Shopify Theme Development

Let us build a brand that resonates with your present and future business goals with our pixel-perfect, seamless, and intriguing custom Shopify theme development, templates, and app development services.

Commercial Shopify themes and apps can do wonders for SMBs selling online but won’t work well for big brands. A custom-built store created around the brand is what you need. You deserve to own each and every pixel of your website design.

However, custom builds require a significant amount of effort and resources, whereas, with templated solutions, you can achieve your goals more quickly. This often prompts our clients to opt for templated themes, and we take responsibility to guide them accordingly. However, even templated themes may require custom touch-ups, and the design cost may increase, so there is no cost-cutting in such scenarios, as we can say from experience.

shopify theme development

Top-tier Custom Shopify Theme Development Solutions

When it comes to crafting a layout of a web store, there is a world out there full of options to choose from. You can go with one of the paid themes or free themes which are available on Shopify Theme Store.

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How it Works(Process)

Requirement analysis

Analyse design layouts, advance work plan and estimates for development.

Theme development

UI/UX designers & developers work on interactive theme development.


Theme usability, responsiveness and display of elements are tested.

Release / Deployment

Making the project live and seeing if there comes any issue.


Free support for a month or two, depending upon the agreement.

Custom Shopify Theme Development Services

Layer 1 8

Custom Shopify Development Services

  • Custom theme development
  • Custom app development
  • Tweaking pre-built themes
  • Business and technical consultation
Group 117972

Custom Shopify Theme Development

  • Crafting theme around brand identity
  • In-house design team
  • Take full responsibility of the delivery
  • UI/UX design services
Group 17415

Shopify Custom Plugin Development

  • Custom app and theme development
  • API development and integration
  • Custom functionalities development
  • Seamless integration and data transfers
Web application development Services

Shopify Custom Website Development

  • Customized website templates
  • UI/UX design and development
  • Mapping customer journeys
  • Technical support
Layer 1 13

Shopify Custom App Development

  • Minimal coding, advance customizations
  • Optimization of web store performance
  • Certified Shopify developers
  • Fulfill app functionality gap
Layer 1 2

Custom Shopify Order Management

  • Developing order management systems
  • Broadens features and functionalities
  • Task or order automation
  • Integration with necessary tools
Layer 2 1

Custom Shopify Payment Gateway

  • Payment gateway with more possibilities
  • Payments apps integration
  • Choice of payment options
  • Customized payment processing services
Layer 1 14

Shopify Custom Product Page

  • Custom theme development
  • UI/UX design of product pages
  • Shopify development experts
  • Custom changes on landing pages
Group 17337 1

Custom Shopify Shop Page

  • Shopify product page customization
  • Custom theme for shop pages
  • Conversation rate optimization
  • Enhance shop functionality
Group 17548

Custom Module Development

  • Development of custom modules/plugins
  • Creating dynamic web pages
  • Functionality extension
  • Seamless store/app working across multiple environments

If you’re a bit more ambitious, you’ll want to move beyond the cookie-cutter style.

In-house Shopify Team Vs Unverified Freelancers

In-house trained and Certified Shopify Developers take complete responsibility for the project from ideation, and development to delivery. Many enterprises find it tough and often at crossroads once they need scaling. Let’s jot down some pointers for comparison so that decision-making would become easy.

  • Access a global talent pool with freelancers but the direction supervision lacks along with loyalty.
  • In-house team works in a close environment, with better coordination which is not necessarily the case with freelancers.
  • Freelancers are cheap because they do what they’re paid for but our in-house team works on milestones and believes in successful project delivery.

In-house Shopify team vs unverified freelancers
Bring the best side of design

“People Ignore Design that Ignores People”

Bring the best side of your web store in the best possible user navigation or can label ‘user experience’.

At Code Ninja, we learned that poor designs hardly convince and convert. That’s why we recommend our clients have a session with a UI/UX team and share their ideas.

Nobody likes confusion, design clarity helps customers in understanding about the product. A bespoke theme development we do will fine-tune your brand, build identity, and establish a distinctive voice.

Whether a small tweak or a massive website construction, we can help you get the theme of your dreams. We listen, respond promptly, and share pricing upfront.

Benefits of Custom Shopify Theme Development

Benefits of Custom Shopify Theme Development Services

Why CodeNinja for Custom Shopify Theme Development?

More than Just a Shopify Company

We are innovators, leaders, dreamers, and entrepreneurs and as proactively involved in the development of a Shopify theme as the client himself. Our team is open to any challenges and driven by the process and results it brings. If the theme or website won’t stand out in the crowd, there is just no sense in making it in the first place, our motto.

Customizations & Scalability

We give clients wide room or open space for customizations or personalization they want for their store theme. However, when they try making custom changes themselves, they face limited customization, limited scalability, and unpleasant design aesthetics. Here, we guide them transparently.

Smooth Theme Switch

Often an outdated theme disturbs the customer's buying journey and once the client learns; he asks for theme switch by approaching us. Thinking of your store to grow and expand is a reasonable expectation. Theme adaptation we do is smooth and it’s done in a way that it could handle extra demand from your webstore.

Fast Turnaround

Our in-house team divides projects into milestones with a delivery manager who keeps tabs on the health of the project. However, we follow agile working methodologies where we adopt changes if asked by the client and do team shuffling as if asked by the client.

Code Responsibility

Clean coding practices are ensured as per the standards. Our clients won’t find any extra or messy code hindering the speed of their web stores. We take complete responsibility of clean code along with it’s security, as closely bond codes are often hacked or if they’re not secured by the service providers.

Running a Theme Check

Usually, service providers don’t pay heed to the overall performance of the store and just focus on theme development. But we look into all close functionalities associated with the Shopify theme and run a theme check. Not just after the implementation but before we do run and check if the theme could go well with the store needs.

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