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CodeNinja provides real-time, 24/7 long-term managed Magento support services. We offer support and maintenance for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures through our to-the-point 3-tiered service offering. Launching an online Magento store doesn’t mean it’ll grow automatically without any security risks. You need a support infrastructure in place for optimal operations round the clock.

Is your Magento store too slow? Are you losing traffic and sales because of poor store performance? We at Code Ninja take pride to be your one-stop digital commerce pitstop from where you can refuel (revamp) websites and ask for repairs (constant support). When it comes to Magento technical support, we have Magento 2 trained and certified solution partners who can solve all Magento support issues in no time.

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Unmatched In-house Team of Professionals

Take a deep breath and relax – when we commit to Magento support of your store, you don’t have to worry any further about downtime and poor navigation experience.

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How it Works(Process)


Information collection helps in troubleshooting problems.


Weak or compromised areas

Resources allocation

Project managers, QA engineers as needed

Timelines and cost

Based on deep analysis of requirements

Rigorous testing

Boost performance and optimization

Expansion & modifications

Debugging in custom app functionality

Magento Support - Constructing Business Immune Systems

Our top-of-the-line Magento developers identify, target and remove bugs/ issues causing hinderance in Magento store optimal performance.

Magento Optimization Hosting

Magento Optimization & Hosting

  • Upgrade to Magento 2
  • Magento server optimization
  • Increase product number and upload categories
  • Optimize site function without affecting the speed
Store UIUX Development

Store UI/UX Development

  • Make your web store look visually appealing
  • Design choices based on user behaviors
  • Useful web navigation, simple and intuitive
  • UI/UX audit
Magento Extension Devlopment

Magento Extension Devlopment

  • Magento architecture changes
  • Custom Magento extension development
  • Design, development and deployment
  • Seamless integration into existing store
Magento Programming Support

Magento Programming Support

  • No compromised code
  • Improvise development solutions
  • Covering gaps in development
  • Full-suite of Magento programming services
Server Administration Support

Server Administration & Support

  • Proactive server administration support
  • Cater to complex and integrated environments
  • Design, install and administer
  • From networking cloud infrastructure to automation
  • Security and monitoring
Custom Backend Development

Custom Backend Development

  • Certified Magento developers
  • Cost-effective custom development solutions
  • CRM and ERP implementation
  • Dedicated backend development team
  • Instantly hire resources
Third Party Application Integration

Third Party Application Integration

  • Custom and ready-made extensions
  • Enhanced store functionality
  • App integrations support
  • Automation of business processes
Turn your Magento store into a high conversion machine

Turn your Magento store into a high conversion machine

More than just coding, we go beyond so that we collectively achieve success. Magento support services do not only comprise security and monitoring but rather offer full-fledge support where if your website isn’t converting or bringing in more sales, we can let that happen, fast. With over 7 years, we’ve been supporting our customers’ stores, making sure they’re working to their fullest.

It’s Time for Magento Upgrade!

Flexible support plans, got you covered!

Flexible support plans, got you covered!

Whether it is a small task of adding a security patch or want an upgrade to Magento 2 or some enhancements regarding features with your Magento store, we have made flexible pricing plans. Once you ask for free consultation, we guide you through each one of them. We love to solve your digital commerce roadblocks by providing exceptional client experience and build a solid personal relationship.

Emergency support system, proactive approach

Often clients come burning since they face store shutdown or traffic going down drastically. Well, we gauge every possible resource to dig the problem and then rescue it. Within a given project scope, we take responsibility for the services we offer.  With our ‘ongoing Magento support service’ retailers can rely on our way of dealing with the store monitoring and restoration.

Emergency support system, proactive approach
Train administration reduces dependability

Train administration reduces dependability

We make the client team comfortable with the technologies being used in making a Magento solution happen. While configuring the Magento application in line with the business goals, we do provide an easy learning curve so that dependability could be lessened and emergency situations dealt with then and there. Further, resolving workflow challenges often appear in complex e-commerce solutions.

