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HTML5 makes any app well-structured and easy to comprehend. Until not so long ago, HTML5 was for static catalog development structuring of light weight micro websites but it has evolved and matured.

Are you searching for a solution that could work perfectly on almost every platform? HTML5 can do a lot and may surprise you in many instances. Web app solutions built in HTML5 by CodeNinja are secure, responsive, sustainable and crafted in a way that they can be maintained and scaled further in future.  

HTML5 development services are secure, responsive, and long-lasting, with the goal of being maintained and expanded in the future.

HTML5 Development and Consulting Services

Our HTML5 developers can create apps for any business vertical using agile development for HTML web and mobile solutions.  Due to HTML5 enhancements and huge functional improvements can be applied in more than just web development, from games to web apps and whatnot.

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HTML5 Development Services We Provide

When to choose HTML5 Development Services?

HTML5 is designed in a way that you don’t have to download browser plugins or any software. Want to build animations? Embed audio and video? Advanced apps run smoothly on any browser? HTML5 can do it all. Here are a few reasons why you should choose HTML5 for web development:
  • Offline website support, if you want your site work without internet.
  • More responsive interface, improved performance, pages load quickly.
  • Don’t want server dependencies.
  • Want HTML5 primary language for the project, already it’s a primary language for the browsers to understand.
  • Easy and quick implementation, compared to other languages, it’s easy to implement.
When To Choose HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 Development Process

HTML5 development process
HTML5 development process mobile view

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How to Hire HTML5 Developers through CodeNinja?

Benefits of HTML5 services

Benefits of HTML5 services
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How CodeNinja Hire HTML5 Programmers?

Why hire HTML5 Development services from CodeNinja?

What to look for while Hiring for HTML5 Development Partner?

  • The best way to know if the developer is worth the investment is to look into his work history.
  • From software visual design to feature set, your development partner must be able to visualize and develop as per specifications.
  • More than any type of project, ‘post-delivery support’ is imperative not only during development and implementation but after the page goes live.
  • Ensure lines of communication are always open and the feedback is recorded.
What to look for while hiring for HTML5 development partner

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