Ember js Development Services

An open-source JavaScript framework for developing client-side web applications based on MVC architecture. It’s designed in a way to reduce development time, hence doubling productivity.

One of the fastest growing front end app frameworks which is being adopted by some big names worldwide. For example, Square, Discourse, Groupon, LinkedIn, Live Nation, Twitch and Chipotle.

Although more favorable for websites, Ember can be used for developing desktop and mobile applications. Apple Music is one notable example of Ember desktop application. If you want to develop a single page web app, Ember.js should be your go-to choose.

Ember Js development services used for desktop and mobile apps but it’s considered a more appropriate framework for websites.

Scale your Ember.js Development with Experts

Ember.js empowers the development process, you get organized and structured code, plus you get to design all ‘ambitious’ web applications inside this framework.

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Ember.js Development Services we provide

Ember.js development services we provide

Ember JS Web Development

  • Build highly functional web apps
  • Design, prototyping
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Custom Ember.js solutions
  • Migration to Ember.js
mobile app development

Ember JS Mobile App Development

  • Custom iOS and Android app development
  • Native and cross platform solutions
  • Ember.js design and prototyping
  • Ember.js consulting
  • Automated QA and testing
Ember JS framework migration

Ember JS Framework migration

  • Multi-platform support
  • Enhanced code reusability
  • Data migration security and support
  • Identification of migration risks
  • Removal of unnecessary plugins, APIs

Ember JS UI/UX Design

  • Ember web design services
  • UI/UX consulting
  • Premium design and code standards
  • Web application debugging
Ember JS plugin development

Ember JS Plugin Development

  • Custom Ember.js plugin development
  • User friendly plugin design/interface
  • Plugin development and integration
  • Testing in different environments
Ember JS support and maintenance

Ember JS Support and Maintenance

  • Software maintenance
  • Application maintenance
  • Proactive support services
  • Enterprise grade software support
Ember JS consulting

Ember JS Consulting

  • Software stack assessment
  • Architecture and redesign assessment
  • Software modernization
  • Setup of DevOps process
Ember JS custom solutions

Ember JS Custom Solutions

  • Custom software development
  • Ember JS plugin development
  • Ember JS architecture and design
  • Ember JS consultation

When to choose for Ember JS Development Services?

Ideal for developing single page web pages. An open-source free JavaScript client-side framework used for web applications development. Although it can be used for desktop and mobile apps but it’s considered a more appropriate framework for websites.

Allows building client-side JavaScript applications as a complete solution, contains data management and application flow. Ember.js is the right choice if you are looking for a reliable and well-structured coding framework. Also, big development teams can leverage from Ember.js where everyone needs to understand the written code and contribute.

When to choose for Ember JS development services

Ember.js for different Web and Mobile Applications

SPA applications

SPA Applications

Ember is a helper library/framework helps in implementing single page applications (SPA) lifecycle functions (bootstrap, mount and unmount).

Application reengineering

Application Reengineering

We evolve the existing application software on to Ember.js by keeping your data intact and business processes up to date. Redesigning and reorganizing the operations.

Live streaming

Live Streaming

APIs for connected experiences. Ember.js framework can be used for offering live streaming, or real-time data streaming. Literally, can live stream everywhere.

IoT applications

IoT Applications

Monitor, manage and deliver great security to your business operations using robust and scalable IoT applications in Ember.js, mostly for engineered for web to streamline businesses.

SaaS product development

SaaS Product Development

We design, implement, deploy, and maintain multi-tenancy Saas applications. Our solutions are secure, scalable and conversion-optimized.

Our EmberJS Development Process

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Benefits of Ember JS Development Services

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Technology stack

Developing software for the backend is a challenging and important process. The back-end architecture consists of a server and application programming interface (API) that can accept data from the front end and return the data. The backend may also be responsible for storing or processing data and performing calculations upon incoming or outgoing requests. Our experts are the right fit for you, If you’re looking for a developer with years of experience of top backend programming languages, like Python and PHP. You’ll have access to a team of highly skilled, consistent developers who can support your business at any time.

