Usability Testing Services

CodeNinja offers enhanced testing services across all platforms. Our services incorporate modern tools and methods to analyze the functionality of the website or application. Our experts ensure that the application being developed is user-friendly and provides enhanced experience.

Usability Testing Services

Expert Testing Services

We conduct multiple activities to test the usability of the application and ensure that it is user-friendly. Our processes are refined to collect accurate usability data that provides a clear image to our client. Make use of our services to gain clear insights and explore opportunities to improve your app’s user experience.

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End-To-End Usability Testing

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Remote Usability Testing

  • Use screen and voice recording software
  • Allow testing for users in their own environment for realistic data
  • Cost-efficient and fast track solution
  • Access to a larger audience for greater insights
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Website Usability Testing Services

  • Track and observe users visiting your website
  • Find out major or minor bugs and issues in usability
  • Gain insights to point out changes in structure for landing pages
  • Ensure that website runs smoothly on all types of devices
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Mobile Usability Testing Services

  • Conduct tests to ensure user-friendly interface
  • Gain valuable feedback from real-time users
  • Comprehensive insight reports to identify issues and improvements
  • Identify user preferences and remove unwanted functions/features
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Expert Review

  • Detailed audit of your application or website by experts
  • Focus on key user journey design and experience
  • Point out issues in design that cause the app/website to be less user-friendly
  • Expert recommendations to make improvements
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Hallway Testing

  • Test your product with random people for greater insights and feedback
  • Ensures that products are easy to use by testing through random people without significant knowledge
  • Help ensure that products are easy to use
  • Improve success factor
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Eye Ball Tracking

  • Using modern eye tracking technology for usability testing
  • Tracking user saccades and fixations to understand user patterns
  • Record user’s visual behavior for analyzing important data
  • Improve app design based on user interaction
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A/B Testing

  • Experts carry out in-depth analysis to determine which version achieves the objectives in a better manner
  • Gain knowledge of user preferences by testing alternatives
  • Extract quantitative data for your webpage optimization
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Usability Testing in Laboratory

  • Modern and optimized lab testing methods
  • Controlled environment for accurate testing
  • Obtain credible data
  • Allows designers to confirm usability assumptions and prioritize issues
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User Research

  • Develop deep understanding of user preferences
  • Understand trends and develop optimized UX/UI designs
  • Ensure that common usability issues are avoided
  • Use of modern research tools for collecting relevant data

Our Usability Testing Processes

Our Usability Testing Processes
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We at CodeNinja are experienced in using modern tools and methods to perform usability testing. Our prototyping, wireframing and MVP provide seamless experience for user interaction to gain accurate insights. Employ our testing services for detailed reports highlighting key opportunities and improvements to create the perfect product for your business. 

What to look for when choosing someone for ReactJS Development

How to hire us for usability testing services

Set test requirements

Let us know what services you want to hire from our wide range of testing services and enhance your app usability by choosing the best service for your business.

Set Objectives to be achieved

You must set out the objectives that you wish to achieve from our usability tests. We design processes and generate documents and reports based on your needs.

Choose a service model

We offer a variety of outsourcing models like dedicated teams, staff augmentation, and full outsourcing. Choose the model that best fits your needs and budget with our flexible models.

Strike a deal with US

After setting the goals, objectives and choosing our service model, sign up with us to avail our services. Review our proposal and costs for the project and strike a deal with us to start off right away.

Usability testing Challenges/Solution we Offer

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Complex Usability Designs

We help our clients simplify their usability designs and create an immersive experience for the users. Our usability designs are highly efficient, effective, and easy to use. We aim to achieve greater ROI with intuitive user designs.

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Evaluation Results

We provide our client with a comprehensive analysis report created by our experts during testing sessions. Our evaluation reports highlight potential problems and opportunities for improvement in usability.

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Serving Diverse User Requirements

Usability requirements vary from user to user. Our tests are designed to serve diverse pool of users and attain the optimum user experience to achieve company objectives.

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User Oriented

User feedback is the core of usability testing. We allow users to submit their valuable feedback through remote testing and lab experiments. Our final product is based on credible user feedback and experience.

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Usability testing can be ineffective without reproducing real-life context

Our controlled environment experiments allow users to perform usability tests in real-life context. These results can be treated as most accurate since users can perform activities in a normal way.

