Magento Migration Services

As a top Magento Development Services provider we stay up to date with the newest technological advancements and provide our clients with unique competitive advantages. We successfully Migrate eCommerce stores to the latest baseline, Magento 2 platform without any errors, cater to improperly mapped functionalities, data loss, compromised user experience, and significant downtime that takes careful auditing and mindful execution. Our Top Magento Developers provide you around the clock support during the migration process should you require it. With our Magento migrations services, you’ll be able to migrate to the latest Magento tech stack in the shortest time frame possible, keeping your Magento eCommerce Store always up to date.

With our Magento migrations services, migrate to the latest Magento tech stack in the shortest time frame possible

Migrate From Your Legacy eCommerce System to Magento Now!

CodeNinja can help you migrate from your current eCommerce platform to the most recent version of the Magento commerce platform with the highest efficiency. We follow a fool-proof system with periodic site backups and comprehensive checklists to ensure error-free migrations. Contact our team today to find out more about it.

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How it Works (Process)


Information gathering – databases, extensions, customizations, security patches, and theme details.

Compatibility check

Series of compatibility tests to avoid performance issues down the line.

Data migration

Customers, products, and orders data transfer from the current database to the new one.

Security check

We continually test and check the security and performance of your Magento shop.

QA Testing

Conduct QA testing using automatic and manual processes to eliminate technical or functional issues.

Magento Migration Services

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Theme Migration

  • Modern theme designs.
  • Retain all critical elements.
  • Attractive eCommerce store designs.
Group 17373

Product Data Migration

  • Major product characteristics.
  • Staff training.
  • Updated product information.
Group 17374

SEO Migration

  • Effective SEO strategy.
  • Higher store ranking.
Group 17377

Legacy Data Migration

  • Old data migration.
  • Updated store.
  • Archiving data.
Group 14561

Coupon codes

  • Automatic code generation.
  • Analyzing usage reports.
  • Generating multiple coupons.

Don’t Look Outdated, Magento 2 Migration is Need of an Hour

There is no single reason that could justify that an online store won’t function properly on Magento 1. But there are disadvantages to not shifting to the latest version of Magento 2 as Magento 1 will become obsolete and you never want to rest your store on outdated software.

Security is another standalone reason you should think of Magento 2 Migration. This is even more important if your store handles credit cards. The outdated store is less compatible with the latest code environment and the chances of getting compromised are greater. Below are some hard-solid reasons why you need to migrate:

  • Progressive web apps help in the utmost optimization of a web store.
  • Launch globally, no boundaries, go international.
  • Better security, no more security patches.
  • Advanced features and new Magento extensions.
  • Loads of unnecessary data and unused logs are no more.
  • Rebuild and rebrand the storefront with the latest design trends.
Magento 2 migration is need of an hour

Decide Today and Mitigate the Risks of Data Leaks, and Credit Card Fines!

Magento Migration Process

As a rule of thumb, you take your store backup and review installed extensions. Second, you have built a store for Magento 2 Migration. Before starting the migration to the production environment, we suggest a dry run that is go through all the steps in a test environment. ‘Doing it yourself’ often becomes risky if you skip any of the important steps. Here’s an extensive overview of the migration process.

Magento Migration Process

Popular Magento Migration Pairs

Merchants who have online stores on Magento 1 will find it hard to switch to Magento 2 since there is a lot of rework involved. Data migration tools are popular and many use such tools thinking they will do all the work however; such is not the case. ‘Customizations’ is where the role of a professional service provider comes in.

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Shopify to Magento Migration

Magento is a licensed platform whereas Shopify is a hosted platform and this is the core reason amongst others in shifting to the Magento ecommerce platform in our experience. Code Ninja is a leading end to end Magento Migration Service provider from Shopify with a fully customized store.

Group 17328

Big Commerce to Magento Migration

Migrating to Magento from Big Commerce is a great choice but the next step of choosing the Magento partner may not be. Seamless migration experience is what everyone claims but we offer a true value when we say smooth migration without any data loss from Big Commerce Platform to Magento 2.

