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Magento developers at CodeNinja are highly skilled and possess all the technical expertise required for a growing organization. We have the right people for guidance and all the technical support needed for the business to flourish. Our Magento developers take complete responsibility for providing remarkable experiences to their clients and are proficient in their tasks. CodeNinja’s Magento developers fit right into the organization and fulfill its requirements in an impeccable manner including Frontend and Backend development processes, and much more.

Hire Magento Developers from CodeNinja guidance and all the technical support needed in the business to flourish.

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As a leading Ecommerce Development Company CodeNinja proposes the best solutions to all problems and has a team of highly skilled professionals to cater to all the demands of clients.

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How it Works(Process)


Describing job requirements.


Choosing the most suitable resource.

Test & Interview

Screening test followed by face-to-face interview.

Interview Round 2

With management and C-level executives (if required)


Resource finalization and hiring.

Expertise of Our Magento Developers

Some of the highlighted expertise on the basis of which you can hire Magento developers are mentioned below:

Group 14523 1

Custom Magento Development

  • Customized Magento Website
  • Theme Development
  • Custom App Development
Group 16738

Custom Magento Extension Development

  • Custom Complex Code
  • Highly Functional Extensions
  • Fully Configurable Grid
  • Seamless Integration
Group 117972

Custom Magento Theme Development

  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom extension installation
  • Unique Store Theme
  • Personalized Magento Store
Layer 1 15

Custom Magento Wesbsite Design

  • Responsive Design Elements
  • Lead Conversion
  • Interactive Layout
  • Enhanced UX
Layer 1 17

Magento Website Management

  • Performance Optimization
  • Security Patches
  • Scheduled Maintenance Checks
Group 14525

Magento Payment Gateway Integration

  • Order Management
  • In-built Magento Payment Gateway
  • Aligning Multiple Payment Services Providers
Layer 1 23

Magento Speed Optimization

  • Improved Conversion Rate
  • Thorough Analysis
  • Store Speed Optimization
integration 1

Magento Integration

  • Business Operational and Commercial Success
  • Omnichannel Customer Experience
  • Integrated All Backend & Frontend Systems

Our Hiring Process

Steps We Take for Onboarding a New Client

Schedule discovery call

Sets expectations and all queries are answered realistically.

Review of team’s roles and responsibilities

Understanding of project goals and milestones,

Walk through everyone’s role and outcome transparently.

Anticipate roadblocks

Risks and challenges anticipated beforehand.


We seek feedback if they are satisfied with the provided team and initial work.

Taking notes & follow-up

Detailed notes, not-to-miss anything, and follow-up for clarity.

Prerequisites for Developers

This professional competency certification requires successful completion of Certificates of Proficiency in the following four key knowledge areas.

Knowledge of Magento
with Certification

To hire Magento developer, a valid certification is of prime importance. Magento 2 certification should be cleared by the developer, which is required to deploy Magento eCommerce store.

Ecommerce Integration

This skill is the backbone of increasing revenues and profit by exponential numbers. This feature is responsible for looking after customer service expenses and also for targeting customers in an explicit manner.

Knowledge of

Each development area requires this programming language. This area can add functions as modules that can be used in business.

Knowledge of Magento
Theme Integration

An expert should have a deep understanding of CMS themes. They should be skilled enough to meet the customized requirements of the customer.

Flexible Hiring Engagement Model

CodeNinja’s strategic capability is technology development, we have used this capability in developing innovative and flexible processes for onboarding developers.

Engagement Model

Engagement Model

Clients over the globe have different demands and resources. To meet expectations and provide customer satisfaction we offer dedicated resources and no hidden costs. Moreover, we provide transparent budget estimation, high security, and privacy with no compromise on quality.

We offer three types of engagement models to hire Magento developers:

Fixed Type :

  • It will have low financial risk
  • It will have a clear plan of action


Dedicated Team: By opting for this model you will hire our developers for the execution of your project.

  • It will provide industry-specific expertise.
  • Hassle-free project execution
  • Minimized overhead costs which included costs of hiring, training, medical, etc.


Time and Materials Model: It will be helpful for the following:

  • Fast project start: clients won’t have to go through thorough planning to calculate all risks, challenges, and deadlines.
  • More control over the development process: The client can always intervene to suggest changes during the development process.

Staff Augmentation

Code Ninja also adopts staff augmentation strategy, providing precise solutions for various business fluctuations. Our this approach results in cost reduction as well as efficient work. Moreover, it will bring innovative ideas to your business and will help in better management.

This strategy gives complete transparency and will dispense more time to focus on your core business processes.

Staff Augmentation

Available Resource Models for Hiring Dedicated Magento Developers

Group 17417

Hourly Based

CodeNinja employees Magneto developers on contractual basis in which a fixed hourly rate is agreed, and they are paid for the numbers of hours they work. CodeNinja believes in flexible working environment therefore hires individuals based on their skills and their ability to deliver in tight deadlines rather than focusing static working environment.

Group 17419

Weekly Based

CodeNinja also hire Magneto developers on weekly basis. In this type of contractual terms, the developers are paid per week record and they submit timesheets at the end of one week and are usually paid for their time the following week. It is not like a normal 5 day week from Monday to Friday its always seven days long.

Group 17421

Monthly Based

CodeNinja also hires the Magneto developers on regular monthly basis. This system operates like the same normal monthly payroll system in every other company. The employees will get paid once a month, on the same day each month, as they will receive a paycheck.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Magento Developers

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Magento Developers
Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Magento Developers

Why Hire Magento Developers from CodeNinja?

Guaranteed SLA

This agreement defines the level of service expected by a customer from a supplier, laying out the metrics by which that service is measured, and the remedies. Code Ninja guarantees delivering quality projects and ensures client satisfaction.

Implemented Over 100 Projects

CodeNinja has been operating for number of years and providing solutions to large corporations and small to medium size enterprises. We have delivered over 100 successful and we deeply appreciate every member of the team for relentless efforts.

Over 100 Happy Clients

We have a strong client portfolio, delivering over 100 projects and have a guaranteed SLA which displays premium services to the clients. We accept the reality of constant change, an element that every client appreciates.

7+ Years of Experience

CodeNinja has been operating in the market for more than 7 years, offering a range of services to customers, because we have a long-term vision and are adaptable to market innovations.

Flexible Working Environment

Code ninja understands the industry dynamics overall and values the employee’s well-being as it aims to provide the best possible working environment for its employees in order to keep them motivated.

Time Zone Management

Ensuring smooth communication with stakeholders. We use updated communication means and manage time zone differences by assigning project delivery managers to maintain long-distance cooperation effectively.

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