More than 7 years in cloud development, encircling SaaS development and building distributed enterprise systems.

We Incorporate Leading Technologies

Our Cloud Application Development Outsourcing Models

Dedicated Team 1

Dedicated Team

  • Remote team dedicated to the realization of your project.
  • Team works on a certain project exclusively full-time.
  • Direct reporting to the client.
  • Administrative support on outsourcing company.
  • More focus, increased speed, quality results.
Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

  • Outsourcing on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of organization.
  • Out-of-house specialized skills personnel hiring.
  • Global reach to the talented resources.
  • Flexible resourcing, can hire one or a team or extend with time.
  • Can used as trial run for potential full-time employees.

What to Look for While Hiring For Cloud Application Development Services?

  • It’s essential for a cloud engineer to have experience with at least one of the three major platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Align with the engineering team to identify and see what optimal cloud-based solutions they offer.
  • 3+ years of experience architecting, designing, developing, and implementing cloud solutions.
  • Experience in: database architecture, ETL, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics.
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