.Net java python node php c++ GO

We are front-end specialists that provide complete solutions for all your front-end needs. We can create a complete web page with the latest and greatest technologies, or we can implement a customized solution that has been designed specifically for your business’s needs. Our team provides complete front-end API and software development technologies including a full set of tools, tools for building APIs, SQL databases, and web services. It offers a good mix of the convenience, power, and performance characteristic of compiled languages. Easier to write than compiled languages, front-end languages can be tailored by our experts to each client’s needs.

html css js angular react vue.js ember

Our team at Codeninja is comprised of a diverse set of senior developers, designers, product managers and research & analytics experts who bring together years of experience building mobile applications. We can help you choose the right development path and make sure your software is integrated with the latest technologies to boost its popularity. Mobile app development programming languages including Java, Python, C++, Objective -C, R & D languages, HTML5 and responsive web design – our experts provide solutions, with a dedicated team working on agile projects.

ios andriod xamarin cordova pwa react-native flutter

Our team of highly skilled software architects and engineers are dedicated to delivering innovative, intuitive, and engaging user experiences to businesses. We ensure that your application is properly created and extensively tested before it is launched to the public. We follow strict standards of coding and adhere to the guidelines. With the right team of our experienced developers, you can improve productivity and cut costs by reducing risks and speeding up development.

c++ QT C# python obj-c

Databases are one of the main components of any software project. Great databases allow you to abstract away complex, time-consuming, and costly tasks, so you can focus on the heart of your application – the code that runs on it. Our experts build powerful, fast, and robust databases, support for SQL, NoSQL, and JSON natively. Also, setting up a database is like setting up a website – it only takes moments because everything is handled by Codeninja. We provide well-crafted data models, high-performance query and optimization technologies, and the ability to scale your data across the world.

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Our platform provides the most innovative and comprehensive set of cloud computing services, allowing you to access a diverse range of resources. Codeninja offers secure, compliant, and scalable cloud computing, offering a range of services from on-premises infrastructures to the leading remote deployment options. We make apps, websites and businesses better by providing a reliable, dedicated hosting environment that employees know is fast and secure.

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Why hire our Ember JS Developers?

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

You get quick resolution of web issues.

Hiring Models

Hiring Models

We offer hiring on all business models (dedicated, fixed, T&M).

Quality Driven Approach

Quality Driven Approach

We deliver on quality and never compromise.


Resource Expertise

Pre-vetted professional resources available on the bench.

What to look for when Hiring Ember JS Developer?

There are certain factors which should be considered before opting for Ember JS front end development. However, three main concerns are:
  • If the Ember JS app after being delivered is supported. If the infrastructure will be able to support such framework.
  • Be clear if the Ember JS is being utilized as an asset or a library considering feature roadmap.
  • Make sure the resource or team you hire is well-versed with the Ember JS, seek a test assignment.
What to look for when hiring Ember JS developer




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Frequently Asked Questions

You want a strong server-side rendering for your application then choose ReactJS. For long-lasting projects seeking scalable technology, Ember would be a better choice. Also, if you’re one of those preferring Python-like development environments, pick Ember.

However, if your priority lies in interactive user interface development, React should be the ultimate choice.

Ember JS framework is ideal for web and mobile app development. Ember JS development is a go-to option for single page web apps (SPAs), as development is quick, productive, battle-tested JS framework for building modern web apps. Includes everything needed for designing and developing rich UIs.

Rich ecosystem, developers get wide range of add-ons to quickly add new functionality. Ember JS requires less coding in comparison to other JS frameworks like ReactJS and AngularJS. For getting to know how ideal EmberJS is for your project in specific, call us at: +1 347 560 1951

It depends on the complexity of the app, customizations, and the number of features required in the app. Location of the development team or the type of outsourcing and the business model opted. Sounds overwhelming, well, we can understand. Let’s set up a call and make it easy for you.

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