Group 17321

Volution to Magento Migration

Volution is old and outdated, established in 1999 but hardly evolved much in comparison to Magento. Often clients ask for their store Migration from Volution to Magento 2 and we promise enhanced store performance, three-fold features enhancement, and improved security.

For Pre-migration Consultancy and Post-migration Support

What Data Can be Migrated to Magento 2?

Group 17330

Product's, Categories & Specification

Name, description, status, SKU, image, URL, meta title, and meta description are migrated from any platform to Magento 2. The updated platform has in-built import/export product categories. It’s easy to add and update, helpful for admins. The CSV file imported has all the above-mentioned elements.

Group 17332

Customer Information

Email, customer group, newsletter, billing address (first name, last name, company, address 1, address 2, country, state, city, zip code, telephone), shipping address (first name, last name, company, address 1, address 2, country, state, city, zip code, telephone) can be Migrated to Magento 2.

Group 17334


Name, coupon code, type of discount, and discount amount are usually Migrated to Magento 2. Generate and import an unlimited number of coupon codes in just a few clicks if you are using a tool. Coupon management is a hassle and so does its migration, we do it carefully and thoroughly.

Group 17337


ID, order date, order status, order products (name, SKU), product price, quantity, sub-total price, discount price, tax price, shipping price, total price, order comments, customer name (first name, last name, company, address 1, address 2, country, state, city, zip code, telephone) and shipping address (first name, last name, company, address 1, address 2, country, state, city, zip code, telephone).

Group 17339

CMS Pages

Title, URL, meta description, status, and content heading are imported to Magento 2. The updated platform allows us to create CMS pages for different purposes and can translate CMS pages for different locals across the globe. Even online retailers can restrict some CMS pages’ visibility.

Group 17341


Created date, rate, user name, comment, product, and title are a few features that can be extracted to Magento 2. It allows easy management of reviews and ratings in the admin panel. Also, this platform lets you import / migrate all sorts of reviews and ratings to your web store.

Benefits of Magento Migration

Benefits of Magento Migration
Benefits of Magento Migration

Why CodeNinja for Magento Migration?

Dedicated Project Delivery Manager

Facilitates timely development of the asked solution through effective management of Magento team and work schedules. Delivery manager ensures no roadblock impedes the speed of the development. Open, transparent, and authentic collaborative working approaches for mitigating risks or challenges for successful delivery.

Certified Magento Developers

A team of certified and professional Magento developers has technical knowledge along with creative thinking. Our developers have good communication skills and have worked with cross-functional teams across the US, Europe, and Asia. They are feasible in any of the business engagement models.

100+ Stores Upgraded /Migrated

For having been in the Magento development industry for more than 7  years, we have upgraded 100 plus stores successfully. Our teams work in different business models in flexible and agile project management systems.

Zero Downtime During Migration

Your current store will keep on running the way it is, we take the backup and launch-ready the upgraded store before the migration process starts. This way when all the data is imported and tested, the store gets live. Ensuring zero downtime for a source store, hence no loss of potential customers.

Professional Magento Support Services

After delivering the project, we do offer our technical support and services. Post launch free support (if agreed upon) for a month or so is offered. Also, any project with technical issues can approach our trained team. Our technical support never lets your store down even for a bit.

Lossless, Seamless, Secured Data Migration

Our team of Magento experts claims to do the most secure, seamless, lossless, and error-free migrations. We use 128-bit SSL encryption, and HTTPS protocol, promising the security of all the data being migrated. Conducting data migrations through incremental steps, minimal downtime.

Procedure to Avoid Data Loss During Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Process

Group 17343

Sanitize data, don’t migrate bad data

Group 17345

Validate business rules, eradicate legacy systems

Group 17347

Check cross-object dependencies

Group 17349

Take backup, and ready your Magento 2 storefront

Group 17351

Leverage automation, don’t suffer from cost overruns

Group 17353

Implement managed file transfer for data migrations

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