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Usability requirements vary for different users

Every user interacts with an application/website in a different manner. Our experts understand and analyze the behavior of multiple users from the target audience to ensure the best user experience.

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Questionable and new areas of design

With our comprehensive testing services, we explore the application/website to reach areas of design that are hidden to the common user. Adopting a continuous improvement process to deal with these issues.

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Identify issues

Our testing reports clearly highlight the problems faced by the users in going through their application/website and what changes must be made to overcome these issues.

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Improvements needed in User Performance

Careful analyzation of reports and adopting different testing methods run by experts, we are able to find out lags in user performance and improve them accordingly.

Benefits of Usability Testing Services

Benefits of Usability Testing Services

We offer different outsourcing models

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Dedicated Team

  • Managed end-to-end services
  • Staff training
  • Transparent processes
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Team Augmentation

  • Meet extended needs
  • Short-term service requirements
  • Save time for hiring
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Full Outsourcing

  • Minimal involvement
  • Complete reliability
  • Cost-effective solution
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Software Testing Services

  • Standardized testing methods
  • Advanced tools for efficient analysis
  • Agile and cost-efficient services

Tools we use in usability testing

Developing software for the backend is a challenging and important process. The back-end architecture consists of a server and application programming interface (API) that can accept data from the front end and return the data. The backend may also be responsible for storing or processing data and performing calculations upon incoming or outgoing requests. Our experts are the right fit for you, If you’re looking for a developer with years of experience of top backend programming languages, like Python and PHP. You’ll have access to a team of highly skilled, consistent developers who can support your business at any time.

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We are front-end specialists that provide complete solutions for all your front-end needs. We can create a complete web page with the latest and greatest technologies, or we can implement a customized solution that has been designed specifically for your business’s needs. Our team provides complete front-end API and software development technologies including a full set of tools, tools for building APIs, SQL databases, and web services. It offers a good mix of the convenience, power, and performance characteristic of compiled languages. Easier to write than compiled languages, front-end languages can be tailored by our experts to each client’s needs.

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Our team at Codeninja is comprised of a diverse set of senior developers, designers, product managers and research & analytics experts who bring together years of experience building mobile applications. We can help you choose the right development path and make sure your software is integrated with the latest technologies to boost its popularity. Mobile app development programming languages including Java, Python, C++, Objective -C, R & D languages, HTML5 and responsive web design – our experts provide solutions, with a dedicated team working on agile projects.

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Our team of highly skilled software architects and engineers are dedicated to delivering innovative, intuitive, and engaging user experiences to businesses. We ensure that your application is properly created and extensively tested before it is launched to the public. We follow strict standards of coding and adhere to the guidelines. With the right team of our experienced developers, you can improve productivity and cut costs by reducing risks and speeding up development.

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Databases are one of the main components of any software project. Great databases allow you to abstract away complex, time-consuming, and costly tasks, so you can focus on the heart of your application – the code that runs on it. Our experts build powerful, fast, and robust databases, support for SQL, NoSQL, and JSON natively. Also, setting up a database is like setting up a website – it only takes moments because everything is handled by Codeninja. We provide well-crafted data models, high-performance query and optimization technologies, and the ability to scale your data across the world.

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Our platform provides the most innovative and comprehensive set of cloud computing services, allowing you to access a diverse range of resources. Codeninja offers secure, compliant, and scalable cloud computing, offering a range of services from on-premises infrastructures to the leading remote deployment options. We make apps, websites and businesses better by providing a reliable, dedicated hosting environment that employees know is fast and secure.

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Benefits of Choosing CodeNinja as your Usability Testing Partner

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Simplified Communication

 Understanding your requirements

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Efficient Project Management

Meeting milestones and deadlines

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Scalable Teams

Providing optimal resource allocations

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Advantageous Experience

Optimized final design with accurate testing

What to Look for While Hiring Someone For Usability Testing Services

Usability testing is a complex process which can only be carried out by experienced and expert companies having skilled resources. The testing method is rather complex as it requires the analyst to study the results being obtained, analyze them, and map them with customer goals and objectives. The usability of the application must also comply with the set standards so that users can enjoy a seamless experience. Look out for the following when hiring for usability testing:

  • Expertise in prototyping
  • Provides well documented analysis report
  • Uses relevant testing method as per requirement
  • Uses modern methods of testing
What to Look for While Hiring Someone For Usability Testing Services

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