Meteor.js Development Services

A development framework where you can focus on building features instead of configuring components yourself by using different tools available right there. The same codebase can be used across web, iOS, android and desktop applications for seamless experience.

For rapid prototyping and cross platform app development, Meteor.js development is used as you get hands on highly functional and real-time solutions.

Meteor Js Development Services helps in building MVP or creating a full fledge solution

We Build Relationships and not just Software.

Our processes and deliverables are transparent, we deliver what we promise. Our agile working approach ensures all sources of possible delays can be taken care of well in advance.

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Meteor.Js Development Services we Provide

Cross platform app development

Cross-platform App Development

  • Build compatible, light-weight apps
  • App design and development for startups and enterprises
  • Consultation and architecture
  • Maintenance and optimization
MeteorJS full stack development

MeteorJS Full Stack Development

  • Application development
  • API development
  • Data aggregation
  • QA/Testing
  • Support and maintenance
Web services and API documentation

Web Services and API Documentation

  • Updates on API lifecycle
  • Collection of references/tutorials
  • Helps in developing custom APIs
ESP Software Integration

Enterprise CMS Development

  • Developing a unified platform for creating and publishing content
  • Architecture and strategy
  • Responsive and adaptive design
  • Ecommerce and BI (Business Intelligence) solutions
  • Marketing automation
Online Shopping

MeteorJS e-Commerce Development

  • Website design and development
  • Data migration
  • QA/Testing
  • Strategizing marketing & automation
MeteorJS ERP development

MeteorJS ERP Development

  • End-to-end ERP integration
  • Custom ERP development
  • Fast MVP development
  • Multi-platform ERP development
Integration with AngularJS

Integration with AngularJS

  • Building connected-client reactive applications
  • APIs, and a curated set of packages from the Node.
  • Testing after deployment
MeteorJS testing

MeteorJS Testing

  • Testing apps if they run smoothly on multi-platforms
  • Testing apps on multiple devices
  • Manual and automated testing
MeteorJS support and maintenance

MeteorJS Support and Maintenance

  • Reliable security, no downtime.
  • Consistent support for MeteorJS apps
  • Performance management

When to Choose for Meteor.js Development Services?

Regardless of the project complexity, Meteor.js framework helps in building MVP or creating a full fledge solution really quick for enterprises and we have found that Meteor is more than capable of getting the job done.

Business may hire Meteor developers from our organisation to create robust apps and web applications utilising the MeteorJs platform. As a Meteor JS development company, we provide solutions that are flawless, quick, and flexible to the max.

When to choose for Meteor.js development services

Have an App Idea?

Development Process of MeteorJS Development Services

development process of meteorjs development services

Benefits of MeteorJS Development Services

benefits of meteorjs development

Cooperation Models

Staff Augmentation

Dedicated Development Team

  • Access to global talent pool
  • Direct control over the team
  • Ideal for long-term projects with unclear requirements
  • Quick turnaround time.
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Staff Augmentation

  • Augmenting the in-house capacity of resources.
  • An outsourcing strategy for short- and long-term projects.
  • Outside personnel or resources hired on a temporary basis.
  • Bridges the hiring gap, can hire the same team/resource on long term basis.
  • Hands on specialized skills

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Why Choose Code Ninja for Meteor.js Development Services?

Dedicated Seasoned Teams

Dedicated, Seasoned Teams

Excels in the framework and the entire JS stack as well.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

That are specifically meant for matching the needs of the particular business.

Agile Working Methodology

Flexible Engagement Models

Hire meteorJS developers as per the requirements.

Competitive Packages

Competitive Packages

Cost effective yet advanced solutions built on meteor.js framework.

Prvoven Methodologies

Prvoven Methodologies

Seamless communication and on-time project delivery.

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