Key Highlights of Magento Support Services

Magento Version Upgradation

Magento Version Upgradation

Regular code optimizations

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Project Manager

Accessible for updates and available in emergency support

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Vigilant pair of eyes, no risk taken

Quick response time

Quick Response Time

Helpdesk available in emergency situations


In-house Magento 2 Experts

Latest version trained team

Group 17289

Security Enhancement

Protecting code from security thefts

Infrastructure improvements

Infrastructure Improvements

Functional features boost

Trusted support partner

Trusted Support Partner

Worked with leading brands

Benefits of Magento Support & Maintenance Services

Benefits of Magento Support & Maintenance Services
benefits of megento support services

Why CodeNinja for Magento Support Services?

Technical Responsive Support

Usually, clients are not well-versed with technicalities which is why we offer dedicated and certified Magento experts. When you sign an NDA with our company, we take the responsibility of keeping your website in optimal condition.

Unlimited Capacity Building

Scalable and flexible team structures for unlimited website expansion/development. We have different business models like staff augmentation, dedicated team, T&M model and fixed price models. Each one is different and works perfectly as asked for by the client. 


We don’t shake hands and say goodbye when the project is delivered. We seek responsibility as a service provider. Training is a major part of the post store launch. Ensuring that the client team can efficiently use the Magento Admin Panel and run daily operations.

Dedicated Point-of-contact

A single point of contact offers 24/7 and 365 access to Magento support personnel and an emergency support line staffed by dedicated Magento support teams. Multi-disciplinary, cross-functional team of experts based in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Launch Marketing Support

Analytic assessment of how the store is performing in the competitive market and understanding of the niche. If clients want to pursue their interest in digital marketing, we offer comprehensive 360 marketing. Continuous evaluation and continuous monitoring make your store get on top really quickly.

Ideal Pricing Models

We don’t fixate on pricing models however annual subscription pricing model for support and maintenance services is the most demanded. Reach out to our sales representative and he will walk you through the pricing models we use for billing our Magento support services.

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Submit a request and we ‘ll get in touch within a day

Thank you for filling out your information!

We have received your message and sent you an email with the Company Profile Link at the email address you provided.

If your inquiry is urgent, please use the whatsapp number listed below to talk to one of our staff members.

+1 347 560 1951

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do offer support packages based on the requirements of the project. Although there are different models of pricing but in the case of Magento support ‘package pricing’ is the most used.

Although we do take into consideration hourly and project-based pricing models as sometimes clients just want a ‘one-time’ resolution for the problem at hand.

Yes, it is part of the support service we provide. We don’t charge just for the sake of it until our client gets value out of it. Since regular store backup is necessary for protecting any organization’s data from theft or data loss. We always follow safety precautions or protocols, so that precious company data remain intact.

Yes, you can. You can always upgrade and downgrade depending upon your business needs. Some of the highlights of the maintenance services include Magento upgrades, we keep the platform latest by updating it with latest versions of Magento. Magento optimization is another important pointers where a Magento store is optimized so much so that its performance and UX improves 2x times, storefronts and real-time catering of emergency issues.’

No. Version upgrades are not part of the support hours we offer. Since version upgrades include features upgrades and we can always customize and upgrade if a client asks for them. Although substantial security upgrades in every new version of the Magento make it irresistible ‘to risk’ your multibillion-dollar business.  Minimizes the risk of hack, cyber-attacks and simply put unstable ecommerce Magento store.

Also, we remain open towards upgrading the support hours depending upon the client requirements.

Code Ninja has an in-house team of experts with various years of experience. Whereas if you hire freelancers, they don’t pay heed to your site performance and are rather more concerned with the number of hours they’ll be charging. Also, no matter how much resources we allocate to your store, they will never offer solutions by staying considerate about your business goals.

With dedicated Magento support team, a Magento store usually get a regular audit and in-depth testing encircling Magento extensions working, third party integrations (if working properly), and custom apps integrated or custom modules built by the development team. Compatibility and unit tastings done manually and with automation tools. All practices for detection of bugs, errors, internal and external site conflicts on a regular basis.

Furthermore, prompt audits and testing at regular intervals or scheduled times keep your business from suffering unexpected downtime or traffic loss. We examine the potential downtime issues while your website is unavailable, however, we try our best not to reach such a position where you have to wait for website to get live again.  Site monitoring and audits keep businesses away from emergency support situations.

Once we find out issues or identify weak areas, we send notifications along with resolutions immediately.

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