Laravel Development Services

A PHP framework with a high-end development environment, intended for developing custom web apps, enterprise solutions, and Restful web services on MVC architecture. 

Apart from all that, Laravel development services are built with the most scalable and manageable yet dynamic systems and tools required for framing enterprise-level highly sustainable applications. 

Migrate your existing project to the Laravel framework, as it offers an excellent codebase, is easy to maintain, and has resilient features. This package doesn’t hurt the core functionality of the application, this means your code will stay intact and give optimal performance.

The broad customisation provided by Laravel development services allows for changing the built-in features and functionalities of a certain business.

Doing Ordinary Development in an Extraordinary Way

Being a top Laravel development company we provide experts who will help you structure a step-by-step strategy for developing Laravel-powered websites.

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Laravel Development Services We Offer

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Customized Laravel Development Services

  • Modify built-in features and functionalities
  • Template design customization
  • Custom CRM development
  • Fully managed team
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Laravel Enterprise Solutions

  • Custom design and development
  • AI and Machine Learning solutions
  • IoT solutions
  • Business technology consultation
  • Embedded development
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Laravel Data Migration Solutions

  • Cloud-based data integration and migration
  • Database upgrades
  • Advance migration solutions
  • Secure and seamless migration, no downtime
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Laravel ecommerce Development Solutions

  • Build online shops
  • Marketplace development
  • B2B apps development
  • Extensions integrations and support
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RESTFUL APIs Development

  • Architectural design and implementation
  • Better load for a server
  • Independent client server
  • Layered system, code on demand

Laravel Extension Development

  • Plugin design and development
  • Integration and implementation
  • Setup and installation
  • Custom plugin development
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Laravel CRM Development

  • Automate processes sales
  • Complex CRM modules development
  • Solutions for SMEs and enterprises
  • Complete customer service management
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Support and Maintenance

  • Source code audit
  • Security patches update
  • Migration and version updates
  • Implementation of new features

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Why Should You Choose Laravel Development Services?

Laravel development services are often opted from CodeNinja because of the functionality this framework offers. You get a number of pre-built functions and structures that are responsive, making the app development faster, hence it helps launch the product into the market fast.

The framework is extremely simple and easy to implement a complete authentication system that is, login, registration and password reset, all with single command. Also, Laravel is MVC oriented, makes it the best PHP framework for web development.

Why Should You Choose Laravel Development Services

Top Reasons to Consider Laravel for Backend Development

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Built-in Features

Combined with so many popular features and functionalities, writing and implementing code is much easier.

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Rich and Robust Code

This means less code and instant delivery. Doesn’t make the system slow or vulnerable. Since there is less custom coding, it runs faster.

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Better Documentation

The MVC-based framework comes with better documentation and performance compared to other PHP frameworks.

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Laravel secures web apps against the most severe security risks possible, which could be SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting.

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Testing Support

Automated and unit testing support. Tests each unit, component/module, reduces time to test any app.

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Web Traffic Management

Laravel framework helps maintain a healthy web server and traffic handling, can do load balancing with a message queue system.

Laravel Development Process

Laravel Development Process
mobile Laravel Development Process

Hire Laravel Developers from CodeNinja

Job opening

Set deadlines, list of responsibilities and the skills needed.


If fits the job description, filtering the right fit applicants.

Interviews, and test assessment

Conducting multiple interviews, asking technical questions and test assignments.


Once selected, introduced with the engineering team and offered visibility into company’s structure.

Infrastructure access

In advance, we prepare the infrastructure access and code guidelines and how to work in a respective team.


On-demand talent acquisition of screened resources. Get vetted engineers for outsourcing.

Let our Team of Professionals Help you Onboard the Best Talent.

Laravel Stands tall among other PHP Frameworks

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MVC Architecture

Reusable components and features are built-in

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Fast Speed

Laravel delivers robust applications at warp speed.

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Compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel scales the best.

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Simple Authentication

Easy authentication and authorization, with less code.

Corporate Outsourcing Models: How We Work Together?

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Dedicated Laravel Development Team

  • Outsourced and dedicated in-house development
  • Long-term collaboration model
  • Usually for complex and enterprise solutions
  • Team works exclusively on client’s project
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Laravel Development Team Augmentation

  • Outsourcing model for temporary hiring
  • Short-term contract
  • Augment the capacity of the organization
  • Fills specific skill gap
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Laravel Development Full Outsourcing

  • End-to-end management and accountability
  • Long term and short term contracts
  • For SMEs and enterprises
  • No direct development operations handling

Why CodeNinja for Laravel Development Services?

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Laravel Experts at Competitive Rates

Encountering challenges while developing Laravel websites has helped us gain reasonable experience over the years.

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Transparency in Work

We keep tasks in sprint and update frequently about project health, thus keeping the client informed.

Agile Working Methodology 1

Agile Methodology

Fixating isn’t our thing, we keep iterating, we keep improving and adopt agile methodology where change is appreciated.

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Finest Teams on the Bench

Our USP, we keep vetted resources on our finger tips, for on-demand talent acquisition.

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Post Launch Support

It varies from case to case, but if it’s intended, we do it for free for a month.

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Quality Coding

We follow standard practices for coding, integration and implementation.

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